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Religion does not divide people, people divide people

Updated on August 19, 2016

Religion Teaches Love

Live Right
Live Right | Source

Religion Does Not Divide

We have all heard of the phrase "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"- It couldn't be more true. Once I tackled a topic entitled "Are We Inherently Evil" where I asked if human beings are naturally evil. The reality is that we all have a good and dark side. However, because that we are not wild animals without self control, we are built in way that we can control ourselves- how we behave and how we act. Even in the heat of the moment, an individual who is sane of mind will be able to control him or herself. For instance, in the event that an individual finds his/her life partner cheating, he/she may break something, punch the wall or even shout with anger. However, in most cases, the individual will not result to killing the cheating partner like an animal. This is what I mean when talking about self control.

Back to the main topic; religion does not separate people in the same way that a gun will not just kill a person on its own. I am honestly puzzled by how easy it is for people to be divided by such things as politics, ethnic differences and religion among others. For most part, it just takes a person in "authority" to tell their followers what to do, what to believe and so forth. If you ask me honestly, I would say that it takes a very weak person to be influenced by the words of another. I am honestly happy with the fact that I have never hated another person because of their background. We are all individuals with personal beliefs and positions, but should that really separate us, and keep us from finding a middle ground?

Religion (Christianity, Judaism, Islam etc) has time and again been blamed for causing conflicts and wars for long. Is religion to blame though? I am a Christian and don't hate a Jew, a Muslim or Buddhist etc. We all like to believe that we know all about God- that we have a very good understanding of God. The reality- We don't - He is way greater than our understanding. While we may not have all knowledge about God, most religions will agree that He is a good God, who loves us and wants us to love each other and live a good life- So where does the hate come from? The answer to that is that we tend to interpret the Word of God the way we like and what we want it to mean. Our religious leaders will often also do the same, influencing their flock to develop negative attitudes against others. My Christian Bible says that no one is perfect- that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The main point here, no one is perfect. Another thing that Jesus emphasized is that we should all love each other, regardless of our differences. So what grounds does any Christian have to condemn and hate others? I am sure that other religions also have scriptures emphasizing on love. So why should anyone claim that religion brings about any form of divide? The Jesus I have read about time and again often hang out with unbelievers, leading them to his way with kindness and love. Should we not do the same?

Do people even read their religious scriptures? If they did they would learn to be more caring for each other, to love each other and support each other in times of difficulties. So no, religion does not divide people, people allow themselves to be divided just because of what they learn and hear from others. I have a good number of Muslim friends and have seen how generous they are, particularly during their fasting period. I can recall so many instances I have seen them share food with their neighbors and the hungry during such festivities, which is just one of the greatest act of love. So, again, how does religion divide people?

There are occasions where I’ve heard of a number of people talk about the need to do away with religion and move in to a new world order where religion will no longer cause any divide. It is these people who cause division among people if you ask me. With their agenda, whatever their agenda is, they will influence division in order to have their way. But they are not the only ones to blame. The people who allow themselves to be divided on religion grounds also contribute to the conflicts. They are also to blame. No one can convince me to have another person just because he/she is from a different religious background. It can never happen. Why do people have to be so weak minded? It is almost like being a piece of paper in the wind- blown to every other direction the wind blows.

It's All Love

Keep the Love Going
Keep the Love Going | Source

Final Words

Religion should, and cannot be blamed to be the root of divisions- At least not from the Bible I read. If anything, religion teaches love and compassion. I once heard a member of the KKK explain that the Bible states that they should not interact with members of other races. I believe that he was quoting the Old Testament where the Jewish people were told not to mix with other people. This was also in the Old Testament, and God was talking to the Jews. If the man had actually read the Bible, he would have realized that Jesus, in the New Testament came and did away with some stuff of the Old Testament, inviting all people from different races and background to come together and follow Him. This is just an example of how some people simply select particular passages that support their agenda.

In conclusion, religion does not divide people, people divide people, and allow others to divide them. This is the same with race and politics. So, in the words of Rodney King- Can We All Just Get Along?

Does Religion Teach You to Hate? Tell Me What You Think

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