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Remain inconclusive, relinquish the need to understand!

Updated on February 2, 2013


From illusion to knowledge!

We are all almost imprisoned in this body/mind complex. We are unable to come out of the prison of individuality. How can we consider ourselves as free individuals when we are influenced by our own opinions and judgments? Every individual nurture his own opinion about the world and others. This really limits our freedom. Freedom is without the least obstruction whatsoever. When we are empty and hollow, then only we can consider ourselves as really ‘free’. For instance if there is a dispute and we favor a particular opinion, this amounts to tilting. Absolutely unbiased, is what is required to become free. No opinions about anything in this world is the freedom. Saibaba says, “Remain inconclusive”. Relinquish the necessity to understand! Outwardly these assertions may seem ‘meaningless’ but it has deeper meanings than any assertions.

We normally form opinion about anything and everything we come across. We form judgments easily. We form conclusions about everything. To remain inconclusive is anathema to us. If we think deeply, forming opinions, judging others and concluding about persons behaviors by looking at them and listening to them is a distortion in our thought pattern. Jesus said, “Judge not or ye be judged”. What prompts us to form opinions or judgment is our small ego! We feel that we are intellectually honest in judging others. No. It is the play of individual ego, their likes and dislikes which form opinion or judgment. We have seen icebergs floating in Antarctic regions. We see only tip of the ice berg. We are not aware of the sheer size or enormity of the iceberg. Likewise, what we perceive about others is just like the tip of the iceberg. The fact is ‘one is not aware of his own defects and he feels that he is perfect enough to judge others.

We feel that the mind is our best friend and ego enables us to safeguard our interests. Nay! On the contrary, the mind is the worst deceiver and ego will land us in more grief and pain. An egoless individual can alone live happily in this world of conflicts and turmoil. Hence if we want to blossom into real human beings, we should have least contact with the mind. Mind connects us to the world by becoming a slave to the senses. If the intellect can take the role of leader over the mind, then everything will become nice in our life. We should get guidance from the intellect and not from the ego filled mind. Hence the scriptures prompt us to control the fickle mind by meditation on higher truths. Observe the mind from outside and do not follow its whims and fancies. It is a big cheat. It entices the man easily by imaginary illusions. We are attracted to the senses through the mind and descend to abysmal depths from where none can pull us except God!


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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      It's been said that the body is a vessel - a body which includes - the brain which controls that body and yet it is the mind or spirit which can with determination control the vessel it is connected to from birth or in the case of possession through the taking control of another vessel not your own as demonstrated by those spirits people sometimes wish to exorcise from the body of someone they knew who suddenly become someone they don't that may be different from mental illness or giving into the brain and or bodies baser nature.