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Minnesota Writing: Religion, Sex and Politics - These Are Fighting Subjects

Updated on February 28, 2016

What the Subject Is



Religion is a dangerous subject because no one agrees with anyone else and everyone has a strong opinion.

In my experience, I find that organized religion is necessary to keep the masses organized. The only issue is that all of the masses are disoriented and led by the few who control the conversation.

Some religions use the Bible. Others use other forms of religious communication. Just for clarification, who are the 'other Gods' that the 10 Commandments advises us to reject?


Everyone has an opinion on sex, whether it be what rules to follow for either having sex, knowing about sex, accepted notions about sex, unaccepted notions about sex.

Sex before marriage, sex after marriage. Sex during marriage. Sex outside of marriage. Sex without marriage. Sex between people. Imaginary sex.

There are a lot of people who have a lot of boisterous opinions about sex involving other people but it's a hypocritical state, since most people don't limit their own actions.


This is a subject that heavily leans on peer pressure.

Peer pressure is always touted to be bad. When you are a student and your parents do not want you influenced in some bad way, they will limit your friends. Whose idea was that? is something that I heard a lot, just before I was told to stop playing with my friends, forever.

My parents did not believe that you should encourage a child or teen to be around people who influenced you in some negative way. Fun was a no-no. If you were around someone who made you feel wonderful, that person was certainly going to make you do something that would cause you to be corrupted.

Politics is the same way. Now that we are in an election/campaigning period of time, we will hear the candidates speaking in the public eye on subjects that may or may not be what we want to listen to. That is where the vote comes in. This is where we vote and use our peer pressure to control what the whole country does. Kind of like what my parents used to do.

It's All About Control

Isn't it? Controlling the masses so they think alike. Staying out trouble. Following the crowd. [The right crowd]

So, talking about religion, sex or politics will get you trouble because if the majority isn't in agreement with what you think, it will ruin you socially.

You Can You Tube It to See for Yourself

If you don't believe me, you can go to Youtube and see for yourself. You tube is great for the real opinions of people, like you and me.

How About You

Do you agree that Religion, Sex or Politics cause many disagreements between people?

See results

Having an Opinion Sets You Up For Argument

When you have an opinion, other people will try to convince you that their opinion is better.

Since no one has the same opinions as you, the conversation will turn to shouting and mutual shunning.

So, take my advice, don't talk about Religion, Sex or Politics because these subjects, historically, can cause fights.

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We're All Going The Same Direction

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This We Can Agree On

Birthdays are the only subject that brings a smile to anyone's face, no matter who you are.
Birthdays are the only subject that brings a smile to anyone's face, no matter who you are. | Source


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    • jlpark profile image

      Jacqui 2 years ago from New Zealand

      Err - the Jehovah's don't celebrate birthdays so - nope can't please everyone!

      Hehe - otherwise - well written and very true! Thanks for sharing