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Religion: Which One Am I

Updated on June 24, 2016


As we delve into this thing called life, we ponder about the beginning. Many will argue that their ideals are the correct ideals, but perhaps our ideals are not in our realm of knowledge.

In the stories that I have been told by my churches, since I moved a lot while growing up, I changed churches quite frequently. I attended churches with my childhood friends and got quite a mixture of views. Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran - to name a few. I have family that is of mixed stock also. Hindu, Jewish, Catholic, Lutheran, Greek, Presbyterian.


I believe that Adam was created by God. I believe that God took some dirt from the ground an spit on it, rubbed it around and breathed life into that dirt.

I believe that.

I also believe that Adam was alive for a while before his sidekick Eve was created. Eve, that person that was created for Adam when he was napping. God took a Rib from Adam and created Eve. So, Adam was no longer alone. Eve was supposed to be his friend.

Belly Buttons

I believe that Adam and Eve, since they were created, did not have Belly Buttons. Belly buttons are man made, meaning they are scars from cutting the umbilical cord when the baby is born from his mother.

Eve wasn't born, so she did not have a belly button. Adam had no belly button either, since he was created, not born.

Apparently, the church has a painting of Adam and Eve and the artist painted them with belly buttons and the church never questioned it, nor noticed. I forgive them for this. Nobody is perfect, and certainly not an artist, working under pressure on a ceiling of all places.

You know the Chapel I am talking about, even if I do not tell you, you are probably well aware of the Sistine Chapel.

Life is a Continuum

Yep. This is where we talk about the birds and the bees. You've seen bird nests and you've seen bird eggs and you know that eggs hatch and there is a bird inside. You also know that bees carry pollen from flower to flower and that causes the plant's flower to produce the fruit that is supposed to develop.

It's like eggs. You need a Rooster to fertilize the chicken so that you get an egg. An egg is just a pregnancy.

People ask: What came first, the chicken or the egg. I consider this to be such an obvious answer. The chicken came first, because God created all the animals in Genesis. They weren't commanded to go forth and multiply until they were here.


There are bullies that try to convince you that their religion is the only religion. They are concerned with things. Things like money, sex, power, secrets.

What kind of secrets? Well. Just google Illuminati once. There's people out there that seem to feel that they know what is going on. I don't know much about the Illuminati. I do not know much about the Freemasons, either. I know that my grandfather was, a 42nd Degree Mason and I know my Church doesn't approve of them, but - hey, he was my grandfather and I don't participate in the hate. I never even got to know him, since he was dead in 1940 and I wasn't born until 1962.

I know nothing about why things are going on in the manner in which they are happening. I know that there are strange things happening every time you turn on the news. Animals are being killed. People are being slaughtered. Children are being tortured. Women are being used as sex slaves. But, is anything new. People have been getting killed since Cain and Abel.

People have had animals killed since the beginning of time. God himself had a fondness for grilled lamb with seasonings. Just read about Abraham and Isaac in the bible once to read for yourself.

There are vicious crimes committed quite frequently. Their intention is sometimes to shock, especially if they end up on the news. They seem to provoke additional attacks from people who just want that same kind of attention. Copy cat crimes, they call them.

Jesus Said

As far as I understand the Bible, there is the old Testament and there is the new Testament. There were a lot of generations affected in the old and there were a few highlighted in the new. There is always a lot of argument about certain issues.

Life is a continuum, but this place we are at right now is just a temporary abode. It is up to us to follow the rules and learn to get along. The Lord said turn the other cheek if someone does something wrong to you. Vengeance is mine, he said. I'll get them when I get around to it and I mean it, he says.

Coming and Going

We all seem to be able to agree on death. It ends life. We turn into a bunch of yucky stuff that rots away. It attracts bugs and they eat the remains. Then, what is left, disintegrates into dust.

Somewhere in the Bible it talks about this. From Dust you were created and to Dust you shall return.

Life continues without our intervention. Just look at trees and grass for example. We all have grass to mow on a regular basis. Well - if you have grass. If you don't have grass, then - by all means, don't mow.

The Terms

When you listen to the songs that people sing in my church, it seems like the songs are about people who are fighting.

They are not loving. They are intent on death to their enemies.

Song - One Tin Soldier

When I was really young, back in the seventies, I heard a song that was very interesting. It was the song One Tin Soldier.

You are probably familiar with this song, but for those of you that are not, I'll talk about it. It was a song that told a story.

It talked about a story that was written long ago, about a Kingdom on a mountain and the people who lived down the mountain in a valley. There was talk of a rock that had a history about it and it was guarded. There was supposed to be a treasure under the stone, or written on it or something.

The people of the valley were so jealous of this stone, that they declared war and were told that they were welcome to come share the stone. This really made the valley people angry and they got up an army and charged up the mountain and killed every one they came upon, just to get to the coveted rock.

They got to the rock and turned it over to read what it said. Peace on Earth.

That was it. That was the treasure.

Peace on Earth.


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    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 

      2 years ago

      Thank Char I appreciate your question looking for more of them my friend.

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 

      2 years ago from east coast,USA

      I enjoyed reading your article, and I like your conclusions - peace on earth. Have a great day.

    • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

      Char Milbrett 

      2 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks, Kiss and Tales for your comment.

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 

      2 years ago

      Very heartfelt hub and I really appreciate the many truths you shared in it Char. You expressed your hub out of real life experiences that many people can relate to.

      I certainly believe that Jesus and Jehovah would want you to be very sure of the true path he uses to help many people know that just as possible as we exist now. Nothing is impossible for him to return life lost.

      We came from the grains we can return from the grains. Life was meant to be more then we are experiencing now. There is a challenge by satan saying these creations will never love you sencerly

      They are selfish and they curse you and die.

      So since then satan has been ruling to prove his point. And the Heavenly Father has not intervened.

      So what are the results all the things we see today is a total disasters not ran by the Father but by satan.

      Think Heaven is where many want to go for peace and happiness. So people know that God of heaven is not ruling this world.

      The thing is his time is about up.

      And Jesus rule in a complete since.

      Now he is only educating future citizens of paradise earth.

      You can learn more

      2 Peter 3:13 talks about the New Earth.

      Isaiah 66:22

      This life is tempory now .

      But the real life is just steps away under Jesus.

      Jworg helps many to read the bible in many languages all over the world its a good library on any subject.

      Thank you Char for sharing your Hub


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