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Relinquish the Ego and selfishness to know your origin!

Updated on November 26, 2013

Oneness and creation!

Our real source and strength!

From time immemorial man is leading his life on earth without knowing the real purpose of his existence. With his intelligence, he invented many new things and evolved in an intelligent way. His achievement on the earth was monumental. He invented the existence of electricity and magnetism and started using them for his advantage. He was able to harness nature to his advantage. The ultimate aim of every individual is to live happily and comfortably on earth. He thought of many ways to achieve the aim. He found that the senses give pleasures. He invented more and more ways to extract the pleasure.

Thus he invented many dishes to cater to his taste buds, wore nice silken cloths to give smoothness of touch, invented music and musical instruments that produce the rhythm. In course of time, he invented photography which advanced into cinematography techniques. He was able to capture videos and reproduce them on the screens to satisfy his vision. Eventually he started exploiting the external world, the oceans and space. Now he could descend to the depth of the ocean and reach the external space through rockets and space shuttles. He made ventures to moon and his intention is to land on the mars. No doubt, these are all the results of supreme intelligence bestowed on man by god. But he has coolly forgotten god and boast every achievement as his efforts. All these inventions are based on the powers bestowed upon man by god. His thinking capacity, his reasoning faculties are gifts from almighty. But, he has the audacity to question the very existence of god or creator. He thinks that he is paramount in creation and he possesses all the capacities by his own efforts and wisdom.

Thus some scientists and technologists started thinking that they are responsible for all the inventions in nature. But even a student knows that the creation exists independent of the will of individual beings in creation. Some higher force is responsible for all this and not man. He has not willed his birth with the human body with all faculties intact. He doesn’t know how the blood circulates, how the heart beats, how he gets hunger or thirst. God has also provided the wherewithal to satisfy his curiosity and hunger. When god has provided hunger in the created beings including animals, birds and plant species, he has also provided the food. Even by the time, the baby is born; he has provided milk in the mother to suckle it. See the cows and calves. Without anybody guiding it, the calf reaches to the udder of mother cow.

The rationalists will use the term ‘nature or natural’ to indicate the inexplicable. Spiritualists use the term god behind all the creation. Scientists will assert that the “big bang’ is the reason for creation of all this. Neither the scientist nor the rationalist can prove their theories since these are mere assumptions. The scriptures of ancient religions has clearly spelled out the origin of all this and how god has willed the creation! Those who had faith in the scriptures follow the disciplines mentioned there. They performed fire rituals in order to please the Deva (demi gods). Pleased with the performance of the rituals, the demigods reciprocated with copious and timely rain which is the basic need of existence of various beings. Plant species, animals, birds, fishes and human beings thrived on earth due to water and the resultant crops and grains. Many varieties of food items like green leaves, vegetables, flowers and fruits were produced by the trees and plants. Everything tasted different and suited to human consumption. Initially he used the barks and leaves to cover his body against heat and cold. He used the skin of dead animals to cover the huts. Thus humanity has evolved over millions of years improvising the use of tools and implements. They understood the seasons and used nature to raise the crops at appropriate times. They used the milk from goats and cows and consumed them to give them heat and energy. Milk was converted to curd and butter after many years of use.

There was material improvement as well as spiritual practices in the ancient days. Man grew in wisdom after performing many rituals. He understood the use of various plants and diseases were cured by using the leaves, barks, flowers and the roots. He grew medicinal plants for curing himself. Everything was achieved by trial and error methods. People lived happily by following the ways of their ancestors. People learned the use of alphabets and started recording the ways of living and codes of conduct in palm leaves. Trade was practiced initially by bartering system. Since the same was found cumbersome to practice, the use of coins and currencies evolved. Banking system evolved after money lenders practices. Today, man has sophisticated ways of doing his tasks. With the advancement of computer technology, internet and mobile phones, the scope for physical labor has reduced considerably. In a way, man has become lethargic to move and exert himself in outdoor activities. The results are evident. Newer diseases started spreading and even youngsters are prone to obesity, diabetes and heart problems, poor digestion and myriads of new kinds of diseases.

He relied upon his own power and intelligence but failed to recognize the supreme power which has bestowed him with all the powers of reasoning etc. Had mankind followed the scriptures and the ways of their ancestors, they would not have descended to such abysmal depths. Even now it is not late. Instead of cultivating selfish attitudes let us relinquish the ‘selfishness and ego’ which cause more harm to society. If we need to live in harmony and understanding, we should remove the barriers of ‘I and you’. Fundamentally all are one since all have parted from the creator and the creator is the Father of humanity and we are all really brothers and sisters!


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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 4 years ago from Isle of Man

      No problem.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      I meant only that "he found its existence. Sorry for the confusion!

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 4 years ago from Isle of Man

      What do you mean by "He invented the existence of electricity and magnetism ..." in your opening paragraph? How can anyone invent the existence of something like electricity. Do you mean he found its existence or do you mean he created electricity? Otherwise I like the idea of changing the 'M' in ME to 'W'.