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Religious Thoughts, The New System Has Begun

Updated on May 2, 2020

Pope Francis believes in Lord Jesus Christ

So as we are saying, Pope Francis believes in our lord Jesus Christ. To understand that we need to follow what he is doing follows and praying
So as we are saying, Pope Francis believes in our lord Jesus Christ. To understand that we need to follow what he is doing follows and praying

Pope Francis believes in God's love

Welcome to our article (126) religious thoughts, the new system has begun.

Dear readers, today when we hear that many people are sick and dying, from this tiny virus called the coronavirus, we wonder if this is how, the beginning of the end of the present system will begin. You see, there are many things that are not working the way they should, so, anything can happen. But let us see what is happening in the religious world, starting with what pope Francis is doing.

Dear readers, to understand what Pope Francis is doing in this article, we must first look at his beliefs; because pope Francis is different from our previous popes, the other popes sometimes talked about Madonnas, because a lot of Italian people feel easier to pray and talk about Madonnas; perhaps it is that motherly love that the Madonnas portray, and then, they can always ask the Madonnas to pray for them to God and Jesus Christ.

Anyhow, pope Francis is different, and he may be right to feel this way, he goes straight to God and our Lord Jesus Christ, his beliefs can be seen from these phrases that I found in the Vatican news; and I quote,

Pope Francis: The entirety of God’s love is found in the crucifix

Vatican City, Apr 22, 2020 / 04:30 am (CNA).- The crucifix is not just a symbol or wall decoration, it is the entire expression of the love of God, who sent his Son to die for us and for our sins, Pope Francis said at Mass Wednesday. (End of quote)

Having said that now I can go on writing what the Pope is doing in the following article, while I ask myself, if this is how the new system will begin. Anyhow let us talk about pope Francis.

The pope prays to Lord Jesus on the cross

There is nothing that this pope will not try, here he prays to Our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. It is said that this Jesus on the cross was taken in a procession around Rome in the year 1520 and stopped the pest epidemy. We pray to stop this virus
There is nothing that this pope will not try, here he prays to Our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. It is said that this Jesus on the cross was taken in a procession around Rome in the year 1520 and stopped the pest epidemy. We pray to stop this virus

Pope Francis is worried and prays Jesus Christ and God in his own ways.

Today pope Francis is a worried man, he has been worried for a while on many things, but because of the coronavirus epidemy, he worries even more. Sometimes we see the pope walking all by himself, and it seems strange, because we are used to see him followed closely by the high clergy and a lot of people. But today because of the coronavirus disease, for safety reasons even the pope must use social distancing and keep away from people. People cannot attend mass for safety reasons, so, the pope can say a mass all by himself, or with a minimum number of people, using social distancing. The pope has been seen walking in Saint Peter Square all by himself, I wonder how lonely he must feel. He must be lonely and worried, because he is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, so, people are wondering what he is going to say and do, to lead the people during these hard times, but there is not much that he can do. Anyhow, he must behave like everyone else, because he can catch the virus like you and me; he can die like you and me can die.

The pope is worried and prays a lot. Most times he prays to Our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. From what I understand from here, there is this crucifix that they call the crucifix of Saint Marcellus, I don’t know why it is called by that name, but it is believed that this crucifix of Jesus Christ, was taken in a procession in Rome around the year 1520, and it is believed that it stopped the pest epidemy. Now, the pope prays to this crucifix, I believe hoping that the coronavirus can be stopped. Well, we can never know, but my prayers go with the pope, so, I hope about something out of the ordinary. I hope that when Jesus Christ comes back to life on Sunday, the coronavirus stops killing people. These are my prayers.

Because things are changing this year, a thought comes into our mind, can this be the end of the old system and the new system has begun? As we are writing hereunder.


This is how we see the coronavirus pandemic

Sometimes we think that the coronavirus may bring changes to our system.
Sometimes we think that the coronavirus may bring changes to our system.

We think that the new system has begun

This Easter in the year 2020, can be the Easter that humanity will remember for a long time, because it is so different from the previous Easters. The papal Via Crucis or passion mass that attracts thousands of people, is being said in Saint Peter Square, instead of the Colosseum, but only the clergy is there, it is as if everybody is dead or is about to die. So, not only they are talking about the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but they are witnessing the deaths of many people, because that is the reason the people cannot attending mass.

