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Religion Pays??

Updated on January 7, 2018

Read it Maybe (to religious and agnostic individuals alike)

  1. I was watching the news one day and the anchor said that somebody was killed because they said something against the major religious community.

  • I was very much disappointed rather than sad hearing that news because Ireally do not think people who really understand the concept of religion would ever commit a crime like that.Human beings have been on this world for a long time.
  • We have grown as a species like no other species couldeven dream of and that's because we have been able to use our brain to think logically and make logicaldecisions. But recently we are going backwards. Ever since we were kids we were somewhat forced orbrainwashed by our parents or the local pastor to believe in an idea of god and religion that they follow. So as wegrow up, this idea of god and religion that is in our minds also grow and becomes a part of us.
  • We try our best tofollow it, try to make others believe in it and defend it in front of others who criticize it. But we try to think logicallyabout this issue. That's because we have been implanted with this idea from a very young age. Modern humanshave been around for about half a million years, they did not see God in their day of origination.
  • They lived hundreds of years just trying to survive. Then after some meteor strikes and ice ages, civilisations started to form.People started coming together and sharing knowledge. But still there were a lot of things they couldn't explain because they didn't know science well (mainly because of the poor educational system back then). So when alightning struck their homes, they thought it was the lightning god's curse. When somebody got small pox someother god's curse. Slowly, every civilisation in the world started to invent their own superstitions and beliefs.Suddenly someone had a great idea to fool someone, gave all this a name and lo and behold religion was formed.
  • Now people had a great reason to make others do things that profit themselves without the other person even knowing it. People killed others and gave their own lives for one scam over another. In a word where science couldn't explain phenomenons, I could see how people had to rely on beliefs to make sense.
  • But I don't understand why people in this day and age where science could explain lightning is just electron discharge to the ground and that small pox is a viral disease still believe in this archaic system. I don't think they are fools for still believing in a religion or god but you can easily understand it's all made up us humans itself if you think logically about religion for a few minutes. But if someone still wants to believe it, please do.
  • Just don't force others to believe in the scam you follow or kill others because they were sensible enough to not fall for it.

© 2018 Afin Faizy


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      Afin Faizy 3 months ago from Earth

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