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Relationship not religion

Updated on November 27, 2015

Relationship with God not religion with god

It is our human nature to want to find a higher power to believe in. No matter if you are an Atheist, Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist you are going to look for something to believe in. For me I choose God, and Jesus Christ, as my Lord, and Savior. The problem I have is that religion, and churches have turned God into a business or someone to fear for your life to control you. Let’s start with the religion side of this God. The God I believe in is not a mean God who wants all your money, or puts fear into your heart and mind. Don't get me wrong going to hell, and living in a lake of fire for all eternity is scary enough for me as should it be for anyone else. However making God look like a mean God will not help people come to God or trust in Him, it will push them away. A relationship with God is not where you think you will go to hell if you do this or that, that's what religion says with very little doctoral backing. It is not preaching about a fire and brimstone god who scares you into believing in him so as to keep you out of hell. Relationship is about God's love at all times, and knowing that He loved you so much. He gave and sacrificed his son, who willing went to the cross to die for us. Were we all could live under grace the way God intended us to live all along. Religion says confess you sins to a man, or priest and you will be forgiven. Relationship says you can come to God directly as if you have your own telephone line that you can speak directly to him with, and ask forgiveness for your sins right where you are anytime anyplace. Religions say fear him, only know fear, not the love he has for us, and freely wants to share. Religions keeps individuals under their control using God as a weapon so you'll do as you are told, and be a good little boy or girl. It is not just control, its manipulation.

Now let’s look at the business part of these churches. The bible does say to give a tenth of your earnings to the church called tithing, but a lot of churches say you need to give more for the building fund, or this fund, or that fund. When and where does it say in the bible that we have to give more to the church because the person says so? Where do we have to give more to help the church grow, to help pay for this bill, to help the church through our giving’s. When all of our tithing are supposed to do all that not to make us feel guilty because you did not give more, and have to give more making us feel we have to buy our way in to heaven. It is not for you to make a living off of our tithing. Our giving's are to help the church grow to make people want to come not for your personal gain. God should be about a relationship with him, and his son Jesus Christ. Who his son made the ultimate sacrifice for our sins with out question, and through him is the only one way to get into heaven. Let me say not no, but hell no. I'm a single father with full custody of my son I would never sacrifice my son for this world and it's sin. Our God did, this is why we as individuals should have a relationship with God because trust me his love, his warmth, his embrace and he is easy to talk to, and is willing to listen to you when you speak to him. God is not this asshole most people make you believe he is. He just wants to love you, and have you love him back. His very forgiving and kind. It is never been about fear, money, power it is about the relationship you have with him. Not the church, and God, and you, not the money, and God and you, not the fear and God and you. Just the relationship of God, and you and nothing else. That right this is how it should be just you, God, and the relationship that you want with God. Once you have that relationship with God no body can take that from you and live will be some much easier once that true relationship with God happens. Remember when you leave God he will wait for you and once you come back his arms are just as wide open as the first day your relationship started.


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