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Remaining happy in spite of odds!

Updated on August 7, 2017

To face unjust ccriticism.

How to face criticisms which are undue?

It is normal for us to get agitated when someone criticize us on the face. But there is a way to remain ‘indifferent’ to criticism. When there is heavy rain, we carry an umbrella to protect our body from getting wet. Though there is rain, we will not get drenched due to the protecting umbrella. In a similar way, we can remain unaffected by undue criticism by not taking in those caustic remarks or reprimands. Nothing will affect us so long we do not take them in. What is criticism except mere sounds? Why do you feel that you are affected? It is mere sound and dissolves in the air. Do not give the mind an opportunity to retaliate or get angry! Yes, we can remain as a mute witness or observer! The sounds may reach your ear but you can stop it there itself without polluting the mind. For instance, a dog bark at the Sun. Will it affect the Sun? No, never! The Sun performs its duty of shining and giving light to the world. Let the dog cry hoarse but it is the dog that is affected and not the Sun.

Lord Buddha had shown to few thugs how to remain unaffected when they started a tirade against his ways and teachings! Buddha kept quiet without moving out from the place where he sat. He was calmly hearing all the outpourings of the scoundrels. Exhausted, one man asked why he is simply keeping quiet without replying their abuses. Buddha smiled and told him, ‘I am on my way to the next village where people are anxiously waiting for my arrival and to listen my speeches. I sat here quietly so that you people won’t come to harm. Had those villagers heard your outpourings against me, they would have lynched all of you. To prevent such mishap, I stayed put here without answering your meaningless abuses. The goons saw his wisdom and propitiated before him.. Here, I remember an anecdote told by Saibaba to his devotees. A letter addressed to someone is sent through registered post. The postman comes to deliver the same. If the addressee doesn’t want to receive it and refuse it, the postman will send it back to the sender. Similarly if we do not acknowledge the criticisms hurled against us, the same will recoil back on the man who criticize!

Some tips.

The famous poem 'Thirukkural" contains many solutions to life!

There is a fine couplet in the famous poem “Tirukkural” which was written by a sage in Tamil nadu in South India some thousands years ago It contains many wise lessons for ordinary human being. In one such couplet, he advises us “to laugh when misfortunes fall upon you; this is the best way to tide over the situation” Just practice the above and you will find that this is the best way to meet misfortunes and obstructions! Our usual reaction is becoming sullen and depressed. By these feelings, we elevate the problem to a higher level. Swami Vivekananda was once touring around the villages in India. One day, a group of monkeys started chasing him. When he was about to run, a passerby told him, “stand where you are and face them” They will retreat. In a similar way, we can confront the troubles and problems! The famous Dale Carnegie has researched widely on the day to day problems confronted by many people and he has written beautiful and wise solutions to face them. He said once, ‘all your fear and apprehensions will never fructify. Most of them pass away. Hence never be perturbed unduly. Also tackle one problem at a time. Without worrying and fearing, face it calmly and some solution will arise in your intuition. As soon as a problem comes, do not show knee jerk reaction. Sit calmly and think over various solutions. Let it cool down for some time. Some problems will pass on its own. It is highly advisable to take one work at a time. Dale Carnegie has said again, “ live in water tight compartment”.

One work at a time!

Live in 'water tight compartment'!

The idea is not to let some other problem to occupy your mind while you are at some task. Hence our ancient sages have exhorted man to live each day for itself, each moment for itself without a past, without a memory and without conclusions! Yes, conclusions bind man. A newly born baby is not susceptible to conclusions and hence it is always in joy and happiness. Most of the babies are always bubbling with joy. Hence we are attracted to babies. In a way, a new born baby and god are alike. Nothing weighs the mind of a baby. When it is hungry, it will cry and the mother will feed it. After drinking milk from mother, it remains in a state of bliss. As we grow, we gather dross and naturally it weighs us down. We must remain without anything weighing us in the mind. We must be like the pigeon or sparrow to fly away at any time. Children do not have any care or concern. The mother will take care of the child, attending to it whenever it is hungry or wetting itself.

Water tight compartments...

The best way to remain in Joy!

The best way to remain in joy is to avoid any concerns or any anxiety about anything. These are like passing clouds. Remain as the sky which is absolutely unaffected by various happening. Many jets cruise through the sky leaving a white smote for a few minutes. Afterwards, the smoke too will dissolve in the vast sky. The world has witnessed world wars where the most destructive weapons were deployed. Yesterday, Hiroshima marked the 72nd anniversary of atom bomb hurled over it by the US. At least from now onward let the super powers or any country for that instant avoid use of nuclear bombs on humanity. If we are not able to protect the environment, it is OK. But we should never spoil it by our destructive mentalities. Let the entire world remain in peace and harmony! This must be our daily prayer to the god!


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