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Remembering Vivekananda, I recollect Swami Ramakrishna - Part VI

Updated on January 16, 2012

Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Sarada, Ramakrishna worships his wife!

Peculiarities of incarnations!

Many may wonder why an incarnation needs to practice meditation or austerities. It is a living example to the world, that incarnations like Ramakrishna practiced all that is written in spiritual texts and scriptures. He shows by practice that anybody who follows either devotion or service or worship is sure to achieve the results of such spiritual activities in due course of time. Hence he worshiped the Mother Kali in the temple adopting all the rituals like offering flowers, waving camphor lights, decorating the mother with jewelry and costumes. In this way, one’s mind is concentrated on the form of Divine Mother. He slowly can develop intimacy with the deity. He can converse with the mother. Faith can achieve anything impossible. Ramakrishna showed to the world that anyone who practices intense devotion can visualize the mother in the idol that is being worshiped.

He was not satisfied with mere worship. He offered sweets and savories to the mother and implored her to eat since he considered the idol as the real Mother! After worshiping the Mother with Form, he tried to worship the formless Supreme Brahman and he achieved his aim in its consummation with the guidance of Totapuri who was an adept in the non-dual philosophy. After some time, Ramakrishna wanted to practice the Vaishnavite ways of worship. He considered himself as the consort of Lord Krishna and worshiped Krishna thinking himself as His beloved Radha. He again practiced the Mother feeling, treating Krishna as his child, feeding it, clothing it, and making it to sleep. Once he considered himself as the devout servant of Lord Rama. He literally becomes Hanuman and always repeating the name Rama. The people who were close to Ramakrishna during those times found that he was hopping from one place to other like monkeys, since Hanuman is monkey God and the fervent servant of Rama!

When he adopts a particular form of worship, he becomes one with the form very easily. His entire mind and body is filled with the particular role and he becomes the role itself instead of acting the role! One great thing about Ramakrishna is that he considered all women as His Mother Kali. Hence he could not see the woman with any inferior motives. Though he married Saradamani Devi, he never lived with her as a husband. He treated her as a co-pilgrim in search of God. His wife Sarada respected the sentiments of her husband Ramakrishna and fully co-operated with Him in his spiritual pursuits. In later years, he performed a spiritual ritualistic worship to his wife considering her as the embodiment of Mother Kali. He seated her on a plank and offered sixteen types of ritualistic worships as he used to perform for Mother Kali. Nowhere have we heard such perfect couples whose only aim was spiritual goals and not materialistic or personal goals. In this respect, Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Saradamani are ideals of Divine hood. Now both are being worshiped in many temples in India and abroad in Ramakrishna Mission.

It is more peculiar that Saradamani played the mother’s part to all the spiritual disciples of Ramakrishna such as Vivekananda and others. After the passing away of Master on 15 August 1886, they consulted Mother Sarada in all matters. They got permission from her to propagate the ideals of Ramakrishna to the world, through personal talks, books and loving service to the poor by offering free medical facilities to the poor through Doctors and paramedics. In many places all over India, free dispensaries in the name of Ramakrishna Mission is functioning with zeal. Likewise educational Institutions are run by Ramakrishna Mission for the poor and deprived sections of society! Rest in next Part.


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