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Religion? OVERRATED!

Updated on April 18, 2013

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Religion and Hubbers

The main reason I am writing this is to express my frustration over net users. First and foremost, yes, I do believe in God, The Kingdom and all that is made.

But why the debate over religion?

I posted a topic in the forum regarding Music Theory last week but still unanswered. I'm not saying that everyone knows the answer but with the many people being so active in religion topics, praising God, going to church to sing and perform and stuff, it just doesn't make sense that no one knows anything about reading music or the basics of interpreting certain things. So, to be honest, my intention of getting to know the Hubber's community is down to zero.

Perhaps, HubPages still lacks in getting themselves known. Look at Yahoo Answers. Look at the many questions asked every day and the answers swarming in for just one question.

If you're telling me that I should just go to a music site and ask all that I want in the forum etc., then HubPages failed to deliver what it should be doing. Either find a way in increasing its community or a down fall may occur.

Another topic that I created was regarding AV Internet Security which should have been a more easier interaction. Maybe people are more concerned about their religions than the attack of viruses on their electronic devices? People! Virus attacks are as bad as getting possessed by demons! Have you ever thought that one day, in the near future, the unthinkable thing like virus attacks may be the doing of the devil as its brain has evolved to the state of a web programmer? So, virus attacks on your computer may inflict you, the user, to be possessed by whatever the virus does?

When I sign into my Hub, it goes directly to the Hubpages' feed. I can never not see anyone talking about religion, their devotion, their query, their doubt, their uncertainty, their proclamation towards certain religion or maybe, none of the mentioned, if they speak of Atheism.

What I am trying to express here is that, aside from speaking of religion, take a break. Look at something else. Experience something else. Religion will never die as long as man lives. It will live on forever.

I, for once, can tell you that I am religious at heart; though I have and commit sins day after day. I have experienced spiritual phenomenons and the list goes on but heck, I do not devote myself solely to the internet, posting new forum topics day after day all about religions.

Don't forget that the most religious people are the ones most at risk having doubts and getting themselves overturned by their god or God in the end. Remember that you have people around you. They need your attention as well.

So, please open your mind, heart and eyes and find something else to do. The world is big out there. There are so many things to do regardless of your age. Music, coding, painting, watching animes, movies, baking cakes and stuff and more! Wake up; so, you may weigh the needs of others.

And I enclose this hub with a thank you. Amen.


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