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Reincarnation: A Multidimensional Journey Through Infinity

Updated on January 6, 2014

Reincarnation: The Beginning of My Personal Story

I dated a man starting in 2001. He was highly knowledgeable about ritual magick and the occult [ defines this as, "1. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.3. Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore. See Synonyms at mysterious."].

The man was once a Bible thumper that was exposed to a horrific experience in which he turned from God in rebellion as he could no longer fathom such an abomination to his soul. He knew some Hebrew from his magickal studies as King Solomon was a practitioner of magick and King Solomon was given the responsibility to build the first Temple of God. I couldn't help myself, my boyfriend was irristible to me. His brain was so magnetic to me. He just knew so very much and his life experiences beyond the abomination were truly fantastic. We dated for 3.5 years, and in that time he taught me all about his world.

Part of his world involved reincarnation. This was just too much for me at the time. I would, by the end of our relationship, spend 34 years as a Christian. I was baptised as an infant in the Lutheran faith. My path was quite set---or so I thought. Eventually, later on down the road, my path would shift quite radically.

As my boyfriend talked about past lives, I found myself curious and then wrapped up in the stories that I felt were fantasy. This feeling would change in the future, too.

I broke up with my sweet love in 2004. After we parted, I just coasted for awhile until one day I missed my ex and I simultaneously began having a major health problem where I felt I might die. My head had tremors, I had an MRI, and I started seeing a neurologist on a regular basis. This two-fold experience caused me to long for my ex to the point that I began dabbling in all that he taught me about magick while we were together. Then something astounding happened. The magick took on a life of its own. I didn't really have a clue what I was doing so I just got creative and improvised. My ex's lessons were entrenched in my conscious and my subconscious memories.

A year into my novice practice, I was much healthier. And then the magick took flight. I met a man who would become very important to my growth and development magickally, energetically, and, yes, incarnationally. He was a health professional in the holistic arts.

A week after meeting him, I had a wild experience. I already knew he was special as he picked up on my "out of body energy" before he even started his session with me. But there was much more to our connection. When I met him---right before I met him---I felt an energy like static cling between us. You know like two pairs of pantyhose that just came out the dryer that lacked Bounce sheets. I was fascinated! This was totally new to me.

When he came into the healing session, he asked if he could connect with my Highest Self. Cha-ching! I had found what I had been searching for for a year---a year of magickal curiosity and exploration.

When he finished the session, he told me I should probably ground three times a day. Cha-ching! He could feel my energy cycle which was in high drive as I have a disorder that supercharges my energy system and then subsequently, at a later time, causes the same super force to plunge to the gravity of the earth.

I was impressed with his skill level and his gifts.

The following weekend, I went to a local spiritual center that had my self-proclaimed Sacred Space: the Meditation Room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I went into a meditative state---as best as I knew how at the time. The last five to ten minutes, my cones and rods in my eyes caused my eyes to see through a filter of red. [I liken this to being out in the sun too long and temporarily being blinded by the light or seeing stars or something] I have never had this experience since that afternoon. I didn't have one like it before that afternoon either.

When I finished meditating, I went to a local "spiritual and alternative thought" bookstore and "natural foods" shop. I walked in. Everything was green.

It was a week before St. Patrick's day and Spring Equinox. Green and Red are complementary colors. My eyes felt like a million fluorscent lights were illuminated at once. Then, I saw a women with pitch black hair. I knew she was the psychic the store had on duty. Next to her was a bag with sunflowers all over it. Sunflowers are my personal symbol as I grew up in Kansas and I have always felt very connected to that flower.

I went to the psychic. We began a session, and the first thing she said was that she was a past life expert. I thought, "Oh brother! What a joke," but I continued ahead anyway.

It was several moments before she spoke to me about the man I met a week earlier. Out of the blue, she mentioned his name.

"Ok," I thought, "maybe there is something to this stuff.

She spoke to me about four lives affecting me in this incarnation. I was a nun in the middle ages; a woman herbalist killed for witchcraft by the Inquisition in the Burning Times; I,also, had a life in New Orleans where magick was involved; and finally, my last incarnation I died in 1967 as a Hipee that overdosed on drugs in the "seeding" [spread of LSD] of San Francisco.

Despite all of this, I was not readily convinced about these lives; but, the next two times I saw the healing professional I would be...without a doubt.

Part II: The Healer

There was an immediate connection between me and the healer. By the third healing session, I sent a telepathic message to him as he worked. He not only received it, he shook like someone was walking over his grave. I didn't need more proof than that.

But, there were other signs that I took note of as well. We came from the same ethnic background, the same spiritual denomination, and he was mildly fascinated by the Voodoo in New Orleans. Furthermore, the fact that he was a healer was meaningful since I have a chronic health condition that I have been pursuing healing work for since I was a Charismatic Christian in the 90's.

We would become friends. There was a greater calling for each of us. I, initially, did much healing magick for him using reiki candles that I charged over with healing energy. He became a regular healer that I saw to tame my disorder.

