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Remember to Keep Holy the Sabbath Day

Updated on August 24, 2013

The Sabbath Day is to be kept Forever.

Welcome to this much needed hub about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. After nearly 6,000 years of human experiences down through history you would think that this Seventh Day would be the easiest for humans to get right. After all it was God who gave it to us humans to have a day of rest once a week, Genesis 2:1-3. This was to be a specific day at the end of a 7 Day week. It was given to us to have fellowship with God on a very special Day of the 7 Day week.

So why all the controversy of which Day to keep in order to have a unique relationship with God Almighty once a week? Why do some people keep the first day of the week Sunday, or Moslems Friday, and some Christians and Jews the Seventh Day Sabbath, and some no Day who say all days are holy and Athieist who keep no day? Even some nations keep a 10 day week and others three week months and others the seven day week and 30 day months. Where does all this confusion come from? Why have humans fought bloody wars over which Day to keep? This was prophesied to happen, Daniel 7:25.

People will think that you are strange because you keep God's Sabbath and Laws which they claim were done away with at the Cross, Colossians 2:16-17. Even, King Solomon summed it up for us in Ecclessiasties 12:13-14 - Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of a man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil. God never changed His Sabbath Day, so keep it holy, Exodus 20:8-11.

We all know that our human problems with sin started with Adam and Eve's failure to obey God in the Garden of Eden. Though God did make this Day holy for humans to keep there are humans who will claim that God never said we were to keep it. This however is a false premise because according to Jameson, Faucet and Brown's Bible commentary this Day was when Adam and his family sacrificed animals to God. We see Cain and Able sacrificing to God on this Day, Genesis 4:1-8. Still not to much is mentioned as to whether most humans kept the Sabbath Day Holy before the flood in Noah's day, if they had maybe many more then 8 people would have survived, Genesis 7;5-7,13.

It is mentioned that Enoch walked with God and it is very possible that he kept God's Sabbath Holy, Genesis 5:22-24. Walking with God means keeping His commandments in faith, Deuteronomy 5:29-33, 2 Corinthians 5:7, Isaiah 2:3, Psalm 119:1-5. The apostle Paul encourages us to walk worthy of the Lord,. He was exhorting us to show our faith in works by increasing in the knowledge of God's word and commandments and pleasing God, Colossians 1:10.

By not keeping the Sabbath could this also be a major reason why humans corrupted themselves and caused God to destroy most humans in that they became so evil because they no longer kept this Day and lost contact with God, Genesis 6:5. Were they following their new god Satan the devil, Revelation 12:9, Genesis 3:12-15, John 8:44? There is no mention of any other Day like Sunday being kept before the Flood. It could have been a possibility? Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah , so it would be in the "End time days" of mankind, Matthew 24:36-39.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord as a righteous man, Genesis 6:9. So God allowed Noah and his family to survive the coming Flood that would destroy all of human life because Noah was a righteous man,Genesis 7:1. Righteousness means he kept God's Commandment which includes the 7th day Sabbath, Exodus 20:8-11 refers back to creation. Also, King David's beautiful Psalm 119:172., says keeping God's Commandments are righteousness. God offers us grace to day with the hope that we will faithfully seek his righteousness by Keeping His Commandment. It's better to be rich in faith and righteousness than to have to much wealth and be blind to what counts with God, Matthew 19:16-17,18-23.

So, one of the major problems with humans before Noah's Flood could have been not keeping this very special 7th Day to God, Genesis 2:1-3. Without this fellowship mankind eventually kept on sinning until God had to annihilate them all, but for the eight people from Noah's household. The sins of humankind before the flood were the result of not being close to God because now they were following Satan's evil teachings that lead to sin, Proverbs 14:12, Jeremiah 17:7-13. They loved sin more than righteousness, Romans 6:15-23, 1 John 3:4-10. They were not able to resist the power of Satan the Devil, Ephesians 6:11-12.

