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Rejoice that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming on Earth!

Updated on November 4, 2015

Mother Gayathri!

There is going to be Light after the tunnel of daarkness!

When everything recedes into ‘nothingness’, the Presence of God is more evident. The sky is literally ‘empty and nothing’, yet we perceive many things contained there. Many events take place within the emptiness of the sky. If we think deeply, the entity called ‘God” is really formless and attribute less. It is for the sake of understanding, we posit a form and name to the formless attribute less Divine!

Consider a situation that God is of a fixed form. Then we limit God to that particular form and his pervasiveness is questioned by others. Hence logical interpretation also stems from a God without any particular form. A formless god can assume any form as per the needs of the occasion. For instance, water is formless but takes the form of the container. In a similar manner, god assumes different forms and names so that the embodied beings can understand him. Once Sathya Saibaba has told a gathering, even an ‘atheist’ has love and faith. He loves his own flock or family. He has faith in his family. That Love and Faith is nothing but the manifestation of God. He needs not specifically pray or worship any, but deep within him, there is ‘awareness’. That awareness is God’s conscience. Like the sky and air, God pervades the cosmos and transcends it. There is no place where God is not.

Now let us ruminate about the time when there was no creation or beings. Yes, there is an intervening period from emptiness to creation. Hindu scriptures do talk about various cycles of time called different Yuga (aeon). They happen in different cycles called the Sathya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and finally the Kaliyuga. They are also termed as the golden age, silver age, brass age and Iron Age. The reign of “Righteousness is full in the Sathya yuga. It is three fourth during Treta yuga, it is half during Dwapara Yuga and the proportion of righteousness in the last age is only one fourth. This can be compared to a cow standing on fourlegs, three leg, two leg and ultimately one leg. Cow is compared to Dharma or righteousness and the legs are the supports during different time periods. Also, the first aeon comprises 17,28,000 human years, the next aeon 12,96,000 years, the third aeon lasts for 8,64,000 years and the last one called dark age lasts for 4,32,000 years. The creator himself is wary of providing more number of years for the Dark Age Kaliyug. We are in the Kaliyuga and hence there is hardly any trace of righteousness. Now the vital question is how this dark age will come to an end when the Kaliyuga has started after Krishna left his physical frame around 5000 years and odd.

But people need not be desperate. Due to the accumulation of evil beyond the tolerable limits, the sages and saints of yore has started practicing severe penance to reduce the time period of the present Kaliyuga. Even all the religious scriptures talk about the great destruction that is ensuing now everywhere. Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods are more frequent than the previous ages which prove that the time is ripe for the dawn of Divine Forces to bring peace and harmony on earth. We witness great destruction of human beings everywhere due to ongoing wars in many places. Terrorists have occupied many places in different Nations, looting the public, torturing women and children. They absolutely do not possess the human virtue of compassion and non-violence. They have become mere beasts in the guise of human beings. No sermons can correct their mindset. This is the result of the dark age of Kaliyuga.

People need not be anxious or worry anymore. Great revelations proclaim the arrival of Divine beings from the sky like Sathya Saibaba, Christ with mother Gayathri soon on earth. Now these three ‘trinity’ is going to usher golden age very soon. There are ominous signs everywhere. Floods frequent many habitations as never before. Of course, there will be Nature’s fury everywhere submerging many places on earth. God, the creator alone can bring Peace, Joy and harmony among those who are fortunate to live after the cosmic events. They are those who are chosen by God to witness the grand glorious incarnations once again on earth. We cannot even imagine the nature of events in few months from now! Rejoice and wait for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!

Isa and Sai!


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