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Religion Vs Spirituality Part 2

Updated on May 29, 2011


This is basically part two to my religion vs spirituality.

First  I want to tell you a little about me. Before I begin with trying to cast a shining light on both religion and spirituality. Nothing is pure and perfect. Both have negatives and positives.

I am a christian and I do go to church although not all the time. I also consider myself spiritual more than religious and do not believe in modern religion however I do feel that some pastors have things worth hearing and worth contributing or I wouldn't mark their halls with my presence.

I must say that the majority of religious figures would not consider me a christian namely because not only do I not agree with modern religion I've studied and practiced the metaphysical arts for a few years now. That means I have studied demonology, witchcraft, astrology, psychic phenomena, paranormal activity and hauntings. I offer spellcasting, I believe in manifest destiny, parallel dimensions and  I most definitely believe that the bible has been tampered with over the years and that regardless of what religious figures say the earth is far older than 6000 years.

I believe in salvation. My husband does not believe that Jesus died on the cross nor that there is a Hell. On that, I can say when my parents sent me to a private christian school that of course was taught and that's the belief I grew up with but I don't believe it matters one way or the other because I'm a worshipper of God more than Jesus although I believe Jesus was a great master and teacher and was the son of God.And above all else was love. I was saved at the age of 15. I believe everything around us is a form of love, the trees, the animals, nature, the peace you find in those things.

My husband and I agree on many things but differ on others. I can't tell him his belief is wrong and he can't tell me my belief is wrong.

I do believe there is a Hell and there are demons and that satan is a real entity. I do not believe in trying to make contact with entities from the other side because none of us know what's on the other side.

Many would disagree with my view and many more would tell me I'm delusional if I think I'm a christian but I am and I don't need someone else telling me what I am or am not and how to worship and believe.

As I said before I'm not here to bash religion or churches for that matter. When I bash it's because I keep hearing the word money associated with church. Give, give, give, put money in the offering plate and if you don't have any money to give you are made to feel less than. I understand that church needs money to operate and the pastor and staff must be paid but this constant begging for money is what gets me and the way you are made to feel if you have no money. For some reason I can't quite understand the majority of people I've come into contact with assume you have money to give and if you don't you are somehow supposed to come up with it.

I don't believe religion should have anything to do with money and money should be kept out of it. It should be about spirituality and getting closer to God and understanding the universe without all the monetary issues and the constant pounding of the bible on how you are dying and going to Hell if you don't accept Jesus Christ as your saviour.

Above all else I want to keep an open mind here.

My main gripe is telling people they are not christians and are going to Hell when they have absolutely no idea what's in that person's heart. For those of you who I have read my other articles you heard me speak about when my uncle who is a preacher and preached my mother's funeral condemned my mother to Hell right there in front of everyone. Later my aunt, Mom's sister, wrote me a letter to tell me how she would never forgive my uncle for doing that. My aunt is a devout christian and I blame him for perpertrating her unforgiveness. He didn't have the right. He also condemned his own sister to Hell because she died an alcoholic. He condemned my father to Hell. His words, "I hope your dad's not burning in Hell". This was his brother. This is nothing unusual. Many family members condemn their own flesh and blood to the fiery damnation of Hell if they haven't openly repented for their sins.

Not to long ago we were walking in the mall when this man asked my  husband what denomination he was and when he replied non demoninational and he kept his beliefs to himself he got up pointed a finger at him and yelled that he was not a christian. This man didn't know my husband from Adam. He doesn't know what's in his heart and anyone else's for that matter but for some reason I've yet to fathom most christians take this same path and I don't understand it. Why do they think they have the power to condemn people to Hell and themselves to Heaven?

I remember when I was taking care of my grandmother a local pastor would come weekly to talk to my grandmother about heaven and getting saved and would say things like, "It's important that she gets saved before she dies because you don't want to live the rest of your life knowing your mother(grandmother) is in Hell." That always made my mother so angry. She was always respectful and didn't do what she wanted to do and scream for him to get out.

As he knew nothing about my grandmother, my uncle knew nothing about my Mom and Dad, the stranger knew nothing about my husband, no one knows what's in another person's heart. Not one person here on this earth has the power to condemn another to Hell. Not one of us is perfect, not one of us can assume self righteousness, not one of us can judge another human being. Yet christians all over the world do it every single day some many times per day without regard for the fact they know nothing and the knowledge they have about anything was given to them by the creator.

The same people who scream Hellfire and Damnation would never try to avoid an innocent animal in the road just trying to get something to eat because we human's have so badly encroached on their territory.

It has never occurred to them that quite possibly there is no Hell. The bible says otherwise. It has never occurred to them that quite possibly the bible was written by a bunch of men high on some plant. It doesn't occur to them that some writings may have been taken out while others may have been added that were not God inspired.

I don't doubt the legitimacy of the bible. It's one of the greatest history books of our time and to try to abolish it in any way would be horrendous. But this doesn't mean that's it's completely God inspired or that quite simply mistakes may have been made in the translations that could have changed the meanings in some paragraphs, books. None of us were there so we can't say for sure what exactly did or did not happen.

As I said before I'm not here to bash religion in any way. But I think a better approach could definitely be made to talking to people who have different beliefs. And I think there would be more peace in the world if we didn't try to shove religion down the throats of people who have no interest in it and respected their beliefs whatever those might be. If they believe in Buddha do not tell them they are dying and going to Hell because they are worhipping an idol. This is not conducive to world peace by any stretch of the imagination.

Peace, love and world harmony should be the overlying concept and it should be put into practice now.


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    • jamescalculus profile image


      7 years ago from ukraine

      you are damn right..but you know about christians you need to understand not everyone who calls themselves christians are christians..christianity is a complex relationship between man and it's an individual experience..i do agree with some of the things you said but there are also some i dont agree christian has the right to say someone is in hell.but i would like to challenge you to really find out what it means to accept jesus as one's personal savior..take care

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 

      7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      Don't forget,it is the EVIDENCE OF things ...NOT SEEN.It is a spiritual concept.


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