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Religion and Beliefs in the modern world

Updated on October 18, 2015

Religion and Globalisation

Globalisation has been great for spreading and exchanging of cultures and religion among people.When a person from North Korea travels to Russia or to the States, it is not only the person who is travelling, along with him he carries the tradition, the culture, the habits, the beliefs and his thinking which is quite different from the other people of the country he is approaching.

Now the world appears different to him , many beliefs and teachings from his parents and his ancestors are proving wrong here or they are wrong in this part of the world .Gradually the time is passing by and he is trying to fit in the new place, 'to fit in' here it means either to make new friends or finding his own kind(from his own country), this is human nature , even in the school when you have get F grade you find the other person with F grade more friendly as we think that they understand us more as they are stuck in same situation (hope it makes sense).

To adapt to the new world means to adapt to new food, new culture,new clothes, new ways of doing things and many more new things which you had never thought.

Now the person here , he finds a new partner.. a life partner from different ethnicity . They have beautiful children ,here is the twist, Now according to his parents and ancestors teachings ,culture,beliefs are to be passed to the youngones from one generation to the other.But somewhere in fitting to the modern world these are lost , so how can he pass the teachings and religion-way of living.And is it necessary to do so??? Are schools and colleges not enough to tell their young ones what is wrong and right, the sense of good and bad, truth in honesty and the evil in greed, the religion is the way of living the life in right ways and so the school and good parenthood does, so I think it has both good and bad impact on religion.


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