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Religions and Religious Leaders

Updated on May 23, 2020

St. Peter Basilica in Rome as seen at night

The St. Peter basilica in Rome is where pope Francis serves as the archbishop of Rome, what he has inherited here is a church with many problems. We believers hope and pray God to help him to solve the problems he has inherited.
The St. Peter basilica in Rome is where pope Francis serves as the archbishop of Rome, what he has inherited here is a church with many problems. We believers hope and pray God to help him to solve the problems he has inherited.

Pope Francis archbishop of Rome

Pope Francis is the head of the Roman Catholic church and archbishop of Rome. Today there are a few religious problems in the world, which religious leaders need to fix soon. We hope that pope Francis is the right person to do it, since it is complex
Pope Francis is the head of the Roman Catholic church and archbishop of Rome. Today there are a few religious problems in the world, which religious leaders need to fix soon. We hope that pope Francis is the right person to do it, since it is complex

About religions and religious leaders.

Welcome to our article, (110) religions and religious leaders.

Dear readers, I have written many religious articles, where I was saying that religions have been invented by man, because we need to believe in God and the spiritual things that go with it. So, religions have been invented from us, because we want to know where we come from, the reasons we are here, and for that reason we would like to have a supreme spiritual being to look after us and guide us, we feel better that way. The second need is that man needs some rules to follow. You see, life is easier if you have rules to follow. These are the reasons why mankind has made religions and their rules, which were written per the needs of the times when they were written.

Anyhow, today human need are different, so, I have written this religious theory, where there is a unique super God-life-force that can connect all religions together, hoping that the religious public would accept this religious theory, and then, use it as the new religious way that the world needs, because it can connect all religions together under the same God. To explain this religion better I have also written a new prayer, that while we are praying explains the changes, so, I am going to write my prayer hereunder.


My lord God, I pray you with all my heart, my soul and my mind, hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, and that you would make me spiritually clean of any impurities that would affect my soul. Father guard and protect me from all dangers and the spiritual force of evil, and let me be a very wise man, so that I can write those religious writings in such a way, that they can connect all existing religions together to God of the universe spiritual life force, in the hope that all existing religions can become one day a single religion, that the world can use for the future benefit of mankind. Father hear my prayer, amen.

Anyhow, with my written theory and my prayer, I have been partly successful, so, other things need to be done to convince the public first. So, I am going to continue to write more religious articles, until I find a way how to convince the people, perhaps by writing a very compact religious theory that the public can accept.

So, this is one of the reasons, for me to continue to write more religious articles, to keep my religious site alive; so, I will write about anything that connect with religion.

Anyhow, recently I have made this observation, for the first time in my life, I have seen the Roman Catholic Pope being treated disrespectful like a politician. Some people stick a photo of the pope on the walls in Rome telling the strange things that are happening in the catholic church. This is never happened before, because this attacks the pope and the pope policies, you see, if anything was advertised from the church before, it was about forthcoming religious events, so, even religions these days are not as they used to be, I wonder how everything will turn up one day.

Now what they are saying is not clear, so, I need to consider it before I can write it down, but I believe that it has something to do with the paedophilia that the pope condemns, somehow these sinners want to be covered up and protected from the church, but this pope wants to expose and condemn those responsible, so, he is not going to help them and cover everything up as it was done in the past, which I believe is the right thing to do. Of course, as usual there are other things involved, anyhow this is one of the religious issues of today, but there is more about the world religions and how their leaders behave these days.


People and religions today

Now, those people that observe everything closely, it is obvious to them that people want to be led from their religious leaders in the right direction, because it is the fundamental reason why religions exist, as we know religions exist because we need to believe in God for our own inner reasons, and to be led in the right direction from religious leaders. But there are times that this does not happen. In fact, the contrary happens, which throws people off the religions they were believing in.

So, there are a people today that are agnostic, some of them are becoming atheists, because of the many negative things that happen in religious orders. Starting with today paedophilia in the Roman Catholic church, which is disgusting, since their clergy preaches purity and take a vow for celibacy, so, they can serve their religious order all their lives, and they want to be seen more as spiritual being, than human beings of flesh and blood with their human desires. Then during their lives their body needs becomes too strong to control, so, they start practicing paedophilia to satisfy them, which is a lot worse than having normal sex, because this does not involve minors. But let us stop to talk about these sexual desires, because there are other things that involves religions in a negative way.