On this side of the flood after the waters had receded humans (Noah and his family) left the Ark of God and resettled the earth. One of the first things Noah did was to build an altar to sacrifice clean animals to God. Here again we see offereings being made to God, most likely on the 7th Day Sabbath in remembrance to God's creation of humans to have fellowship with them. God, Genesis 8:20, was so happy with Noah's sacrifice that He promise to never again kill all humans like He had done, Genesis 8:21. God established His covenant with Noah and his sons, Genesis 9:8-9, 11-17, by setting a rainbow in the sky to confirm His covenant that He would not ever destroy human kind this way again. Now surely humans would follow Noah's example and keep the 7th Day Sabbath Holy! Or would they once more corrupt themselves and follow after the teachings of Satan and men with different days to worship on, Proverbs 16:25?

It did not take to long after the Flood that a man named Nimrod, who was oppposed to God's rule. Along with his mother - wife, Semiramis, decided to build a huge tower at Babel, better known as the Tower of Babel. This was what he arrogantly thought would be his solution to escape God's wrath. And so humans found a leader to help corrupt themselves again. Nimrod was known in history as the one who founded the Babylonian Mystery religion with his mother Semeramis and son Tammuz in a Satanic triology,which has been duplicated many times over under different names,Genesis 10:8-9;11:1-9. It never says here if Nimrod kept God's Sabbath Day or changed to a different Day, like the first day of the week in honor of the sun god the Serpent.

From Nimrod comes Easter and Christmas which were essentially of pagan origin from his leadership as god of the Sun. Along with worship of the Sun these days were set aside as a new days of worship for a paganized Christianity. They were put into law by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 321 A.D. at the Counsel of Nicea.. He was known as Sol Invictus or the Sun god of the pagan worship of Mithra another name for Nimrod.This was to be for a replacement type of Christianity for people living in the Roman Empire, over the 7th Day Sabbath and Passover of 7th Day Christians and Jews. Nimrod's name has been changed over and over again to represent different aspects of Sun worship like Baal. Check our links and see for yourself how this one person and his mother-wife Semiramis have been used to deceive all nations down through the centuries, including God's choosen nation Israel. .

After Nimrod came Abram who like Noah sacrificed to God a number of times to indicate that he was a righteous man who also kept God's Laws including the 7th Day Sabbath. It is noted that Abraham sacrificed to God very often and these sarifices could well have been on the Sabbath Day, Genesis 12:8; 13:4,18; 15:8-18; 22:1-2,13-14;. Abraham believed in the Lord and it was counted to him as righteousness, Genesis 15:5-6.. He kept God's Laws, Psalm 119:172. However it nowhere says that either Abraham , Issac or Jacob kept God's Sabbath Holy, but it also does not say they did not. So we are left with the idea if Abraham was righteous then his son would more than likely followed in his father's footsteps. After all Isaac birth was very special in that he was born when both Abraham and Sarah were in their old age. Also, Isaac's wife Rebekah also bore two sons under extreme circumstances as special children to them for God's purpose in keeping the covenant He made with Abraham, Genesis 25:20-26; Genesis 21:1-5; 15:1-6.

Though it does not say specifically whether Isaac or Jacob kept the 7th Day Sabbath, they no doubt would have honored God's covenant with Abraham and at the least would have sacrificed to God on the Sabbath Day, since they also were circumcised in order to fulfill their part of God's covenant with Abraham and Sarah. Nothing is said again about whether the Sabbath was kept until the time of the Exodus when God delivered the Israelites from bondage in Egypt at the Exodus, Chapter 16, when God reinstituted the Sabbath Day with them before Mt. Sinai. It was also number among the Ten Commandment when the God of Israel gave all Ten Laws to them on Mt Sinai, Exodus 20:8-11 It is a sign between the Lord and Israel that he is their God that sanctifys them for ever as long as they keep it, Exodus 31:12-18.

