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Religious Politics

Updated on February 18, 2012

Religious Beliefs

Should be Supported
Should be Supported | Source

United States

As I understand it, the United States dictates separation of religion from state.

That is to say that, just as you are free to elect who you wish, you are also free to worship the religion of your choice. There is no official religion of the United States.

This sometimes confuses me. For instance why do TV commentators ask to where the Christian values of certain candidates are? Why, is the largest lobby group allowed, that of a religious group, the Jews?

I agree with the sentiments that all citizens should be able to have freedom of faith but do they really have to be so dogmatic in trying to prove to others, and themselves, that the freedom exists?

To me, what is happening is that they have taken a course that will ultimately see religion, of any kind, disappear from the country.

The Future

A Nation of Atheists
A Nation of Atheists | Source


It is now illegal to have a plaque displaying the Ten Commandments on a government justice building.

The Ten Commandments are from the Old Testament, that is agreed to by many major religions including Jews, Muslims and Christians and every country regardless of its religion bases its laws on them.

It is in the process of legalizing same sex marriage. This I thought was a sin in most major religions. Let us be clear, it is one thing for a government to proclaim that gays may get equal rights to tax exemptions, pensions or benefits but it is another to call it a “marriage” which is of religious significance. Just as religion should play no roll in politics, neither should politics play a roll in religion and should not introduce a law that offends one religion or another.

In its anxiety to appear impartial to religion, it is in fact creating a society without any religion. The State before religion, this is a situation that has arisen in history before, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Maoist China to mention a few.


Whenever a country has put itself before any religion, it has led to its downfall.

Religion is a major part of any person’s life: some would say an essential part. It would therefore be in the United States own interests to play a role in the religious followings of their citizens and encourage their beliefs, as long as they do not break any laws.

Laws that are impartial to any religion are fine but why laws that defy all religions?

In its haste to convince itself and others, that it is unprejudiced, it is alienating all religion. A path that undermines and rejects religion of any kind is surely not a path to the future.

It is time that the United States took a good look at itself and decided just what it wants to be. Only when it has discovered who it is and which way is forward, will it be qualified to criticize any other countries religious beliefs or lack there of.

It is time that the American people prayed to the God of their choice, that their government started to remember religious values and began to again encourage them amongst their citizens, thereby truly setting an example for the rest of the world.


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    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 6 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      In its anxiety to appear impartial to religion, it is in fact creating a society without any religion.

      You are so right and they've only just begun.