We can ask ourselves, is this the beginning of the end of our present system? Yes we can ask because, at the end of the Bible in Revelation it is forecast the end of this present system, it says, there will be great tribulations and most people will die, after that a new system will replace the existing one, where God will reign supreme.

My views on this subject is that it does not need to be so extreme, because a new system can begin even with less violent tribulations, like what is happening today, there are several things that don’t add up, some of which I am going to write hereunder; so, I am thinking, perhaps the new system has begun, the world is not like what it used to be, so, let me explain my views.

Today in the year 2020, because of the coronavirus epidemy, the world is different from last year. Last year we thought that we were doing well, in fact, we were doing so well that only a few of us were thinking about God and religions. Humanity was crossing many boundaries, without thinking that there can be consequences. You see, when we change something that has been there for thousands of years, this change will bring other changes.

Some people wanted globalization, which can be a good thing, if it can be done without upsetting the people that are forced to accept you; we wanted that everybody accepts same sex marriage, which is a bad thing, because it is contrary to the natural ways of proliferation, since natural sex is there to create a new being that will replace the existing one; therefore, most religions have regulations about these sexual desires; then, we have not done enough to stop the paedophilia in the clergy, and if something has been done it has failed.

So, if there is a thinking God, and this God wants to do something about it. I have reasons to believe that this God has started in his own way how to fix the world, or perhaps it is the natural forces that are bringing these changes, which we will be forced to accept. You see, the natural force is hard to control, so, it is better to accept to live with whatever they bring. We could never guess that a tiny virus can start changing the world, but today we believe that it is possible that this coronavirus can make permanent changes, to the ways that we live; because if we cannot eliminate it, we may have to learn how to control it, and live with it.

Anyhow, let us look at those things that we thought needed some changes, before this coronavirus outbreak started. Again, here the pope is the central figure that we are talking about hereunder, but there will be also other things.


Making the coronavius dead ready for burial

There are many coronavirus deaths, they are struggling to make them ready for burial. Hoping they can be entered the normal way.  To continue.
There are many coronavirus deaths, they are struggling to make them ready for burial. Hoping they can be entered the normal way. To continue.

The pope is trying to change things.

I believe that this pope was aware that there are things in religion that need to be updated, because he was meeting with several religious leaders that were not Roman Catholic, like what we have said in our article, Pope Francis Befriends Muslims, we say this pope wants to change things, because, Pope Francis kicks off Asia tour with Buddhist temple visit, and,

Pope meets Thai Buddhist patriarch on visit promoting religious peace, so, he is aware that things need to change, because in Thailand he has met with most religious leaders, I believe that his aim is to unify all religions. Whether this will happen one day remains to be seen.

Anyhow, this is not all, because I wonder what he thinks about paedophilia and other bad things that are happening in the world. Is he thinking that humanity is being punished for its sins, he must whish that he could have done more before this outbreak, because he seems upset and prays a lot?

Having seen all these things, we are left wondering, whether a new religious system has begun or will begin soon. Now let me say, what I think needs to change.

What this coronavirus outbreak is telling me

Today because of this coronavirus, these thoughts come into my mind. The coronavirus forces people to stay alone and in the same place. So, it could help if we find a way how we can do that. In the past this did not happen much, because most people were born and died in the same town they were born, so, the diseases were not taken from one place to another much.

But today people travel a lot, what is even worse is that they travel for pleasure, they go on holiday far away, they travel on a cruise ship aimlessly around the world. So, a lot of people get caught when something like this coronavirus strikes. Today the Australian government is still sending help to those people caught outside Australia, when the outbreak started.

So, this coronavirus outbreak is teaching us to stay home, go out only when necessary, so, in the future is better that people learn to travel less often. This movement of people can also apply to the refugees, that go in search of a better way of living, whether we want to believe it or not. Anyhow, a new living system is needed. This needs to be a system that moral values are high, because every time that moral values become low, some horrible things can happen.

So, this coronavirus outbreak could be a wake-up call, that we must take seriously, So, I hope that a new system can emerge from what is happening now, or has the new religious system already started, we hope it has.

This is all I want to say this time, so, see you soon when we think we need to say something else.

May God bless us all.



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