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Remain as a witness to the thoughts that arise!

Updated on July 12, 2017

True Happiness!

Pleasures and pain alternate in human life!

At any time, man either suffers or enjoys due to his own deeds in the past. This experience of grief or joy is not a constant one. As days follow night all experiences are subject to transition. In our own life, we undergo three states within a gap of twenty four hours.. It is the waking, dreaming and deep sleep states. Each such experience is unique and we are completely shut off from other states when we experience a particular state. Thus during the waking state, we are alert and aware of our physical existence. During sleep, while dreaming we again experience many things but we are laid up on the cot actually. This is a peculiar state created by the mischievous mind stirring our subconscious state. During the dream, we feel everything as real. On waking up, we realize that it is a mere dream which has no substance and it is the imagination of the wayward mind. Sometimes, we enjoy deep sleep but we express our happiness only on waking! The mind is active both in waking and dream states. But it is absent in deep sleep state. It is quiescent during deep sleep! It is a state of temporary merger in the self.

Since the Self is eternally joyful, we experience a fraction of that joy during deep sleep state without any dreams. But most of us enjoy a very little of pleasantness conferred by the deep sleep. At any moment, the mind may get out of the happy state and slide into dream state or waking state. But the sages exhort us to lengthen the period of deep sleep which is akin to “Samadhi”, experiencing ‘unity with the self! This experience cannot be explained in mere words. There is no ‘awareness’ during deep sleep state. We forget our body, mind, intellect and the surroundings. Actually God wants us to enjoy perennial happiness not in the external world of senses, but in the internal realm of self. This strange experience reminds us the way for eternal happiness through merging in the Self, but it is possible only when we relinquish the mind element. Hence the sages and saints practice ‘meditation’ to realize the self within! In real meditation, the mind is dispensed with and hence it is a thoughtless state. This state reminds us of a pellucid lake situated in a deep forest wherein we can look at the bottom very clearly. The water remains crystal clear and there are no waves in the surface!

Osho quotes.

Remain as the pure sky which is unaffected by anything!

We infer that the thoughts turn into desires which agitate the mind. These agitations are like ripples formed on the surface of pellucid lake when some leaves fall on it or some pebbles fall on the surface. These ripples create invisible waves that reach unto the shore of the lake. Desires can be conquered only when there is no thought process. In a wall clock of ancient days, the key is wound several times to enable the pendulum to oscillate. The oscillations of the pendulum enable various wheels inside the clock to move a little. There are different wheels to mark the seconds, minutes and hours. They are so connected that after sixty revolutions enable the minute wheel to move a point on the clock face. Sixty such revolutions of the minute wheels enable the hour wheel to move one point on the face of the clock. Thus the pendulum is made to oscillate from one end to other end as long as the keys unwind fully! Stop winding the key! Then the pendulum won’t move! Stop the thoughts and desires, and then there is no movement or oscillation of the mind from one end to other end. Yes, the mind is activated or moved through the desires! How can we subdue our thoughts? Thoughts seem involuntary and they arise without our will or involvement. Like the heart muscles which expand and contract to pump the blood through veins and arteries, which is triggered through electrical impulses, these are involuntary, We can not suppress any thought on our own volition. In a way, food and environment causes the formation of thoughts. A minute portion of the food is converted as the thoughts which are the subtlest like the sky. None has so far found out how thoughts arise and move and where they are formed? Ego and selfishness accelerate the speed of thoughts. When we are agitated and angry, cluster of thoughts arise. Can we apply a brake on the thought process? No. If we remain unconcerned about the nature of thoughts that arise in the mind, we can avoid reactions within ourselves. Remain indifferent to any thoughts that arise within. Remain as a mute witness; just observe the thoughts without forming any opinion or without judging them! Then the thoughts will subside themselves. Do not show interest in any particular thought. Just as the clouds move around the sky hiding the very Sun which is the cause of clouds, remain unaffected like the sky! Many jet planes cruise through the sky leaving a trail of white effluent. Watch the sky after few moments, everything vanish without a trace. Even the atom bombs used during the world war could not cause any permanent destruction in portions of sky! Even the radiations have not dented the sky. Only lives on earth were affected very cruelly with the destruction of two cities. Many millions have lost their life, maimed for the rest of their life. Yet the sky remained unaffected by all these human atrocities. Millions of tones of pollutant gas are let out in the sky by many industries. The sky is unaffected but only the atmosphere is affected.

Eckart Tolle said...

Remain as the water globule on lotus leaf, unattached!

Like the pure white screen of the cinema hall which remains unaffected by continuous depictions of scenes of floods, war, volcanoes etc, we must maintain our aloofness whatever happens in the outer world or to our bodies or to our kith and kin. Palatial buildings are swept away in instant floods. We look at those gory scenes in TVs and internet. Are we affected the least? No! Because the affected one are someone and we are not concerned. If someone dies in the street, we are unaffected. But if our own family members pass, we make a hue and cry! Why? We witness the external happenings and we are not concerned. But we are involved in the internal happenings. This involvement makes us cry or remain in grief. Hence witness everything just like a cinema show. Remain as the screen which is unaffected. This is the way to lead our life in peace and happiness. Pleasures and pain are alternate phenomena. They won’t stick. They are like the dark clouds in the sky which pass away for sure. Hence never be attached to pleasure nor dislike pain. Remain as the water globules on a lotus leaf. Absolutely serene and calm..This is the way to lead our life on earth!

Nisargadutta said...

Remain indifferent to the thought process!

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