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Religion, Greed and Power do not equal Peace

Updated on February 20, 2012
Beautiful, yet Tragic? We must Change to Survive
Beautiful, yet Tragic? We must Change to Survive

Religion, Greed and Power do not equal Peace

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

As contentious as the subjects are religious belief, greed and power are the three human endeavours standing in the way of lasting world peace. Because our world, individual countries and governments are based on monetary systems, the only way we can better life for us and our family, is amassing wealth. Work harder, pay taxes and live in bigger houses, drive better cars, send our children to better schools and be happier because of it. The problem remains that amassing wealth simply puts us into a different social class, gives us wider life choices but in no way makes you happy.

Money and the system of economics that exists in our capitalist societies, does nothing but segregate people, dividing them into distinct class groups that ultimately don’t interact. The lower classes envy the higher classes and work towards wealth and aspiring to elevate themselves. The higher classes generally look down on the lower classes as inferior, because they don’t have the same life choices, education and privilege. These beliefs, that others are somehow less, creates tension, suspicion and mistrust. In fact this class division has a lot to do with the crime we experience, because the lower classes are desperate to improve their lives and are not given the opportunity to improve. Opportunity in a capitalist society is dependant on access and without money, there is no access, regardless of capacity or intellect.

Education is really the key to a level playing field in society. The Democratic model of Denmark is a wonderful example. There, all workers pay a large tax around 50% of earnings, but for that, education and healthcare are free. Every person born in that country, regardless of any status or family wealth, has the opportunity to be well educated and to better their lives in any way they choose. In Denmark there is no real class division and the Danes are supposedly the happiest people in the world. Crime is low and religion plays little part in society. Interesting isn’t it?

The most contentious issue of segregation is by far religious belief. Any dogma of religion, political belief or ideology can only cause human segregation. It breeds ‘Us and Them’ mentality and if your belief is right, then all other beliefs are wrong. Supposedly religions set moral boundaries and give a positive purpose for life and our earthly experience. But in essence religion has always been the biggest stumbling block to world peace. Instead of living with a generous heart and allowing people to have their own beliefs, and by it supporting them, religions have taken a stance against one another, denouncing and slandering out of principal. Religion is man-made; the systems build on traditions of power and control over the masses. The zealots are now days blindly following a hateful vendetta against anything not of their faith; a tragic circumstance.

Finally the issue of power is still a world contention. Leaders can be filled with a lust for political power and aspire to gain land, economic advantage and to expand an empire. One would think that these aspirations would not fit into a modern world and that it was left back in our history, but it does, more than ever. Apart from the occasional dictatorship and the tragic results of race-hatred and militant power groups, it is the superpowers that carry the gauntlet these days. How many wars and power struggles does the earth have to endure, for oil, gas, minerals and economic advantage? Perhaps these power mongers don’t always wage wars to get what they want, but they do exert power through embargoes and other political blackmail to achieve results. Greed and Power are alive and well on earth.

In conclusion, how does any of this change? It is obvious the present monetary systems don’t work and only advantage a select few. The average Joe simply struggles throughout his life, and for what- the illusion of being better than someone else, being wealthier. In the end it is not religion, greed or power that makes you happy, it is your loved ones, family and friends that make you life complete. Money is an illusion, simply a means to an end, but at that end it is people that make this earthly experience meaningful, and nothing else.


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