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Religion Or Relationship

Updated on August 24, 2009

Religion stifles a loving relationship with God.

There is a misconception that religion is a relationship with God. It certainly is not! It is this misconception that cause a lot of Christians to miss out on a very important aspect of their experience with Him.

What does God want from me?

What God wants is worship based on an intimate loving relationship -- the kind of relationship that family members have for one another, the kind of relationship a husband has with his wife -- not just blindly following a set of rules. In other words. Following just the Ten Commandments merely scatches the surface. God wants our lives, as we should desire the life He has for us through His Son Jesus Christ.

This is what Jesus emphasized; His Message was aimed to bring people closer to God. Up until his coming, the religious people were following the Law of Moses, and the Ten Commandments. Jesus preached that he came not to destroy the Law or the prophets, but to fulfill, (Matthew 5:17). In essence, he showed us how to do it. The religious people couldn't accept his radical approach, because it tore down what they believed, so they sought to silence him.

It is true that God has rules, just like parents have rules governing their homes. However, the rules of God leads us to freedom, not slavery. But it is because we love God, that we obey him, and in turn, He gives us the best He has.

For my brothers and sisters in Christ, I pray that you will draw closer to Christ, who knows, maybe this will be the year He comes for us. To those who don't know him, now is the time to seek him while he can be found. Stop trusting in man, and even in yourselves, and trust in God. Be committed to Him in the most loving way.


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    • profile image

      elliot.dunn 8 years ago

      ok. i see what you mean. i think those two terms need much more balance than they're given. you can have religion and relationship. Jesus said you are my friends if you do what i command you. and sure thing about the comments penman. keep writing!

    • profile image

      Penman51 8 years ago

      There are some that believe that having a relationship with God involves following just the 10 commandments and whatever religious duties and practices that their church is engaged in -- with no feelings toward God in a personal way. That's why God did away with practices such as animal sacrifices, because first of all, it did not lead the practictioners to perfection, as what the Blood of Christ does to all that come to him. Second, God saw these practictioners as just following the rules, and going no further than that. Jesus when he was here was the embodiment of the commandments and the Law, when it came to rejecting sin, but his main purpose was to bring God's people to Him in a more personal way -- that we see God as a loving Father, not just a giver of rules for us to follow. I hope this clears up the confusion. Thanks for your support and comments.

    • profile image

      elliot.dunn 8 years ago

      "There is a misconception that religion is a relationship with God. It certainly is not!"


    • penman51 profile image

      Dale K Lynn 8 years ago from Cincinnati Ohio

      Yes. God wants a deep relationship with his children, rather than blindly following a set of religious rules.

    • profile image

      elliot.dunn 8 years ago

      so are you saying that its a religion or a relationship? the beginning is a little confusing...