The Sabbbath was also called a special Feast Day every week along with the rest of God's new annual Holy Days that picture God's plan of salvation to all those that keep them, Leviticus 23. The weekly 7th Day Sabbath was to be kept forever along with these special Holy Day Sabbaths and Feast as part of God's OldTestament Covenant with ancient Israel, Leviticus 23:1-21,24-41. They will be kept again when Jesus Christ returns, Isaiah 66:22-23, Zechariah 14:16-18, Isaiah 19:19-22..

A major reason why God cast off the Tribes of Israel and sent them into captivity is because they broke the Sabbath and no longer kept His Holy Days but followed after the customs of the nations around them, who were pagan sun worshippers. They were warned not to follow the ways of the heathen around them, Dueteronomy 28, Leviticus 26, Jeremiah 10:1-18, 21-25. They may have worshipped the serpent on the day of the sun god the first day of the week, the day after the 7th Day Sabbath. This seems to be a mystery. as to whether they might have or not. Sunday seems to come into history many centuries later as a day of worship for the Romans in 135 A.D. as instituted by the pagan Roman Emperor Hadrian.

God tried to get them to stop from following after the heathen around them, but finally both the House of Israel (Went into captivity in 721 B.C.) and the House of Judah (captivity 586 B.C.). Because they would not keep God's Sabbaths and the statutes of their fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. So, God had to pour out his anger out on them in tough love. and scattered them into the world for a time because they worshipped pagan gods and kept pagan feast days, Ezekiel 20:6-44.

But this is not the end of the story. God will once again redeem Israel and Judah and they will keep his Laws including the Sabbath Day and all of God's Holy Days, Matthew 5:17-18, Isaiah 66:22-23, Romans 11:25-26, Zechariah 14:1618. But much more work had to be done before God would finally accomplish their Plan for the salvation of the whole world. The stage was being set for the prophesied coming of the Savior and Redeemer of Israel. Now this very God of Israel would come down as a human born of a virgin daughter of the House of Judah.

Jesus the Christ of Nazarath would give His life on the cross as a down payment for us to overcome the evil ruler of this world and save human souls by the grace of God. It would take another 2,000 years for this time to finally be fulfilled. Ancient Israel did not have the Holy Spirit on most of them but now all called starting from Pentecost 31 A.D., including many non-Israelites (Gentiles) would be able to be saved, Genesis 3:15, Matthew 28:18-20, Romans 8:1-4; 11:25-27.

Once again God's plan of salvation would be shown to the nations through God's 7th Day Sabbath and Holy Days keepers but most would not take heed to keep them and many Christian that kept them would be martyred. Satan was right there with his fake sabbaths and holidays to lead many astray through his false paganized Church called Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots. Based on Nimrod and Semiramis's Babylonian Mystery religion, from 321 A.D., up into the Middle ages and into our Days.,Revelation 17:5.

Many would continue to be deceived by this fake christianity, but again the true Gospel would be preached in all the world as a witness and then the end would come. Jesus Christ, Himself would return to save all those now that have been called, Matthew 24:15-34, Revelation 22:12. He will seperate the wheat from the tares. This is why we are warned to come out of this false system of religion and civil governments, Revelation 18:4-21. Keeping God's Sabbath Day is a good way to come out of Satan's spiritual Babylon.

The Protestant Reformation did not change things to much for us. It only broke the Roman Churches monoply and claim that it is the only true church. Now, other churches would spring up to challenge Roman rule, as the Harlot Daughters of Babylon, Revelation 17:5. These churches are just another type of replacement theology simuilar to Rome's that continues to hide the real trues of God through Sunday worship and the same Roman holidays of Christmas and Easter. We must also come out of this false religion of men because it is another form of the Babylonian Mystery religion, Revelation 17:5,18:4-5.

Now is the time to get close to God. So, repent and receive the Holy Spirit and follow God's Laws as best that you can. Keep building your foundation on Jesus Christ and let the Holy Spirit lead you, the 7th Day Sabbath truly is a good place to start, 1 Corinthians 3:10-18. It is possible to be saved without keeping all of God's Laws perfectly but it may reguire a fiery trial of persecution to perfect one's faith. A good example of this is when the theif on his cross asked Jesus to save him. He may never have ever kept the Sabbath Day and very few of God's Laws but he seemed to have a very repentant heart as he was dying next to Jesus Christ. But dont wait for a fiery trial, start building your foundation in Jesus Christ now!

