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Religion Is All Bull

Updated on February 9, 2018

The Bull-god of Babylon

The Religious Bull

To understand the subject my honors degree in Archaeology and Anthropology along with linguistics, brought out the evidence that is undeniable. Interest in it began with memory of my reincarnation and a keen desire to know where the religious stuff that people believe in came from. The mention of reincarnation would be enough to turn many off but with the amount of interest in it mounting daily there is reason to put it out there.

My research led me back to the beginning of the Stone Age and the behavior and activities of the ancestral Homo erectus. It was from some 2.5 million years ago that the first evidence of language is available. It happened that stone tools were manufactured and traded over hundreds of miles. That is after stone was quarried many miles from the factory site,

This would not have happened if language was not spoken as communication of ideas and knowledge were necessary. Many animals manufacture tools, such as the apes and birds, but they don't trade them or source their materials from a great distance away. That makes Homo erectus unique in the animal kingdom. But why would they have done this?

The answer lies in the birth of religion and the sun-god that was obviously worshiped at the time. Given to visions and with a link to the Spirit of the Universe it commissioned me to "tear down the wall of churches." That wall starts with the earliest 'civilisation' and incorporates the descent of ideas that permeated the ancient world.

Perhaps the oldest culture alive is that of the Australian aborigines who have inhabited the continent for at least 60,000 years, although some evidence pushes that date even further back. They have the 'bull' in their language although no such creatures reside in the country, nor ever have. They named various places after it, such as 'Bulli' from the 'bull's eye', which is a steep mountain cliff leading down to the coast and the city of Wollongong an hour's drive south of Sydney.Another mountain is called "mummabulla".

Circle/cross in Nazda Lines

Holed stone in Europe

Circle/ Cross symbol in ancient Rock Art

The Birth of Mother God

Today there would be few in the Western world who could comprehend the notion of a female god and creator. But many religions still worship 'her' and she is prominent in even the Christian language but safely disguised. Her cover, however, is now blown as she is the image that all worship in one form or another. The bull is her husband.

A vision showed me a group of people on a hilltop staring towards a hole in a stone held aloft in such a position that the rising sun's rays penetrated it. As they burst forth they formed the magnificent perpetually moving rings of rainbow colored lights. Central to it was the right-angled cross. It was awesome in a world where progress had not yet occurred,

It was also enough to bring about trade in holed stones and produce the manufacture of them in such a way that the evidence is now undeniable. To prove it my search for the circle/cross symbol was rewarded through a nummalite fossil found in Tata, Hungary, and dated to over 400,000 years. But that was not all.

In Europe and Britain are the remains of huge stone monoliths that have the perforation to allow the sun-light to burst forth at dawn. The symbol of the circle/cross also appears as guides to hilltops where the image must have been observed, Many cities are at the end of that path, including Jerusalem.

The vision of the sun also can be seen through horns, such as those of the bull. In Egyptian iconography the horned god, such as Isis and Hathor, indicates that they were considered the mates of the bull, that is 'cows'.

Hathor The Sky God

Marduk And The Dragon

Did You Know About the Mother God?

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7 Circles As a Pair in Rock Art

The Seven Circles in Iconography

Chapel of the Bull - Ninevah

The Meaning of Words

Long before studying linguistics the Spirit led me on a path of deciphering words through the syllables they comprise and the symbols of their creation. As the circle and cross were the first symbols all languages have developed from them [O] and [ X}. Pushed together they spell 'ox' which is a term for the bull. [X] gave rise to [K], which [O] gave rise to [C] and the circle/cross to the letter [Q].

Other early symbols are [R] which is derived from [8] that is the two circles indicating the Mother God and the Bull together, as in Marriage. [R] is akin to [A] which bears the same sound when phonetically pronounced. [8] is also the origin of [B] which indicates 'fertility' or 'birth'.In Middle English [b] and [p] were synonymous, which led to ''pup] and 'bub' having the same meaning, i.e. a 'newborn'.

In linguistics the way language developedfrom a single point is traceable through all sounds and words. It is not possible to list them all here as it fills a whole book. The samples given, however, are enough to show that a single parent language gave rise to all that followed. It also shows that a single religious conviction related to sun worship gave rise to all religions that followed. The link to the bull is enough to prove it.

The Mother God was called 'Mari' which means 'mother's powerful eye' and her symbols include the five pointed star that features prominently in today's world. The number [5] means 'life' and in another form is [S] which indicates 'spirit'. The light was the spirit of Babylon and Mary is the name of the mate to the bull. It is from 'mary' that 'marry' was derived. The city of Mari in Syria was named after her.

Even the Indians of North America had their marriage ceremony to the Mother God as revealed in the following video. The pole hanging ritual or sun dance is another version of crucifixion.

Religious Roots

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The horns of the Bull with the 5 point Star

God-men with circle/cross ready to mate

The Bull's Eye

The hole in the stone became the 'bull's eye' because it was through this that the crucified god-man was expected to rise to heaven after mating with Mary. To this day it is the name of a target while 'bull-i-t' or 'bull's eye-cross' gave rise to 'bullet', which is a deadly instrument.

