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Catholic Church Relic of St. Mary Magdalene tours current in the United States (US)

Updated on June 26, 2015
St Mary Magdalene relic on the case touring United States 2009
St Mary Magdalene relic on the case touring United States 2009

Want to see St Mary Magdalene, one the first people believed to see the resurrection of Jesus? If you live in United States, you might be in luck! Well, you will not see the whole Mary but her bone is visiting different Catholic churches to be honored. This is a tibia bone believed to be hers and if you are interested you can read about the whole history here.

This relic is touring with Fr. Tomas Michelet, priest from Dominique, with a permission from Bishop Dominique Rey from France. How do I know about this tour? I'm not Catholic but I saw the news few days ago when this relic visited my little town in Honesdale Pennsylvania earlier this week. Hundreds of believers visited the local church to pay their respects and many seemed very moved by this chance of a lifetime.

This relic is in Florida as I'm writing this and you can see the rest of the schedule here before it will return back to France by the end of November.

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