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Reincarnation - an Example?

Updated on May 3, 2021


As with any story of reincarnation, one can only present the 'facts' as they have been gleaned and leave the decision to the reader as to whether this is true, false,
invention, delusion, or possible.

For reasons which will become obvious, real names and locations are not revealed,

I present it as it was presented to me.


She was born in a small town in the United States.
A perfectly normal child.

She lived a perfectly average life with her parents in that town, until she was about five years old, when her father was offered a job in another State and they decided to drive down.

The trip was uneventful until they entered a particular city and the child became
hysterical. She had never behaved like this before and nothing her parents
could do could control her.

The father turned into the parking lot of a particular Motel, and the child screamed
and refused to get out of the car, so they continued to drive.

As they drove the child began to tone down from her hysteria, and by the time they
reached another Motel she was calm and quiet and back to her normal self.

The parents couldn't understand it, the child refused to speak about it, and went to sleep.

There was nothing in her behaviour in the coming days to explain why she had
behaved as she had, and there was no reaction when they moved into an
apartment not far from the Motel.

As there was a particular attraction in the city, the mother happily told the child she would take her there.

The child became hysterical, rejected going as if offered a trip to an open grave. It was very difficult to calm the child and the Mother said, "We are not going!"
That did the trick..

This was puzzling to the parents however, they did not panic, avoided all
references to the attraction, striving to ascertain what in the past could have prompted the response.

The child adopted well, attended school, did well. When she was seven years of age, attending school, the teacher announced a class trip to that attraction.

The Child became so upset she was sent to the school counselor and her parents were called.

Considering the magnitude of the child's reaction it was decided to send her to a Psychologist.

An early appointment was made.

Enter the Therapist

The parents relayed the situation to the Therapist, mentioning how the child became hysterical when they first arrived in the city, and how her reaction intensified as they entered the parking lot of a particular Mote.

They added that the child calmed when they left that section.

They mentioned how the name of that Attraction totally terrified the little girl who was, other than that, quite normal.

The Therapist interviewed the child and quickly gained her trust.

She got the child into an extremely relaxed state (almost hypnosis) and only at the end of the session obliquely referred to the attraction. Off handedly she asked why the child was afraid of it.

The little girl said softly;

"That was where I was killed..."

The Next Session

The Psychologist was somewhat taken aback by the statement, but did not give it great relevance. She set another appointment a few days later, and after some easy conversation brought the child to that relaxed state.

The Therapist asked if she recalled the date on which she was 'killed'.

The child gave a date five years before she was born.

Intrigued, the therapist asked if she remembered her name.

"Of course!" came the response, and the little Girl gave a full name, pronouncing the slyabbles clearly and with a familiarity which shocked.

The name she gave was nothing like the name the little girl owned.

The Psychologist asked her where she lived and she reeled off an address.

Asked how old she was;

"Twenty five," said the seven year old.

The manner in which the child spoke, her poise, frightened the Therapist. She didn't know how to proceed and off handed asked for her favourite song.

Happily the child began to sing a song that was fairly popular about ten yers ago.

The Therapist, wishing to end on a high, joined in, and then, closed the session,
sent the child into the playroom and spoke to the parents.

The Psychologist did not go into details because she wasn't sure of the details. The parents, watching the little girl in the playroom, seeing how happy she was, felt comfortable with the Therapist and agreed to return with her in a few days.

When the Parents and child left, the Psychologist rang up everyone in her field, searching for someone to help her in this endeavour.

She had heard of past life reegression but had no opinion.

She wondered if there was anyone in her ambit who knew how to manage such a case.

She did not give particulars, referring to the child as R.G. and describing how she had managed the admissions.

She received advice and ideas and was prepared for the next session.

The Next Session

Getting into the 'past life' of the 7 year old she called R.G. the Therapist asked
questions about the school she had attended.

The girl gave the name of High School, even the names of particular teachers.

Going for precision, the date the patient had been in a particular class was gained, and the Psychologist asked about a well known event that occurred that year.

The Seven year old girl, speaking as if to a peer, described events that happened twenty three years before. Described them in detail, gave names places, sequences.

It was not just the facts, which could be seen in a newspaper, it was the emotion
the little things that escaped the 'camera.'

The Therapist, completely confused and frightened, diverted the child, moving to
a neutral topic, then sent her out and and spoke to the Parents.

She asked the Parents if they knew of ... (and gave the name the child had used) to which they shook their heads.

She asked if they had gone to the High School their daughter mentioned. Both admitted that they were the first in the family to leave their hometown so obviously didn't attend a school in this area.

There had been no 'nanny' or 'babysitter' as the mother was a stay at home, and they had family which would have watched the child if they had gone out.

Hence, there was no outside source for the child's 'memories.

The Therapist decided to do some research to learn if there had been a woman named .... who had attended the High School at the particular times, as well as other factors she had gotten.

What had rattled the Psychologist more than the words, was how they were said, how the child had behaved.

Doing the Research

The Therapist decided to take what she had been told as real. She did the basic research , finding that there had been a student at the High School with the name the child was using.

She also learned that there had been a murder at the Attraction at the time the girl had revealed but the person murdered was unidentified.

The body had been crushed and there was no DNA on record which in anyway matched the deceased.

According to Newspaper reports at the time, although various people did come forward, the body remained unidentified and it was assumed that the deceased was an illegal alien.

The Psychologist didn't know what to think, and wondered if she should try to get in touch with the family of .....

She again contacted a number of other Therapists and one seemed quite interested in 'Past Life Regression' .

He asked many questions, wanting to know the identity of the child but the Therapist remained vague.

She wanted someone to sit in to see if she was missing something, and did not want to ‘taint’ any information.

As he made her feel a bit discomforted by his questions she did not invite him to the next Session.

The 'facts' were that five years before the child was born a 25 year old unnamed woman was murdered at a particular Attraction.

Going Horribly Wrong

Under pressure, eventually the Therapist invited the Peer to the last session.

As the child saw him, she became agitated, ran out of the room, and demanded to go home.

The Peer tried to pump the Therapist for information, but she, whether reacting to the child or her own wariness refused to enter discussion and he was asked to leave.

That was the last session.

Left with this mystery, the Therapist searched for relatives of .... which was not simple.

The address the child had given was no longer a residential area. Although the School remained and the fact there had been such a student, there was no one who had been at the School twenty five years ago.

During this period the Peer contacted the Therapist and suggested they meet for drinks.

The Therapist became very uncomfortable and declined saying there was no point as the child was no longer her patient.

The Peer again tried to pump her for information, seeming a bit too interested in the case. His probing so alarmed her, she sent her documentation to a University to which she had connection.

She had the distinct feeling that the Peer knew something about the murder. The only facts she had ever mentioned to anyone was the location.

The Therapist was able to get a great deal of information about the Peer from the Internet.

He had attended the Same High School as the woman the little girl claimed to have been..

He had, apparently, known the deceased when she was in High School as they both had belonged to the same clubs.

Looking at his graduation picture, he had been quite handsome, and although she had no proof there seemed something sinister about him, about his interest in the little girl, and his interest in her.

Looking at old newspaper photographs of the crowd viewing the body being removed, she was sure that boy in the blue shirt was the same collegue.

She began to fear for the child and thought to visit the home.

Interestingly, the family had left, no one knew where or when or more than that they had packed up a few nights ago, and driven away.

There is no way to know if that little girl really was the reincarnation of that woman murdered at the Attraction all those years ago.
But it seems a bit too ‘coincidental’ to be dismissed.


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