God the Father look's at our hearts to see if we are really repentant and will reward us for our faith when we look to God 's grace through Jesus , Luke 23:39-43, Mark 13:13, Titus 3:4-6, Acts 2:21, Romans 8:27-28, Ephesians 2:4-5 - But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherefore he loved us, Even when we were dead in our sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace you are saved). What a friend we have in Jesus and God Almighty our Heavenly Father!

Now some will say why should we have to keep God's Sabbaths and Laws? Aren't we saved by grace? And haven't God's Laws been nailed to the Cross? Though there are some that use the crucifixtion as a excuse to do away with God's Sabbaths and Laws and follow man made ordinances, these ideas will not work. Simply, because Jesus Christ Himself said He did not come to do away with God's Sabbaths or any of God's Laws: see Matthew 5:17-18, Hebrews 13:8. Also, grace is defiined as undeserved pardon of our sins. Some think there is nothing else for us to do because some think this means once saved always saved. But Jesus said He will come and reward us according to our faith and what we have done with God's Spirit in us, Revelation 22:7-14,16-17.

This is not the case, that all we need is grace. We are to show our faith through our actions of now keeping the righteous Laws and Statutes of God because the Holy Spirit is supposed to be in us, helping us to overcome the evil intentions of our human flesh, Romans 8:1-4,.Jeremiah 17:9 -10, James 2:17-26. Now God will work with us and help us to overcome our fleshy pulls, and this worlds evil ways inspired by the god of this world Satan the devil, Revelastion 12:9.

Now, it is through faith in Jesus Christ because the Holy Spirit now lives in us, Romans 7:24-25; 8:5-14. God's Laws are holy, the commandments holy, just and good, Romans 7:12-14. We need to be spiritually led by the Holy Spirit to be the children of God, Romans 8:13-16. We are now God's sons and daughters forever but we still need to have faith and works motivated in us by the Holy Spirit for we are not our own but belong to God, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. It is possible to "quench" the Spirit in you if yo do not step out in the faith of good works and develope the fruits of the Spirit, 1 Thessalonians 5:19, Galations 5:22-25. God will not work with and give blessings to lazy people, He may even take them away from you, Matthew 25:14-26,27-28.

Yes, it is a very, very, good idea to remember to keep God's Holy Seventh Day Sabbath. Even along with God annual Sabbaths and Feast Days when you can. This is because the Seventh Day Sabbath is a picture of the coming Millennial rule with Jesus Christ. God's annual Holy Days picture God's true plan of salvation for all.humans. So, it is a good experience to keep them if you wish to have life in abundance and to become perfect and Holy like God the Father is, John 10:10, Matthew 5:48. It takes faith and works but it can be a very rewarding experience for you, Matthew 19:28-29..

God does promise protection for His true Church during the Great Tribulation, Revelation 3:7-13; 12:6,14, Revelation 7:1-8. However, most Christians for one reason or another will find themselves in the Great Tribulation, Revelation 3:14-21; 12:17; 7:9. It seems that even those that do keep God's Holy Sabbath Day may have other problems that disqualify them from God's protection. This is why it is so important to make sure our foundation is in Christ Jesus' examples and not the teachings of men, Matthew 15:7-9.

The teachings of men can include a different Day of worship (Sunday or even Friday or no day) along with pagan holidays (like Christmas and Easter). God leaves it up to each one of us to work out our own salvation based on the pages of th Bible and your relationship witth God the Father through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Philippians 2:5,12-15, Romans 8:22-27.

