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Religion and homophobia

Updated on September 30, 2012

Hypocrisy, lack of information and knowledge and fear

Now in this hub I wish to talk about something that has been kind of bugging me in these last weeks, mainly because of how much people is talking about the matter: religion and acceptance of homosexuality.

As you know, in the main religions of Christianity and Islam (3 billion people- half of human population), homosexuality is not accepted and even punished in some sort in some of its main divisions. For the average Christian, for example, homosexuality is a sin as similar as adultery, namely sexual deviations that cannot be accepted by any means. In Islam, in some countries homosexuality is punished from various years of imprisonment to death penalty. Having introduced this, it is interesting to ask if there is a sort of validity for this opposition to homosexuality and analyze if there people that opposes it are sufficiently moral and clean from other sins (assuming homosexuality is a sin at this point of this hub) as they should.

1. Imperfections and sins inside religion

I won’t repeat in this hub what I have said about religion so far, so I am going to go straight to the point: a lot of people inside churches and other religious places are as guilty of sins as they think homosexuals are. You have heard enough of all the adultery, pedophilia and rape that are abundant in so many churches, for example. Priests that have been found of raping and harassing children, as well as female priests (nuns) and even other fellow priests (closeted homosexuals). You have heard also of so many pastors that are nothing but a big fiasco. Condemning people instead of helping them, stealing the money from the people who attend church with the big lie that they will be used to benefit others who are in need, and overall, displaying a huge, unacceptable level of hypocrisy, and yet they use their Bibles and sacred books to condemn others and stick, stubbornly, to their opposition of other sins according to them. Therefore, at this point, the argument used by religious people to oppose homosexuality is invalid.

2. Against nature, or not?

One of the most common arguments of people to oppose homosexuality, and here I include both religious and seculars, is that homosexuals can’t reproduce and the private parts are not designed for homosexual intimacy. The second argument may be or not be right depending on each person’s point of view, but the first argument needs further analysis. Christians love to use some Old Testament verses to consolidate their points of view. Have you heard their opinion against death penalty? When they are refused by death penalty opponents that the Bible in the Old Testament endorses it in some verses, they come with the cheap argument that Jesus abolished it later. How convenient, right? But they use Genesis and Leviticus to sustain their argument against homosexuality, and show their lack of analysis by not noticing how overpopulated our planet is right now. We are seven billion people in the world with no signs of keeping in a balanced number in the future. There are less jobs than people, a lot of poverty and social issues directly related to this problem, yet these people come with the argument that homosexuality endorses extinction. This, in my humble opinion, is beyond ridiculous. First of all: homosexuality has never gone up to more than 10% of humanity, not even today with seven billion people. Counting open and closeted homosexuals, the account is around that percent. If 90% of humans are heterosexual, then human population is going to continue to grow. In fact, a larger percent of homosexuals would be good in terms of human population balance. In addition to that, homosexuals that adopt children will reduce the amount of orphans and fostered children that are waiting to be loved and being taken care of. Studies have shown children who are raised with gay parents do not become necessarily gay, because of a reason I will explain later which has to do with the fact that homosexuality is not a choice. Also, homosexuality is found in other mammals, so the argument of homosexuality being against nature, at this point, has been shattered.

3. Roots of homophobia

There are many opponents to homosexuality that reduce their opposition to some arguments that, so far, are proven as invalid but they have the right to keep them because this is a democracy and we have to respect others’ opinion even if they are based on ignorance and lack of knowledge and information. Yet, there are other opponents that display a severe dislike for gays, proven by their continuous insults against them, either by mocking or using swear words such as fag or faggot. Others go the point of labeling them as freaks, monsters and even worse, wish them to be dead (Yes, I have read and heard that, so do not be surprised). These people, called the homophobic, are people with a strange and weird opposition to homosexuality, using the same arguments as described above by simple opponents who are not necessarily homophobic, but adding a repulsion that must be addressed.