The crucified man on top of a menhir is indicative of the way people thought of their crucified Saviour in antiquity, 'Men-hir' is the same as 'man with her' and the stone in the shape of a male organ indicates this. 'B-an' or 'bearing An' derived from another name for the sun. 'A-n means 'powerful victory' while 'an-o-el' is in 'annual' for the cycle of the sun' and in 'anus' for the orifice of the human body.

'Ban' is the same as 'pan' and when other vowels came to be [a] and [e] equated to each other. Pan, therefore, is the same as 'pen' and the origin of 'penis' is 'pen-i-s' or 'pan's eye of light'. Pan is a character in Greek mythology for this reason.

'O-r' or 'circle of power' is an old term for sun and it is the same as 'awe' and 'or-sun' is in 'awesome'. It is in this way that terminology developed although many may disagree with it. What was shown to me by the Spirit, however, is correct.

Cross on a Menhir

The Circle/Cross Kite

There are many images from Nordic countries depicting men rising up holding onto the circle/cross symbol as a kite. These are not available for publication but some are in boats where the kite is a sail. 'K-i-t-e' is the same as 'k-i-k-i' and it translate as 'cross of the eye' twice. Doubling such terms was believed to increase potency. 'Y-kiki' is in Waikiki, a city in Hawaii. [Y] is synonymous with[i].

'Ki-ti' is in 'kitty' for a small cash pile. It is also the title of a kitten that suggests it was an animal with sacred connotations. Cats were found embalmed in Egyptian graves, especially of notable people. The bull, however, was the most widely accepted unit of exchange.

Men who died on crosses were considered a sacrifice, that is their lives were exchanged for more produce and fertility. Although evidence points to their volunteering to die in this fashion it is known that in the Roman Empire they were selected seven days before the equinox. A band of men dressed in costumes and beating a drum would take them from the streets. They were then kept in luxury and offered virgins to mate with until they were crucified as scape-goats.

At that time they were paraded through the streets where people touched them to pass on the weight of their problems. The saviour or god-man would then carry them up to be dealt with by the Mother god. This is where the idea of forgiveness of sins came from and it was widely practiced around the Mediterranean. It is the notion that produced Jesus Christ when Constantine invented him as Saviour when he established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. The emperor made Mary the Mother of God and she is still the principle idol of worship in that religion and all the branches that followed from it.

The Menorah With Roots

They Put The Branch To Their Nose

The Roman Catholic Church is considered to be the start of Christianity but that is not the case. Previously it was the religion of Hari Krishna that penetrated the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. Krishna is the same as 'Chris-na'. 'Chris-t' is the origin of 'Christ' and all who died on crosses were called as such. It literally means 'Christ on the cross'.

Placing a man in the shape of a cross upon a cross was the same as doubling the most holy symbol and, therefore, increasing its potency. One right-angled cross over another creates the eight-point star and symbolises the marriage of a monarch to the Mother God. Thus, kings wear it as a sign of their heavenly status and power. It is normally only seen on them.

The crown symbolises the rays of the sun shining from their heads and only the monarch can wear such a creation. Once crowned they are deemed gods or spokesmen for the heavenly father. The Pope is also crowned for this reason. Women, on the other hand, could not be married to Mary and so they could not be her mates or spokespeople.

That is the reason why women cannot be priests in the Catholic Church and there was once a time when they could not enter a church, temple, or mosque. The situation has altered today as women not only enter Christian churches but can approach the altar. The Jewish faith and that of the Muslim have stricter conditions on women. In the mosque the woman must sit to the rear of the men.

Until recent years it was imperitive that women cover their heads when inside a church and it is still the case with the Muslim branch. It indicates submission and also a remnant of hiding from the Mother God who may become jealous by their presence. While this sounds bizarre in today's society it is the way such traditions have developed.

All religions have used the Babylonian beliefs and sun worship as their format. The House of Judah the same as the others. Their meeting halls are called 'synagogues' where 'syn' and 'sun' are synonymous. 'gog' is another term, for 'god' and they were condemned because they worship the sun although they don't realise it because of the disguise used to hide it.

"Ïs it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? for they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provike me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose." Ezekiel 8:17.

All who follow after the sun even when it is disguised are now suffering the retribution of God. They had the ability to listen to the voice within when it called and made them aware that what they were doing is wrong. Now the world is in its current state of overpopulation, climate change, corruption, and other because most cannot hear God and follow the false religions that are branches of Babylon.

Candles are representative of the sun and seven candlesticks appear at the altars of Christian churches and the Menorah. 'Men-or-a'. translates as 'men'of the sun's power' and is a direct reference to the congregation and their allegiance.

Sun Worship in Religions

The Sacred Cow Of India

The Religion of Babylon

A vision showed a line drawn out in front of me and where I stood a bright light suddenly rose up and arched over it to the far end where the brightness was extraordinary. There in large capital letters was EVE. In the middle was NOON and here it was almost dark and a mass of people were reaching upwards towards a man on a cross.

