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Religion: Is it right to force beliefs on others?

Updated on October 29, 2012

These are my opinions

Is it right to force others to hear see or read others beliefs? In my opinion, it is a personal affront when I am forced to read a piece of scripture on such sites as facebook. Personally it really does not bother me all that much. I realise that I do not have the right to censor others freedoms of speech and freedom of religious views, but, should I be forced to hear or read the constant harping by christians and many other religions. I do not feel it is right or fair that they can post lines like Jesus is the only way into heaven. I asked another christian friend if she minded that i edited out the line about jesus but told her i did believe in God. Her reply was" How can you believe in god and not call yourself a christian?" I answered, as did several others, you don't have to be christian to believe in god .It seems as if many christian and judastic religions believe that they own god and noone else does. I feel that GOD is not a single faith diety. No one religion owns the concept of GOD or any Supreme Being .

All these many religions on this planet have one thing in common, a God or supreme being.lets call him a deity for the sake of everyone not being offended. Most religions do not promote the forcing of a belief of their deity on others.This is most likely because most religions respect the rights of others to choose what version of the deity they believe in.In christianity I do not recall anything in the bible that says 'Go out and demand the believers of this deity to convert to believe in me'. Even Jesus didn't preach to the heathens and pagans, he offered them his views but he did not force them to listen or accept him as a savior.

I am a pagan. I believe in a deity.It may not be your deity.Or maybe, just maybe, my deity is a different version of your deity. Couldn't all deities, in fact, be different aspects of the same deity?? Its funny how christian based religions proclaim they are strong and certain of being saved and sent to heaven yet only if they accept "Jesus" most other religions are also certain they are going to whatever they concieve as "heaven" but don't have to accept a savior to do so they just have to accept their diety. Yes, I know Jesus is god born into a mans form according to the bible.If they really believed this they would not keep saying the only way to the father is through the son.

I noticed some pagan friends complaining that pagans get sensored and are treated predjudicially for posting or saying certain paganistic idioms or wearing their religious jewelry yet is that fair? No it is not .In my opinion if a christian can wear a crucifix openly or a jewish person the star of david why can't a pagan also where a pentacle? isnt a pentacle basically a 5 pointed star just like the star of David with a circle around it? Yes , I know if its worn upside down it represents satanism but most pagans don't wear a pentagram. the difference between a pentacle and a pentagram is easily seen. The pentacle has one point of the star pointing skyward while a pentagram has the single point aimed earthward.

I wish, at this time, to apologize to any I may have offended by my opinions on this matter.I hope, however, I was able to shed a little light on your lives and also that many will agree that religious differences should be allowed and not considered a sin. We already have enough war from religious differences that reallyshould not ne there if everyone realised we are all humaans and we all worship a deity. Even if they are not different aspects of the same deity we all should have the right to believe in our own way.As long as we believe in a diety.Always remember this: Death of spirituality is letting someone tell you what to believe in. Lets keep spirituality alive


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      7 years ago

      Your definetly right about that. In the end we all worship the same God, we just have different perspectives of it, we are all part of the same unified conscious, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Believer, Non-believer, agnostic and so on. Only Christians really, and specifically only Fundamentalist conservative Christians believe that they are the only true ones. Most liberals and other Christians view that all other religions are the same as them.

      Good Hub


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