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Religion: The Excuse For Violence

Updated on June 19, 2016

In a World Without Religion, There Would Still Be Violence

Throughout all my years I have encountered several average and professional opinions. They all reflect reasons why the world would be better off without religion.

Some people seem to believe that the primary reason why there have been so many wars and conflicts domestically and abroad is because of the existence of religion.

Religion is believed to somehow compel another person to burn down a village, commit a massacre, generate terrorist acts, and commit genocide. Some people think that religion is believed to fuel hatred and intolerance. And also, that religion is the cause of social divide in the world. Conflicting beliefs and ideas about worship fosters social unrest and issues.

Well, I never could nor do I believe that. I think some people place the blame for their behavior on their religion or another person's religion. I think most people use religion as an excuse to hurt someone else. Religion has been used as an excuse for discrimination and racism.

I realize there are some religions with more followers than others. These religions dominate the world in popularity with followers that spread their messages. Nobody said anybody must be apart of these religions.

Sure, we have some people who walk around with their strength in numbers and backing who demand that the world convert to their religion. This is common. We also have people who take it to the extreme using violent means and degrading language.

I recognize that some people are in bad situations. Unfortunately they live in some places that are violent and oppressive towards them and their beliefs. Unfortunately people come across different groups of extremists that use violence against others to enforce their beliefs.

To the world I say with this hub, I don't think religion should not be looked upon as the reason why we bear arms and start wars. I also don't think it should be removed from society like a bad disease.


The Two-Edged Sword

Today, or not too far in our past, a self-proclaimed prophet always steps forward and says he’s had some vision just like in the times before or after Christ. He or she will say, they have been touched and heard the word of God etc…

And I can’t believe it's never a coincidence to anyone else that the first thing out of the group leader’s mouth are words that are meant to degrade, discriminate, or hurt someone. They state their beliefs, fears, oppression, throw a couple of verses in there from whatever book they are using, some racial slurs, and/or their hatred of the government or business entity.

Next, their fear for their religion and lifestyle forces them to become a type of militia. On some given day, prophesied in their own imaginations, there will be a battle. It will be a battle between good and evil. Good will be the people who are their followers and evil will be the people who aren't including other characteristics.

For these leaders and groups, Christ wasn't preaching the gospel of peace and love, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and promoting toleration. And he was in Rome, the wildest and strongest empire in the world. Apparently to some people he was all about taking down Rome and it's oppressive religions and traditions with his followers turned soldiers.

Nobody wants to be Christ, not really, because everyone is so quick to pick up arms and violence for their beliefs and religion when Christ only picked up peace. That will always be the reason why I believe that only one man, that is Christ, ever existed. Nobody that starts these militia movements walk in the footsteps of Christ or anyone that promotes peace. They are all about power and control.

For leaders that have these types of groups, religion is interpreted as the thing in which they use to justify acts of hatred and destruction. They see religion as the vessel that will contribute to the amount of control they have over their followers.

This isn't different for the terrorist leaders either. For the terrorist leader, religion is used as the controlling vessel to create subjects. The subjects will commit acts of terror to instill fear into people so that people can be influenced and controlled. If religion isn’t being used to create followers with anger, resentment against the government, or some people, or some other race; it is being used to control people. It is being used to control the weak and the people that love and have strong beliefs in their religion. The leader promotes the idea that their precious religion and way of life is threatened by the powerful and greedy. And if anything offends it or threatens it, the followers should be ready to kill.

Overall, religion is used to justify this violence and has been turned into a two-edged sword that can harm the believers. It can harm some Joe or Jane going to and fro in his or her life peacefully. A lot of people too often use religion, something so powerful and precious, as a way to justify doing evil things to others. Some people have symbolized religion as an oppressive tool rather than the guidance it really is to having a great life.


The Truth

The Ten Commandments of the Christian religion have been blown so far out of proportion it’s ridiculous. Religion has been treated as a burden to bear. It doesn’t matter what religion someone practices, it can be treated as some oppressive vessel that people should be bound by.

The truth is you have a choice. You have God-given will power, the power to choose your own path in life. This world is mastered by humankind. It has been placed into the hands of people. The bible guides us to refrain from doing things that can potentially harm us. Killing can harm you, lying can harm you, and adultery can harm you; you can get killed by someone’s spouse.

The law is only, 'don't do this or that, the State doesn't like it.' Religion is loved and worshiped, and people are compelled not to do evil things, such as kill indiscriminately because they have made a devout promise within themselves not to.

From what I have understood, everyone chooses whether they want to take a certain path or not. Nothing chooses for us unless it is the pain of persecution and death. Some people, upon pain and persecution, still decide not to renounce their religion. That is the strength we all carry in our will throughout life.

The truth is no one or nothing can make anyone follow or abide by any commandments, laws, or rules. Society can say this and that, but there are constitutional rights here in America to America’s credit. There is also he God-given rights to everyone, which in laymen terms means that one can live however and whatever lifestyle they want.

