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Relocating the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and End Times

Updated on December 19, 2016
The American Embassy in Tel Aviv.
The American Embassy in Tel Aviv.

In 1995, the U.S. Congress and Senate passed a resolution to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as the capital of Israel. The funds for such a move were approved, and yet, despite the authorization (which is still valid) past presidents did not have the nerve to do so. The fear was how the Arab world would react and how the Palestinians in Gaza would be enraged. Both the Palestinians and Jews claim that Jerusalem is the capital. Both claim it based on a variety of religious grounds. Western Jerusalem was made Israel's capital (in part) when the nation was formed despite pressure from the USA not to so.

President Trump is an actor in the Bible's Book of Revelation. The past eight years of Obama has created the scenario where America is weak and hesitant to use the world's strongest military. It created the foundation for a Trump personality who is brash and not politically correct with positive and negative impact. America in Bible prophecy is murky, but most would agree that the USA will be distracted with its internal problems. Trump's "Make America Great Again" theme is akin to Putin's own desire to make Russia the world power it was before it collapsed in the 90's.

The move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem will be controversial. Trump wants to make Israel great again and making Jerusalem the official capital of the Jewish nation is also indicted in the Book of Revelations, where, the world's attention will be focused on it. It will be the "heavy stone" for the Jewish people because the Arab world will never accept this and all their efforts will oppose it. Hamas in Gaza and all Palestinians will focus on removing the Jewish state or reclaiming Jerusalem. The Book of Revelations points to Jerusalem as the center of God's focus, just as the world's nations will do the same for varying reasons. Moving the American Embassy will indicate to the world that America is Israel's closest friend or brother. It will re-assert that America is a key force in the Middle East and show its Arab nation friends it is on the side of Jewish people.

The move is divisive. The other actors, Russia, Syria, Iran, IS, al-Qaeda, will use it to ignite their Jihad against the West. It may create other actors against Israel or make all Arab nations to commence more desperate measures. The new Trump policy indicates that it questions the validity of the two state policy previous American presidents wanted. Trump seems to reject this solution by announcing the US Embassy move, not to mention, his own comments on this.

The Embassy move is just another sign that End Times are upon us and near. Jerusalem plays a major role in the End Times and this event will be a source of not more peace, but more conflict and danger for the world.


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