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Religion, matter of trust

Updated on September 9, 2015

Religion has always been part of the human race.It has existed since the dawn of time, and will continue to exist as long as men walk on this earth. Some people just agree with the precepts religions generally defend.Others believe the world would be better off without religions. But most of the planet believe their religion is more important than their own lives.

However, do we really need a religion? And if we do, how do we know which one is the best one? There are so many questions and so little answers.This makes it easy for some people to fall in the intolerant side.

People who attack religion do not seem to realize that following a religion is synonym of having something to trust in.It’s having a guarantee that something good awaits at the end of our lives. Religion teaches that what we do on earth has a significant meaning in the end, or at least that’s what it is for a lot of people.

We are told we only have one life, one chance, only one shot to do everything we ever wanted. What we do defines us. But that seems to be a very bleak to see life. Having no hope of becoming something greater or going to a better place when one dies, would be a very desolate future for all of us.

There are different reasons why people like their religion. Some people trust in Jesus, I mean, he saved the world and takes the wheel of our destinies, how cool is that? On the other hand, we have Ganesh, so good at destroying obstacles and being a guide to his wisdom. And if we talk about good things, Buddha can't be left behind, the guy created a religion in the V century; so, if that is not awesome, tell me what you have done. But people not only admire higher beings, they trust them.

So, the idea of having something or someone that cares for us, that guides us and inspires us, is what all religion followers have in common. In a world full of uncertainty, religion is like an anchor that gives people the stability or security they need. They also teach discipline and general social rules that have helped maintain peace for centuries.

It is true that some minorities use religion to justify atrocious deeds. We have all heard of crimes committed by religious people in various parts of the world or many times in history. However, those crimes are committed by ruthless people who try to use religion as a justification or as a way to draw followers.

Religion is about trust and love, and people who follow them do so because they want to become wiser and closer to a more spiritual way of life. There are people who have even embraced new religions that have fictitious backgrounds, but very wise principles and noble goals, such as the Jedi Church. Surprisingly, they reach the same conclusions that most religions have for hundreds or thousands of years.

Maybe, just maybe, the only thing we can do is trust, believe, and hope for the best. Do not look for differences in our religions or our lack of them; but look at the similarities we have in that act of believing.The one that prays to God and the one that prefers to wait for opportunities, both need something to trust in.just that one of them decides to take a bigger leap of faith.

If someone tells you "May the force be with you"or even"God bless you", be sure you know how to appreciate it.They are giving you their biggest gift, their trust.

What do you think after reading the hub?

Religion is all about what?

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