Last Note

Violence is a part of human nature. It doesn’t have to be and that’s up to every individual person. Religion is not the driver of terrorism or a creator of militias. We live according to our beliefs, experiences, and situations.

Terrorism is based on an individual's choices and the followers of these terrorists. They think they are abiding by a proverb yet their listening more to a leader they believe in or fear who actually has them like a puppet master with strings.

If someone wants to be an atheist; be an atheist. If someone wants to prostitute, prostitute. If someone wants to be a Christian or Muslim, be a Christian or Muslim. The majority of the world doesn’t care or bat an eye long enough to judge. And even if they do judge, so what, ignore them and what they say will naturally go in one ear and out the other.

Do what you want or need to rather than allow them to convince you to look at a religion like it’s some type of condition you are forced into. For some of us this is so, and they have to fight oppression and violence everyday. For others that are not in this situation, like me, word's of wisdom; just move on pass it.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      Thanks for reading Burnell Andrews.

      Religion as a tool, I can see that in a certain way. Religion is a way of speaking to God. In that it's a tool. I agree, atheists and rationalists don't have to accept faith, but don't push it down as something that's unreal also. Interesting points.



    • Burnell Andrews profile image

      Burnell Andrews 4 years ago from LaBelle, Florida

      I have always thought it is best to view religion as a tool, its bad or good effects depends on who uses it, just like a nation or a idelogy such as democracy, or one like communism or socialism, or capitalism, these are all social tools which can be bad or good or somewhere in between depending on how they are used. Also we do see cases of people shifting away from religious belief, but they just use different justifications for why they do what they do, they say they do it in the name of democracy, or civilization civilizing the savages (as in the case of the Native Americans and Africans). But really it is a tool for them further their own inner demons, their own hatreds in some cases. The argument with removing religion is akin to removing a tool, it confuses the causation with the effect. Like the Crusades are used as a common example for why religion is bad, but the real drivers behind that were greed and a need to have access to the East, wouldn't it have happended anyway, only it would have been in the name of civilization or some other cause.

      Also the argument against religion is to simple, it tries to find a easy answer for many problems for something that is in reality rather complex, and has many different causes and effects. It is also not fair, yes religion has been responsible for a lot of bad stuff, but also lots of good stuff, the Renaissance for example would not have happened at all without the support of many dedicated religious monks copying and saving the leftover knowledge from the Roman Empire.

      Its tool to my mind, as a agnostic I want to make it a better tool, so that we can use it for a better good, like certain Evangelicals now supporting Stewardship as a model for environmentalism, the rationalists the atheists need to stop seeing religion as an enemy and vice versa for the religious people, but perhaps as a partner to achieve mutual goals, there is a lot we all can do just by working together.

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 6 years ago from Williamston NC

      Thanks. Thank you for reading.

    • April Reynolds profile image

      April Reynolds 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you for this. You are right, so many people use religion to promote their own agendas, that a true relationship with God goes unrecognized.

    • Abrushing1968 profile image

      Aaron Rushing 6 years ago from USA- Florida

      When evil men use religion to justify their own lusts for power or for personal gain, nothing good can come out of it. Humanity is evil by nature and must be taught good. Religion attempts to accomplishes this goal. Blaming all religion for the evil deeds of evil men is akin to blaming cars for driving to fast and killing their drivers.


    • profile image

      e-pen2day 6 years ago

      God is not a religion,religion its self has been used in wrong ways.There is a lot we will not understand.People have many faults,you have to over look what you see,to look inside yourself and see what is in you.If you let the things that go on around you deceive you into not trying to know more about God,you have only hurt yourself.Over look stupidity -but do not over look your own soul.

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 6 years ago from Williamston NC

      You're more than welcomed, thanks for reading.

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 6 years ago from Williamston NC

      I agree. I just think people shouldn't be so persuaded by others to view a religion as a negative thing that should be pushed to the side or out of life, or as some oppressive force on their backs because it's people that make things that way.

      Thanks for reading.

    • aslaught profile image

      aslaught 6 years ago from Alabama

      Interesting hub. I, as an atheit think that religion was created to control the masses, and that more people have died, "in the name of religion," than any other reason. I'm not saying that religion, per se, caused the wars, deaths, etc., but they were done in religions name. I too have read the bible more than once and find it a mythological story, much like the greek myths, etc. I liked your story. I like reading other peoples perspectives. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cammiebar profile image

      Cammiebar 6 years ago from Upstate New York

      I believe that religion does start a lot of stuff, and I'm always saying a lot of the arguments when religious followers are knocking at my door. But not all people or religions do this. I'm a Taoist and follow the philosophy of Taoism and that is one of acceptance, love, and truth. I just wanted to stress that it's how religion affects a person and their culture and how a person interprets the religion.

      Good hub! Voted up!


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