My ex-boyfriend turned me on to energy work. My new friend would teach me even more. I, also, met other healers that helped me.

I developed a system to reach into that old life in New Orleans. I even stood in the Cathedral in Jackson Square [in the French Quarter] with my crystals so I could tap the energies from that old life so much easier; and then, I used the crystals in my healing sessions. My sensitivity to energy grew and grew.

Other Dimensions

The torus
The torus
Crossing over
Crossing over

The Sessions

I have had over 170 healing sessions from my friend in the last 7.5 years. The body of work has been mind blowing. There were about five sessions that were very challenging, but most of the sessions were gentle in nature and very magickal to me.

My friend and I have had a plethora of synchronicities between us. I, also, think energy has transferred between us without our conscious doing. We have had some intense telepathic-like experiences where I was listening to music on the way to the session and he started singing the music after the session. By the way, the music was not commonplace to this time period.

I equate his healing work to his channel straight to the Divine. He is gifted and clear. His work is powerful.

Reincarnation: The Dance of Multidimensionality

My life became consciously multidimensional about four years ago. That year, dreams, healing sessions, long periods of time in between with no activity occurring and then suddenly more dreams followed by internal mental "voice overs" occurred.

I dreamed of a boat like the one in Jaws. I knew [you know how you just "know" things in dream states] that I was in the cabin of the boat having intimate relations with a man I dated in college. Jaws was circling the boat. Suddenly an audible voice said, "It's ok."

The following day I had Thanksgiving dinner with some friends. The host greeted me with a black and white t-shirt with Jaws on the front. Later we learned that the host's boat [that I road on two years before on July 4th] had been destroyed by a Noreaster storm.

Time passed...months, really. I was having a healing session. My healer friend brought me to an energy block where I somewhat saw and totally felt me in another lifetime being raped by a man who was my old college boyfriend in the Jaws dream. My healer friend said, "It's ok," just like that voice-over months before in the dream.

[Dreams and waking life are not as far a part as we think they are. Incarnational experiences are not linear. They are multidimensional!]

Eventually, more time passed...several months. Another dream surfaced. I was on a boat in black waters [The Titanic, perhaps]. We had to get in the water. We each had a white life preserver. I saw the Priority Honda Dealer for Hampton Roads. She was screaming as usual. Suddenly people started going under. I felt this as a shark attack. I woke up as sharks freak me out.

The next day, I pulled onto the interstate to go to work. The Honda lady was on the tailgate of a white truck. She was screaming just like in the dream.

Within the week, I was driving home from somewhere. For a split second I thought of that ex college boyfriend in both the Jaws dream and in the craniosacral healing session months later. When I got home he called. I hadn't been in contact with him for months. He was bad news. As we talked, I heard a voice-over in my mind. Voice-overs are sort of like narration in a film. They can be a magnified thought.

Later that day, I went to Target. I found an old movie, Interview with a Vampire, to buy in the "impulse buy" section up at the cash register. As I watched the film that night, I connected to one of Brad Pitt's lines in the opening scene. The line was the voice-over from earlier that day!

The black waters in the dream were a combo between the later scenes of Titianic and the scene in Interview with a Vampire as Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst moved to Europe.

Images for Reincarnation

Reincarnation: Tangible experiences

My experience with reincarnation incarnation has certainly expanded. Eventually, I would meet others in my soul group. The people are individuals who incarnate repetitively together in order to enrich their spiritual landscapes. They are people who teach and then become taught.

I have a friend who I connected with through a sacred circle healing and social group. She felt like a little sister would feel. She shared my last life where I died in 1967 from a drug overdose. This summer we conducted an energetic ritual to clear out our unhealed/unresolved energy from that lifetime. As a result of the ritual, we both experienced new flow in our energy fields.

This joint ritual then led to another lifetime for me to clear. However, I had to do that clearing differently. I was a wealthy Jewish woman who was killed in a German concentration camp during World War II.

When I cleared that incarnation, the New Orleans life resurfaced and I found a 40 year period in which the life existed on the earth plane. I, also, remembered some images I used to collect in my college sketchbooks that emphasized the syncretized religion of Roman Catholicism and the Yoruba religion from Africa and its islands. I created a healing candle for that life and its effect on this life.

Finally, I was taken to a life where I was stoned to death in antiquity---give or take 50 years on either side of Christ's life on the earth plane. When I researched it, I discovered I had been erroneously charged with the crime of non-virginity on my ancient wedding night. My ex-boyfriend from 2001 was my bridegroom and he was required by law to kill me by lapidation. In doing research, I found that the chuppah which orignated as the virginity cloth had evolved over time within Judaica. The chuppah has many modern designs that do not even incorporate the cloth piece.

The moderrn designs are also images that I have been drawn to for years.

In addition, I have had synchronicities that support the various incarnations. All of life is One whether we accept it or not.

© 2013 Joan Elizabeth


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