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Reincarnation is It for Real? Or is It a Rebirth or a Second Chance?

Updated on October 8, 2014

Re-Birth or incarcaration?

I have held this debate once or twice and with People I trust know more then myself about the story and the Good Book. I have debated and held to certain trains of thought as I still do, but many of my teachers and peers no longer speak or teach for one reason or another, as I still do and they once did, so I go on pure feeling or the whisperings from the Comforter. This may sound troubling to some, I know it once did to me. But for those of us who desire and find themselves while in the mist of heart ache or death or the famed epiphany that you here tale of, have awakened to new light and a different kind of life.

A diferent kind of life and in a resticted world.

Take the newborn and sleepy child in this photo, who has enter into an imperfect world from a World that was just torn apart and restored. You say Now wait a minute how can this be? Remember, Time doesn't exists In GOD's World, it Only Exists in Our Little Minute Section of it! You will hear people always talk of how powerful GOD is, an unconceivable amount of power! That is what our Father possesses. Time and space hold no dominion over HIM, without out Him nothing can or would be! Nothing! Everyone wants to put a limit on GOD, only God can do this to and for Himself.

So again we must go back to our Beginning when were we made? Well we don't know when we were made! God doesn't tell us exactly a date, when. He just states in the Beginning! Now I don't want to confuse you. So listen close. In the Beginning God created The Heavens and The Earth. Notice the little dot. Thats a period end of sentence. The End of the statement. God created us to last forever as well as all the Heavens and the Earth, Forever!

Now since GOD has created us, we all every last one of us, have been and still are. No one has gone anywhere, but back to God's Paradise where "Truth" is seen as plain as day! So what ever the truth is, That is where you and your soul are, but it is still Gods Paradise. Just as this Earth is Satan's Hell, his prison he and his fallen are chained here to it, they are no longer free to roam about GOD's heavenly World.

People and religious sects have made the story to their liking and to their advantage remember what it is, The fallen Cherubim wanted to be, a God! Satan knows he can never be GOD, but he has found a way to try an hold on to what GOD gave him to care for, to teach, and to protect. Satan has in fact Stolen from GOD, but refuses to Repent to see the truth, to acknowledge the truth! That GOD is THE Father of ALL!

So God has a child who has become unruly, unstable, full of lust, and power. Who will not take to correction, no matter what GOD says or does. Satan still will not Repent! Even caused the Murder of his own Father in the flesh. And Satan was directly involved in the destruction of the new Beings New Souls if you will. The Adam and Eve, It is mind boggling if you ever give It some in-depth thought. Was GOD's creation in Lucifer too perfect? That this Cherubim would desire to be As GOD. But he is not able to be as GOD and manifest his own creations. So no, but still the lust is so great, that he can't or wont repent from it!

God doesn't repent from gift giving.

If He did would any of us ever make it to Heaven or even to God's eternity? Questions always questions, questions answered with questions! Grace is a gift, Salvation is a gift, Repentance, believe it or not is a Gift! Our first estate was a Gift that Gift was stolen, denied undelivered, and stomped out or destroyed! By the one Instructed and entrusted to bring the Gift to its fullness.

So is reincarnation a fact? If your talking about a prefect being's body that has been place into an imperfect body, and then going back to the original perfect being's body Someday then yes. This is a type of reincarnation, but not a continuous reincarnation cycle as some believe in or even the Spiritual rebirth that some hope to achieve. No but as Jesus was resurrected we to shall be to our glory or to our damnation or elimination.

It is more along the lines of a Correction. This flesh is a suit worn by detainees, who have not cross over into GOD's world the first time, but were indeed Hi-Jacked and held prisoners! Never reaching the original destination. But, stolen and not just for a ransom, but for a point of principal and a show of power and because of the lust of such power. In other words Satan is trying to make a point.

How long has this been going on? Long enough that GOD has caused "The Warning" to become a "Written Charge" with a "Summons being issued" to appear and stand trial; a date that is now set, with a judgment surely to come!

And the Warning of the Sentencing! Which has always been known to be a Death Sentence to be carried out! God has been known to Repent from some such threats, when the Guilty make amends and change their ways or repent! But He has also stated of this threat for this individual He shall not Repent!

Now to the Question of a second Chance! I would have to say no, for we that were Hijacked never fully understood our first chance, never fully got our first chance. Never arrived to our destination. A Captain of a ship, very rarely gives options, to the passengers or even to his crew of the vehicle or Vessel, that he Commands. They go where, when, and how he decides to go, always!

This is The Dark prince's world or Vessel he was given it to command. The Lord God, Our Father Is Coming to carry out the writ and the sentence is Death, when this happens every Flesh suit shall fall away and the truth shall be revealed and undeniable. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Our Lord and Saviour.

The story is replayed in almost every story ever written, true some have been written to the contrary, but I just don't see that those stories carry any truth or weight.

Re-Birth or Born again. What?

I almost forgot It is of the story and of the Good Book, The Adam was a new creature made from Old World dust, ash, or dirt Adam was Created on the eighth day, he was then later separated into two parts, But still he is one flesh and one soul. And It also grieved God to make Adam the man or the creature of this fallen world's dust, ash, or dirt. Because it is all the same corrupted, and after the Fall.

So keep this in mind, that because Able Adam's son was killed and Cain the son of Satan lived there was nothing new under the sun or The Son. Why isn't Cain a new creature some would ask? Because his father was not is my answer. That and He fell when he murdered Able.

See Adam and Eve were of One Flesh so their seed was therefore incorruptible because they were created after the Fall and a new. With out sin or trespasses, this is why Cain hearkened to his father and killed Able, Hey! Wait that is not in the story, a lot is not in the story and a lot has been misdirected and left out of the story and added to it as well.You must ask and seek the info that is false or misleading.

Adam and Eve fell from Grace. But Able was not I repeat was never held to the Original sin which is Disobedience to repentance. This is and has always been the original sin. It is of The Captain of this ship Lucifer who has been given a new name by GOD the Father and that name is Satan; for there is no truth within him found.

There are those who believe in the written word, but the Word of God has always been a spoken word. It is the spoken word that holds the complete truth. Jesus is the One who spoke It this truth. And there still remains some who have not heard it, by word of mouth or divine intervention the spoken word is the truth!

Not everyone has the whole truth and nothing, but the truth. Few do this is a fact! That requires no testing or proving we live in the world of lies, and under those who maintain It "the Lie" for their father the devil . Which is to say, Satan or that old Dragon. The Murder, The Father of all lies, the fallen, Lucifer the Captain of this Ship that we all reside on known as Earth.


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