God the Father prefers a one on one relationship with each one of us and is no respecter of person, whether male or female, Acts 10:35, Galatians 3:28-29. So do not think that your prayers are not heard by your Father in heaven. He is very interested in what you have to say. A good example of this is where Jesus points out to us the widow who gave all she had versus what all the of her day, and what they gave out of their abundance, Luke 21:1-4. Or the woman with an issue of blood, Luke 8:43-48. It was through faith that they were inspired to seek after God's mercy through Jesus Christ. Jesus gave us His perfect prayer to use as a sample when we approach God, Matthew 6:9-15. God prefers to hear what you request from your heart when you are seeking his righteousness, Matthew 6:31-33.

Keeping God's 7th Day Sabbath is good time spent with God and even though most of this present world seems blinded to this fact, don't let them influence you to keep another day that will not give you such great results. We are commanded to come out of any false sabbaths of men and choose life, and live our lives to God, Revelation 18:4-5. This is the easy "Way" that Jesus set as an example for us in the pages of the Bible, John 14:6,10-15, Luke 4:14-16,18-19.

God promises to bless you for keeping his Sabbath Day Holy to Him, Isaiah 56:1-8. It takes effort to follow after God because this world has been to long following the Sun god Nimrod or the Serpent the devil, Revelation 12:9. We need to let God's thoughts be our thoughts and his ways ours, Isaiah 55:6-13. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath so follow Him, Mark 2:28. This is the easy way, Matthew 11:28-30.- "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you,and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart : and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

We all need to examine ourselves to see if we really follow Christ and God, 2 Corinthians 13:5-8. So take time to prove all things to your own satisfaction to please God, 2 Timothy 2:15-16, 3:14-17. The Bible is not for anyones private interpretation, it says what it says, as given to us by the Holy Spirit. Though some men will try to tamper with the scriptures be careful. They were first given to us from Jesus Christ the Word, Genesis 1 - thru Revelation 22:21 and are not words of cunningly devisesd fables, but inspired by the Holy Spirit for our own understanding today, 2 Peter 1:8-21, Proverbs 1:20-23. So, beware of false prophets as Peter warn us to do and do not follow their pernicious ways when they speak evil of God's Holy 7th Day Sabbath, telling you that it has been done away with,, 2 Peter 2:1-3

So, do as Jesus Christ encourages us to do in Matthew 6:33 - "But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousnes; and all these things shall be added to you." Jesus is the Way and the Truth if you want contact with our Hevenly Father we need to go through Him, John 14:6.. So if you love Him keep His Commandments, John 14:15.

Jesus promise that He would send the Holy Spirit to help us, John 16:13. The best way is to Remember to Keep Holy the Sabbath Day, God's mandate for us humans since Genesis 2:1-3 and today, For Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8, and He Changes not; therefore you sons and daughters of Jacob are not consumed, Malachi 3:6!

Remember to prove all things and hold unto the good and to abstain from any appearance of evil. And the very God of peace will sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be perserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is He that called you, who also will do it, 1 Thessalonians 5:21-24. Look forward to Jesus Christ's second coming and the start of the milllennium and "Remember To Keep Holy the Sabbath Day" , Revelation 22:12, Exodus 20:8-11. Amen


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My greatest problem with your teaching, as with most christian religion, is how you over lap the old and new Covenants as if they were a single covenant.

      As much as you had mentioned in this verse in the old covennat regarding the Sabbath, why is it nobody ever mention to TWO covenants God made with the Nation of Isreal. Once Covenant on Mt Sini and the other on Mt Moab

      And to prove it I draw your attention to Deuterronomy 29:1 NKJV

      verse 1) These are the words of the covenan twhich the Lord commanded Moses to makewith the children of Isreal in the land of Moab, BESIDES the covenant which He made with them in the land of Horeb (Mt. Sini)

      These are the only covenants in the old Testament that over lap each other.

      The covenant in the new Testament is a total seperate Covenant and has NOTHING to do with Sabbath Keeping. That's the problem this religion today. FALSE DOCTRINE.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I never seen someone take so many bible verses out of context in all my life.

      But I pray for you regardless.


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