Where I stood was the word EVENING and here the light was as bright as at the beginning. Then the Spirit showed me the meaning of the vision. 'Eve' is from 'i-v' or 'eye of life' and that is the Spirit. It entered into people at the start of what is called the day of the Lord. We are at the end of the day and the same Spiritual light is now back as people are experiencing it and miracles take place.

The bible opened and this passage stood out:

"We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noonday as in the nught: we are in desolate places as dead men." Isaiah 59:10

From this the length of the day was shown as being around 4,000 years long as the man on the cross came about almost 2,000 years ago. There have been many changes to the calendar since the passage was written and by calculating the difference and adjusting accordingly the period shown works out. The man on the cross is Jesus Christ and it was the invention of this figure that brought the darkness over the world and hid the truth.

At the start of the day there was another figure who appears in Genesis by the name of Ishmal, the son of Abraham. Linguistically these names have been changed through distance and scribes who translated them. Originally 'Abraham' would have been 'O-b-ra-ma', which means 'circle bearing powerful mother'.

Normally objects were named as living entities and made into idols or sacred images. This happened with the holed stone through which the multi colored rings of light appeared at sun-rise. While the star was called 'Mari' or 'Mary' the light bore the name 'I-s-ma-el' which means 'eye of light-mother god'. In another form it is 'Islam'.

It was literally the 'sun' of 'Obrama'. and the 'brahma' is a name for 'bull'. In the Hindu tradition 'Brahma' is the name of the creator which fits the image that created the star. It is the reason why cows are sacred in India They are considered the wives of the creator or Brahms.

Jupiter, the bull, with Juno

Early Depiction of Virgin Mary

How The Amors Became Romans

Sun worship and the Mother God, Mary, was at the heart of the religion of Babylon and the city was built and occupied by the ;'Amors'. The letters [a] and [o] are interchangeable in this case and 'O-m-or' translates as 'circle of the mother sun'. The Amors are described in ancient text as extremely violent and animal like savages that would be similar to present day Islamists in Isil.

These warriors raided, stole, enslaved, brutalised, and built a huge empire before they built Roma in Italy as their new capital. Reverse of 'Roma' is 'Amor' and they carried their religious convictions with them.

One of their numbers was Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. He invented Jesus Christ and put Mary in it as the Mother of God. Anyone who sees through the fraud would realise that God has no mother and is, in fact, the Spirit of the Universe whom the Romans sought to hide.

The power of the ruler lay in convincing others that he spoke for and had the authority of the gods so his word cannot be questioned. It was imperative, therefore, that everyone be persuaded to accept this and those who did not were eliminated. He, therefore, built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter, the bull. The name in Latin would have been 'i-pita', and from this the name Peter was derived.

"And he exercised all the power of the first beast before him , . .And deceiveth them , . .by the miracles which he had power to do , , , saying to them . . . that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live (Jesus Christ). And he had power to give like unto the image of the beast, that the image . . . should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the beast should be killed." Revelation 13:12-15

Constantine built the Vatican and was himself the spokesman for the image until his death, Later the pope took over the role of Christ on earth. The emperor's edicts ordering torture and execution are available still and the bible speaks of the conspiracy that changed the nature of God from the Spirit of the Universe into a man that could be killed.

"There is a conspiracy of her (Mary) prophets in the midst thereof. like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; and have made many widows in the midst thereof." Ezekiel 22:25

The church leaders have murdered, abused, exiled, and corrupted societies around the world with their portrayal of false gods and a book written by Jerome, the 'doctor' of the church, called the New Testament.

It is the religion of Babylon that survives and it is served by all religions as they are branches of the one parent - Islam. They are intolerant of anyone who challenges their faith and are quick to murder or injure those who can show how wrong they are.

"Yea, truth faileth; nd he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey . . . there was no judgement." Isaiah 59:15

Constantine stole the idea of a Trinity God from the Hindu version.

The Hindu Trinity

Sun Worship In Christianity

Babylonian Fish God

Dagon With the Cross on His Head

Depiction of Rama

Son of the Bull

The image above shows how the priests of Babylon were dressed in the skin of fish to administer the last rites to the dead, Their hats are the same as the miter of the pope while the image of Dagon shows him wearing the cross on his helmet.

The fish is used as a sign in Christianity as a remnant of this. The other name given to Jesus Christ, however, is the lamb of God. .To explain how this comes about we need to look again at 'O-b-ra-ma'. 'Rama' or 'powerful mother' is in 'Rama-dan' the festival of the Muslim branch.

'Rama' is the chief god of the Vedic Trinity and the father of Krishna. The 'ram' is the male sheep which has large curved horns that make it a bearer of the sun-star. The son of the ram is the lamb and, therefore, applied to krishna upon whom Jerome modeled Jesus Christ.

The son of a bull would be a calf and there is no reference of that nature applicable to the Catholic Christ. But the term 'bull' remains as the 'bull-iton' issued by the Vatican. It is also in 'bull-ion' for the gold that creates wealth. A bull-ish market is one that is rising and this shows how language picks up where religious cover up has occurred.

Many places are named in honour of the bull. They include 'Bul-garia', and 'I-s-tan-bull',


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