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Reincarnation, Karma, Fate & Soul Decisions – Most of Your Free Will is Exercised Before Incarnating

Updated on April 24, 2013

Once you understand the basics of reincarnation, it's not that complicated or scary. There are many good books about this subject and the related subject of life between life.

We've found Michael Newton's research to be fantastic. He is the foremost researcher on life between life, has been exploring the subject for many years, and is well respected among other researchers of reincarnation. His books answer a lot of questions.

We wrote about how past lives affect current love lives in our book Your Love Life and Reincarnation.

Others who have done reincarnation research include Janet Cunningham, Ph.D., Winafred Lucas, Ph.D., Raymond Moody, M.D., Richard Sutphen, and the Grandfather of reincarnation research, Ian Stevenson, M.D.

Scientific studies involving reincarnation include the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Allen Press, Lawrence, KS., and the Journal of Regression Therapy, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT), Riverside, CA.

Do you have choices when reincarnating? Yes, but on a soul level, not on a personality level. Your soul plans each incarnation and chooses when and where to be born. Based on our research and that of other respected researchers, we believe that humans reincarnate into human bodies, not as animals (transmigration) or physical objects. However, until we can disprove it, we are not ruling out the possibility of transmigration.

Someone might ask, "Why don't I have complete free will once I incarnate?" If you could sidestep the important lessons, then you wouldn't learn what your soul intended for you. Imagine if everyone got what they wanted all the time. The successes would eventually come to lack sweetness, and life would not be the same. Polarities are a necessary part of this dimension, and your soul determines your karmic blueprint before you incarnate.

At the same time, you still have free will to make the most of your life and also manifest that which fits into your earthly plan.

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