We should admit that religions have misled people in the past, they are continuing to mislead people even today, most times they don’t even know what they are doing, since they may believe that they are doing the right things when they are not, because what they are doing can hurt some people feelings. They should try hard not to hurt anyone. So, it would be advisable that religions follow their normal neutral routine, it is safer for them.

During this time of the year there is not so much to do in the churches, since the most important feast of Christmas is past, after that there is epiphany, followed by the feast of Saint Antony patron of the animals, and then there is Ash Wednesday, after that there is Lent, here again church activities increase, and they will take us through to Palm Sunday and then Easter. So, Cristian religions have still a few things to do during this time, and their followers are happy to follow. Provided they are kept as simple as they are, because when they go too far, they make mistakes, as we are going to describe here-under.

The most obvious mistakes of religions.

This is one of my personal views, about the mistakes that religions have made in the past and mistakes that they are still making today. We can say that, the greatest mistake of the Roman Catholic religion has been the inquisition, because it was so horrible, as they would burn people alive, just because religious leaders found these people guilty of not believing in the same way as they did. Those religious leaders that were leading the inquisition were so wrong in their judgment, because they believed that they did a great service to the churches and religions, when they were in fact making the greatest mistake of their lives, if there is a Hell in the other world, they should rot and burn in Hell forever, just the same way that they have burned those people alive.

Anyhow they burned people alive, to satisfy their beliefs that were about this God that in the end may not even exist. Yes, you heard it right, God might not exist at all. And a God that wants some of his believer, to burn alive other people in his name, can never exist. Because, if there is a God, God must be life and has created life, then this God is bound from his own nature to protect all living people, because they are part of himself and his children. I hope you see what I mean.

Now, the inquisition is one of the mistakes that religions have made in the past. Now, let us try to see what mistakes they are making today. It is obvious that the Roman Catholic church has the problem of paedophilia, so, changes need to be made to minimize them, perhaps by letting the priest get married, or something similar. It looks like that pope Francis is letting the clergy know that he is not going to put up with it, so, they better behave. I don’t know exactly what pope Francis can do, but at least he is letting them know that they are doing the wrong things.

Above we have talked about the Roman Catholic church, which is part of Christianity and derives from the Bible, there are other religions that derive directly from the Bible and they may have similar religious problems, which may need to be adjusted, and there is also the Muslim religion that indirectly derives from the Bible, since in the Koran Allah their God speaks and says, I am the same God of the Israelite that helped them cross the Red Sea and many other things like that. So, Allah and Yahweh are the same God under different names, even if the Muslims behave as if Allah is only their God.

What I am going to write next is a short comparison of these existing religions, but at the same time it can clash with the religious beliefs of the Muslims. It is going to clash because, I cannot see how they believe that they can go around killing people in the name of God and they believe that their God Allah will recompense them. For me, my common sense says that it is more likely that they will be punished, in the same way that they inflict pains to the people they kill. It is only fair to believe that they will be punished. Because if Allah is a just God, then, that is what his own nature will lead him to do.

You see, we can only believe that God is right and just, so, if God doesn’t apply his mercy, he must apply justice, which most likely is like the saying, an eye for an eye, or a punishment of equal value.

I hope I have explained myself clear enough.

May God bless us all.


The Muslim religion have minarets to tell people when to pray

The minarets are tall towers in the mosques, used for many purpose, but today they are mostly used to call people to pray five time a day, which is what any Muslim should do, according to their Koran rules.
The minarets are tall towers in the mosques, used for many purpose, but today they are mostly used to call people to pray five time a day, which is what any Muslim should do, according to their Koran rules. | Source


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      3 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      Greetings, here are a few points to ponder.

      1. Pope Francis made the following statement on January 18, 2016.

      "Violence by man against man is in contradiction with any religion worthy of that name."

      I call this a Peace Testimony which should appear in All religions. The time of fighting for your religion is past.

      2. Baha'i believe that there really is only one God, and that every major religion on earth is part of a single, unfolding plan that leads humanity to a greater understanding of our Creator.

      Many people recognize that Abraham, Moses and Jesus were all sent by the same God at different times and if we look at their teachings, we can see that they build upon one another in a progressive way. Abraham taught there is one God Who controls the laws of nature. Moses taught that God expects us to follow moral laws, and Jesus taught we should follow laws out of a spirit of love for God and each other. Each lesson built on the one before. Each step seems small to us, but was significant at the time.


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