Homophobic people have been tried to be understood so far and some studies suggest they might be hiding a homosexual tendency mainly because of cultural, personal or religious reasons. Deep inside, there may be some sort of attraction to people of the same gender, but their minds oppose to it and create a form of battle within the person, which makes them fake an opposition to homosexuality, sometimes overdoing it to what we called homophobia. They don’t like to be around gays, they bully gays and they reject them from their circles, because they think that gays will harass them. Think now if you are a straight person, when you talk to someone who is the opposite gender, do you think he or she will harass you? The number of playboys and playgirls in this world is quite low; most people have opposite gender friends who never, ever look at them with sexual eyes. Now, gays compose a minimal percent of humanity so it’s much less possible that a gay will harass a straight person. It happens, but is even lower than when a straight person harasses another straight person. The argument that gays will look at you with sexual eyes has been shattered. I have gay friends, and they are very respectful to me, as I am with them. And, even if a gay approaches you, with an intention that is not what you want, you can simply say no and if it goes to harassment, then be clear about what you could do legally if he or she continues the harassment. In other words, a gay will not make you gay if you are so sure of you straightness, so if you act so harshly and repulsively, you might be displaying a form of “I like this” behavior deep within you but you are scared to admit it. Similar than when a woman rejects a man in the first time while deep inside, liking him, because of some sort of shyness or fear.

Does God oppose homosexuality? Then why are there so many homosexuals?

As I said earlier, homosexuality is not a choice. It is not like you are straight now and suddenly you will begin feel sexually attracted to someone your own gender. Almost all gays agree in that they feel they are born that way. While it has not been concretely proven that homosexual behavior is a form of a transgender anomaly, studies suggest people who are gay are born with biological differences that makes them feel like a person who is the opposite of their physical gender. Because there are gays who are not effeminate and do not necessarily act as women (or men in the case of lesbians), it is yet to be determined if the “straight” behavior of some gay men are women happens because of some sort of circumstance around them, like being surrounded by males which makes act like straight, but deep inside, they feel like females. The truth is that as most gays act openly as of the opposite gender, there is a strong possibility homosexuality is nothing but a “switch” in the internal biology in the gay, which makes it simply “pre-determined”, and definitely not a choice. Think about hermaphrodites, they are born with both genitals so generally speaking, if they possess organs of both males and females, physically they can’t be labeled physically rightfully as gay or straight. They will be labeled as such based on their INTERNAL biology. If they feel they are attracted by females, then they will act mostly as males. A gay is born in a physical body and cannot be changed fully to the other, even if there are surgeries that simulate a physical change. A gay man can choose to become a woman, but their internal biology will not be able to become a woman, a gay man cannot be pregnant, for example. In other words, a gay person will base their sexual orientation in his or her internal chemistry, not external.

Now, having explained this, what is the position of God in all this? Christians insist that God does not make mistakes and also that gay behavior is a choice. There is no way to harmonize God’s perfection with homosexual as a pre-determined behavior for them. But the good news for those who are gay is that what other people choose to believe does not matter in the end. If homosexuality is found all through the nature and not solely to humans, and it has been said that they create a balance, then the Christian belief in this issues reduces to nothingness. Because homosexuals cannot choose their orientation, I personally believe God has no problems with them. Of course, the same rules for heterosexuals apply to them- being promiscuous, unfaithful and adulterous towards a gay partner or spouse is wrong. Certainly they cannot reproduce but who needs to reproduce with seven billion people and counting, when they can adopt. I personally oppose to the new tendency of “renting” a belly but not only to gays, to all people- if our world is overpopulated and there are so many orphans and foster-ready babies and children, why insisting on having an own child? What’s the point? Having the same blood? Well… that’s my personal opinion. Yet, homosexuals need to understand that while they may feel attracted to people the same gender, they must abide by the same laws and keep moral and not being with one and another like if they change underwear. Promiscuity and lack of sexual control contributes to deceases and other bad things, so if we heterosexuals believe that we should be with a stable partner, so should gays.


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    • Jesse Kolb profile image

      Jesse Kolb 

      6 years ago from San Diego

      as far as i know, the ten commandments say nothing about sexual orientation nor does any other part of the bible codemn homosexuality.

      there is a brief mention about mariage being between a man and woman but but thats not enough to condemn homosexuality. god created hermaphrodites and no matter what if that person has sex then there is homosexuality taking place. the bible doesnt mention anything at all about the rules for hermaphrodites and it is not adressed at all by any church. my point is that by any religion god does not make mistakes and therefor would not create a being that is dual gendered unless it was acceptable to be homo or bisexual.


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