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Remove the false identification with the body and mind! You are the Self.

Updated on October 21, 2017

Saibaba has said...

I want Peace!

I want peace, implored a devotee to a Guru. The Guru promptly told him, ‘remove the” I” (ego) and want (desires). Then you are left with peace only. This may seem like an algebraic equation. It conveys a profound philosophical truth. 99% of the people are unable to shed their ego or selfishness or thick body consciousness. Ego, selfishness and body consciousness indicate one and the same. Out of body consciousness arise the ego which breeds selfishness in man. Is it so easy to shed this “I”? No, never, it is a deep rooted attachment from birth itself. When the baby feels hungry, it cries aloud. The hunger has to be appeased by the mother; otherwise the cry will become hoarse. This is the beginning of attachment to the body and senses! Without being aware, the child develops attachment for the body. When it grows a little, it will clamor for toys and colorful balloons. It may be of any shape. But it will never be satisfied. Wherever there are babies in affluent homes, there will be basket full of different types of toys which moves by keys or batteries. Some toys make some beep like sounds. Some toys may even sing a lullaby. The Chinese toy industry is so clever to produce varieties of toys suitable to various ages and they export such toys to most of the countries of the world, earning a lot of profit. They don’t cost much. Hence children everywhere plays mostly Chinese make toys and cartoon forms of duck etc.

Satisfying desires!

Desires enter our life from birth itself.

Hence desire enters the mind of babies from their birth. How it could be relinquished? Unless one develops discrimination and detachment, he cannot shed those desires. Let us go to the root of desires. In fact thoughts turn into desires but all thoughts are not desires. We have seen fire places everywhere. How fire is lit and developed? We need fuel, hearth and match stick. In the hearth, put some twigs and pour a little kerosene and light it. The kerosene quickly catches fire and in the process, the twigs start burning. By fanning and putting more twigs, the fire could be developed further to enable cooking! After cooking is over, the mother used to remove the excess twigs which are still burning. In few minutes, the fire is drowsed for want of fuel. We need to adopt the same technique for removal of desires. Do not feed your desires continuously. This is like stopping feeding the fuel. If you can ignore the desires that arise and remain indifferent to them, more desires won’t arise. So long as you feed the desires by fulfilling them, it will clamor for more and more. We have seen it literally when the electronic gadgets were introduced in markets. In the beginning, even feature phones with facilities to talk and messaging texts coasted a fortune. Only business people, Doctors and other professionals went for the feature phone. Today, servant maids are liberally using feature phones. Some maids are using even smart phones of cheaper variety. As the demand for mobile phones increased, several companies started manufacturing handsets and this created a tough competition. Those who produced budget phones with more facilities were able to market them and sell them like pancakes. The E commerce sites used the opportunity to sell them at more cheaper rates offering steep discounts etc. Moreover any customer sitting in the comforts of home could review the features, cost and performance and compare them with other brands. This made him to choose a desired mobile and order it online paying through cards or net banking. Within a week, the mobile will be delivered at your doorstep, neatly packed. Even there are return policies with most of the e commerce sites. Hence they were able to sell many pieces of different features all over the country. Everything processed smoothly by online and you get the details of orders, the approximate delivery date etc. You can even see the progress of dispatch and transit locations by checking the current status of your order!

Thoughts of Vivekananda!

The E commerce sites.

Hence all E commerce companies capitalize on human weakness, by inducing desires by colorful display of the phone with various views. Even if few of the reviews are good, we instantly order and clikc the ‘buy’ button! This is my personal experience too. I am a grandfather of 74 years old. If I could not resist the desire for newer varieties of gadgets, how can I expect my children to curtail their desire? In the past six years, I have purchased around four to five mobile phones, the latest being a Smartphone. Also, I was crazy about tablets since they have bigger display and it suits my age. I had already purchased online three such tablets and when they develop snags, I throw them and go for a latest variety. As on today, I have curtailed my desires to an extent and I do not surf the e commerce sites anymore! Hence control the instinct to browse those sites, and be happy with whatever you have now! Most of the smart phones are used for talking, messaging and browsing the social web sites. I avoid transacting through my tablet or Smartphone since it is highly risky. Hence for all online transactions, I use only the desktop which seems quite comfortable for me!

Just let go and observe!

Do not try to satisfy the desires!

Well, I think I am drifting a little from main topic. First of all, do not try to satisfy all the desires that arise in the mind. Observe the mind from outside. Do not identify the mind with yourself. In fact, the body and mind are just instruments for leading our life on the world. They are not ‘you’. For instance, you are living in a house. Will you call the house as ‘you’ or as ‘my house’? You say, my body, my mind, my eyes, my intellect, my house, my car and my money! Examine these assertions. When you say my pen, you are asserting that you are different from the pen. In a similar manner, all that is connoted after ‘my’ is only your instrument and it is not you! You don’t declare, “I am house or I am car! You are the resident of the house and you are travelling in a car! The scriptures assert that you are not the body or mind or intellect or all the imaginary things you assume. You are the Self within, using the body and mind to escape from the imprisonment of mundane existence. You have to escape from the cycle of births and deaths. This is possible only when you relinquish your ego mind. When the mind is completely shed, you become one with the self!


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    • profile image


      11 months ago

      Thank you sir, I could understand your apprehension.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      11 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      We are a soul, or spirit energy having a material experience. We are not a body with a soul, but the soul itself. That being said, we should still respect our bodies and the bodies of others. One person should not deliberately harm another person or themselves. All stories depicting God, Allah, Krishna as commanding or condoning violence is Blaspheme. Now re-read the ancient religious texts with this principle in mind.


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