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Religion is not it, Jesus Christ is it.

Updated on December 23, 2010

Religion is not it, Jesus Christ is it! Religion makes you a slave of certain rules that really doesn't offer true liberty from humanity's state of disconnection from the Creator.
I know some of you out there may be offended by these statement while some others may feel uncomfortable, but the true liberty anyone seeks can only be found in Jesus Christ and not in religion. See John 8:36, Galatians 5:1, Romans 8:1-2.

What really is religion anyway? Religion is simply man's way of trying to reach and connect with the Creator, who is the Source of life. It involves adherence to rules and obligations that often enslaves it's adherents, demeans some others to the point that a lot of them begin to live like "victims of circumstances"; contrary to the divine purpose of dominion for which man was created. Religion makes many believe that every circumstance of life (whether good or bad )should be accepted as their fate, so, they should just live with it- no complaints, no questioning, no seeking the right solutions.

Our world comprises many religions, with each of them promising to connect it's adherents to the Creator, and offering them peace in a turbulent world. This has been the case ever since humanity's disconnection from divinity, which is a result of the fall of the first man from his position with God Almighty. But the truth remains that man in his fallen state doesn't have what it takes to reestablish a connection with God. This is why religion has enslaved many instead of giving them the liberty and peace it promises them. Religion has no solution to the wickedness that is being manifested all around us today; the wickedness and lawlessness of man can only be checkmated by the life of God, which religion cannot offer.

Jesus Christ is it. He is the solution to the unfortunate state of man today; for the life He gives is the only solution to the cry of humanity for deliverance from the wickedness, lawlessness, death, and the avalanche of troubles that abound in this world.
He came to give life ( John chapters 3:16, 5:24, 6:47, 10:10, 11:25-26, 14:6, and 1 John 5:11-12 ). This life working in a person has the ability to impact and influence whatever environment such a person finds himself or herself. Imagine what will become of our world if everyone of us has this life and manifests it. There won't be the problems that abound in our world because this life repels all kinds of evil, and this life also neutralizes every kind of decay. No wonder the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans declares that all creation earnestly waits for the sons of God to be manifested to liberate it from the bondage of corruption ( see Romans 8:19-22 ).

Religion doesn't liberate anyone or anything from this decay that all creation is experiencing, instead it seems to contribute to it. Imagine humans in the name of religion destroying themselves and others in many part of our world today- then you will understand why religion is not it. The animal-like actions of some humans that we see, and hear about today cannot be neutralized by religion but by the divine life that is available only in Jesus Christ.
It is a thing of joy that the Almighty God in Christ Jesus, reconciled humanity to Himself not counting their transgressions ( 2 Corinthians5:19, Ephesians 2:13-18, Colossians 1:20-22, Romans 5:8-19 ), as an act of His love. I am always thrilled by this Sovereign act of God, and it makes my heart joyful always whenever I think of it.

Friends, religion doesn't offer you anything. The craving of your soul can only be satisfied by an encounter with the pulsating life of God that Jesus Christ makes available for all humanity, free of charge.
You know what? This life is available for you now if you have not received it; simply acknowledge the lordship of Jesus by confessing Him as your Lord and personal Savior from the depth of your heart, according to Romans 10:10-13. It's so simple, would you do so now?


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    • Blessed Hill profile image

      Blessed Hill 7 years ago

      Great to see the Word of God is moving powerfully in the mother continent of Africa. We left South Africa to New Zealand, but still have a place in our hearts for Africa. Man, you are so spot on with what you have said. The Word says,"...for who the Son of God sets free is free indeed." and Jesus says,"...I have come to give you LIFE, and give it more abundantly." A life knowing Jesus Christ should be so full and running over and blessing those around. He became a curse for us, so that the same blessing that was on Abraham, making him rich and protecting him, would come on those who believed on Him.

      The blessing of the Lord be on you and all those who read your Hubs.