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Reincarnation: More Questions Than Answers

Updated on April 16, 2009

Reincarnation - More Questions Than Answers

Have You Ever Wondered About Reincarnation?

I did and so I spoke to an expert on the subject. Here's the story of what I found out...

First and foremost I must say that after having considered the concepts of Karma and reincarnation that I find the two fail when considered as a whole. The reason, is simple... Karmic debt fails to resolve the issue of why we're 'born' in the first place. Simply defined Karmic debt means "Things important to your soul growth that have been left undone in a previous existence, past lives, or a hurt or damage that you have inflicted on another and must be resolved before further soul growth can take place. This is referred to as Karma which implies the karmic debts we have incurred over the many ages we have walked upon this earth."

According to Buddhists as well as Hindus the purpose of reincarnation is so that we can 'pay off' our karmic debt and ascend to a higher level of existence. Obviously, while those who believe in karma don't use the term sin in a Biblical sense it is the same as 'sin.' A major issue of karmic debt and reincarnation is that the reason one is born into the world is to pay off karmic debt so that we become 'perfected beings.'

My Conversation With a 76-Year-Old Buddhist

On a plane flight about 15 years ago I had the opportunity to speak to a 76-year-old Buddhist by the name of Mai. Fortunately, I had a pocket recorder with me and was able to record our conversation.

Mai and I talked about religion and dogmas and doctrines that were both similar as well as contrary to one another. When she brought up the subject of reincarnation I was intrigued and we spoke at length about it. At one point I asked her to tell me why she thought it was necessary for us to be reincarnated and her reply was (paraphrased): "Reincarnation is the way, the instrument, by which our souls are perfected. Since one lifetime isn't enough to attain this goal our consciousness or soul is reborn many different times which each subsequent life encompassing a different set of lessons until perfection is, at last achieved."

When I asked Mai about Karmic debt she gave me the definition I've supplied above. Then I asked her the following questions:

"Okay, forgive me for asking what I'd assume is a simplistic couple of questions but... 'If we are reborn to learn more things and to pay off our karmic debt -- that is to correct the injustices or wrongdoings (whether moral or otherwise) -- then why are we born in the first place since, I'd assume that prior to the first person being born he or she or 'it' had no karmic debt whatsoever and would have, by definition, been perfected or ascended? Also, where did all the souls come from originally if the sole purpose of one being born into the world is to become perfected?'"

To my utter astonishment this lady, a very intelligent woman, sat back in her chair on the plane and stayed silent for nearly 10 minutes. Then, she simply stated, "I'd never thought of that. I'll have to ask my teacher."

We exchanged phone numbers and have stayed in contact for years but Mai has never found a answer that "serves to nourish her intellectually" (her words) concerning the issues.


While I was obviously intrigued by the concepts found in Buddhism and other religions that proposed reincarnation I eventually concluded that they left more questions than they had answers for.

Okay, having said the above, I've got first hand knowledge of life after death because on February 16, 2008 (just over a year ago) I died and was translated into Heaven. This experience has forever changed my entire life. No longer is there any question in my mind 'if' there is an afterlife. I've already experienced it -- even if it was for only a few hours.

I had the foresight (or was given the foresight) to document my entire journey from before I died (at the time I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer), while I was going through cancer treatments, when I died (what happened, whom I met, and what I saw while in Heaven), and my resurrection. I've written about the experience in the book, "Death, Heaven and Back" by Lonnie Honeycutt. I've also had the opportunity to have my testimony taped and placed in DVD format -- the title of the DVD is: 'What If It's True: Death, Heaven and Back (Risen to Live Again).

If you're considering the religion of Buddhism (which is essentially atheistic) I'd highly suggest that you either watch the DVD on my experience in Heaven or read my book (Death, Heaven and Back). I'd also like you to consider reading the book "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn (it's absolutely the BEST book I've ever read concerning the subject of LIFE after death).

Death, Heaven and Back by Lonnie Honeycutt

Death, Heaven And Back: The True Story Of One Man's Death And Resurrection
Death, Heaven And Back: The True Story Of One Man's Death And Resurrection

Death, Heaven and Back by Lonnie Honeycutt is 287 pages long and details the events that led up to his death (oropharyngeal cancer and subsequent treatments), what happened after he died (a Heavenly experience) and his life afterwards. Personal accounts from family, friends, and neighbors round out this extraordinary book that details the True Story of One Man's Death and Resurrection.



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    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 

      6 years ago from HubPages, FB

      Hello. I believe last judgement rule out (R/O) the reincarnation. Each spirit body has "own DNA" to match Physical DNA. In last judgment would needing duplication of all participants to judge.

      I hope I am clear in this.

    • brianzen profile image


      8 years ago

      We choose to come here, and karma is merely a device to explain causal nature. Reincarnation, is an observed state of being by which we acknowlege that the materials of this world are reused, and so probably the same is true for spirit. (I personally think we are partially reused as we come from one source, and return to it, so why waste a spirit?)

    • PastorLonnie profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Mobile, Alabama


      Certainly it's true that the 'purpose of being born is not soley to pay back our karmic debt.' However, for those who believe in karmic debt (at least for those who ascribe to it in the eastern philosophical sense), it is, at the very least, one of the purposes. If this is the case then my question stands: "Why are we born in the first place since, I'd assume that prior to the first person being born he or she or 'it' had no karmic debt whatsoever and would have, by definition, been perfected or ascended?"

      Also, if it's true that 'the purpose of the rule of karma was to encourage responsibility for one’s speech and behaviour and to thoroughly learn from those experiences' then I'd have to question the very definition of karma as being a 'rule' of any sort other than those that are made-up (concocted) by mortals rather than a universal law that was discovered by the same.

      Lonnie (RevLon)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      the purpose of being born is not soley to pay back our karmic debt, Karma is only part and one of the important rules of reincarnation - the purpose of the rule of karma was to encourage responsibility for one’s speech and behaviour and to thoroughly learn from those experiences. Thus, bad or good karma, either way, the purpose of reincarnation is to experience and learn from our actions and when you can resolve the unpaid karma debt, your next stage of reincarnation will lead to ascension, to a higher state of being, …our true selves, consciousness / energy.

    • profile image

      sandra rinck 

      9 years ago

      I thought about the possibility of reincarnation and came to nearly the same conclusion but in other words, if there is always a debt to pay, why is this never the last stage?

      In this thought of reincarnation, one could never attain Nirvana because if your here, you would believe that you have more debts to pay.


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