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Commander-in-Chief Censors Christian Soldiers

Updated on January 4, 2016

Fighting Back

Justifying The Liberal Compalint

Recently, anti-Christian and left-wing liberal activists met at the Pentagon with military leaders to have a serious discussion about what they called “pressing issues” in the military, claiming that religious freedom is a huge problem that’s tormenting members of our Armed Services.

According to The Washington Post, liberals are up in arms, complaining that "religious proselytizing" is the number one problem among an entire list of threatening complications our troops face in today’s military. During the meeting with Pentagon officials, activists actually compared Christians and their right to religious freedom with a rapist who commits sexual assault. I still fail to see the connection and for that, I'm sure they would somehow find a way to accuse me of the same thing. In other words, their ideology makes absolutely no sense, but that didn't stop the Pentagon or the President from taking action.

The Pentagon's Response

It seems, at least for now, that the military leaders who attended this ridiculous meeting have taken these issues to heart. Reports from the Washington Post state that the complaints from the left resulted in the Air Force publishing a directive to all chaplains and military leaders at every level informing them that “they may not promote religious beliefs to their subordinates or extend preferential treatment for any religion” and if caught doing so could "result in a court-martial".

For now, this policy remains undistributed throughout the military. It looks like our service men and women in the Air Force were selected to be guinea pigs in an experiment to evaluate their reaction to being in the military and being ordered to stop practicing their religious beliefs. However, if this directive becomes official policy, Christians in the military could potentially be dishonorably discharged from service if they speak about their faith.

What To Make Of All This

Like millions of Christians, I'm a Christian first and an American second. As an American, I am politically conservative and believe in grassroots activism with a tendency to focus on social issues like race, abortion, and human rights. When I found out that the Pentagon had issued a directive that intended to censor our soldiers from the ability to practice their faith, as a Veteran and a Christian, I found the spirit of this policy to be both outrageous and predictable, as nothing this president does seems to surprise me anymore. However, this one definitely tops the list of everything he's done wrong since taking office.

Enemy of the State

Apparently, President Obama doesn’t think very highly of our Constitution or the First Amendment’s guaranteed rights to religious freedom. If he did, he wouldn't be pushing so hard for legislation that would deprive our troops of their God-given right to practice the faith of their preference. Furthermore, the fact that our president believes Christianity to be the religion which poses the most threat to our military is beyond belief.

This coming from the same President who claimed to be a Christian back in 2007, which is safe for us to now assume without any uncertainty was just another on a long list of lies he has sold to the American people.

Still, it's unthinkable to accept that our soldiers could be branded as enemies of the state simply for practicing their belief in the Christian God. These are the same soldiers who enlisted in the military after 9/11 and the same soldiers who joined the military with the belief and understanding that their religious freedom would not be infringed upon.

Soldiers have orders and they follow those orders but ultimately they chose to become soldiers for the same reasons that they fight the enemy: Because they believe in America and the principles of freedom by which our nation stands.

They sacrifice so you and I don't have to. Their sacrifice is for America because they believe in the Constitution and accept their calling as guardians of liberty, preserving the rights of freedom for us all, including the right to freely practice one's religion. That said, how can the Commander-in-Chief justify a policy that orders our military to refrain from practicing the same First Amendment rights that they fight to protect every day? Has this president lost his mind?

Not only is such a policy unconstitutional and outright illegal, what is almost as upsetting is that this ridiculous idea was originally thought up by a group of American civilians; left-wing liberal democrats mostly, who know nothing about facing death on the field of battle.

Nonetheless, these are the voices that the Pentagon chose to listen to. These are the voices that President Obama heard. Voices without reason, without experience in war therefore, without meaning, without heart, and without any value or merit are the voices that have been taken seriously by this administration. An administration that time and time again has shown a total lack of competence, proving it has absolutely no character, no legitimacy, and without a doubt no heart or moral aptitude.

The Need For Salvation

First and foremost, a policy like this only hampers our military from their ability to recruit new members. Once a potential candidate for active duty figures out that their faith will be suppressed if they join the military, many will choose not to join the Armed Services, which essentially weakens our nation.

I personally served in the US Navy and fought in Desert Storm. My father served 30 years in Special Operations as a Green Beret in the US Army and both my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather served in both World Wars, and I’m here to tell you, that our brave troops deserve much better than this.

Furthermore, by divesting our military chaplains of their right to console our soldiers on faith-based issues, it also weakens America's defenses. If chaplains and our sons and daughters have their beliefs in God censored, it strips away their refuge and solace in times when they need it the most. It seems this president would have our brave fighting men and women head into battle without the full protection of their creator.

Without religious freedom does nothing more than deny our sons and daughters a certain confidence they need when going in to engage the enemy. Believe me when I tell you that when the bullets start flying and meat meets the metal, there will be soldiers lying on the ground, some in their last moments and they will need the full salvation of God with them as they make the ultimate sacrifice. The brave men and women who defend us deserve better.

Discrimination Against Christians in the Military

Take it From an Expert With Experience

In response to the Pentagon’s plans to eradicate religious freedom for our service members, retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, who now holds the position as Executive Vice-President of the Family Research Council (FRC), recently told Fox News:

“It’s a matter of what they mean by “proselytizing.” I think they’ve got their definitions a little confused. If you’re talking about coercion that’s one thing, but if you’re talking about the free exercise of our faith as individual soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, especially for the chaplains, then I think the worst thing we can do is stop the ability for a soldier to be able to exercise his faith.”

Why It's Morally and Legally Wrong

That said, to attempt a dismantling of religion in the military does nothing more than call into question the First Amendment’s guarantee to freedom of religious expression. I am a Christian and would love nothing more than to see every man, woman and child become part of the Christian family. However, our government has chosen neutrality on this position for 225 years. Our government allows people to believe or not believe in God. What they don’t do and have never done is force someone not to believe in God or deprive any person their right to practice their religion.

Nonetheless, the existing impediments of freedom derived by the misguidance of liberal social perceptions are currently eager to create a military of Christian impartiality. These are the same citizens who stake everything on their vision of a new age utopia, where every American is subjected to a life based on absolute secularism.

These are the same people who have lobbied their way into the vestiges of the Constitution, just so they can call it into question, then proclaim some radical interpretation that always equals nothing more than an ingenuous, naive and perhaps even Marxist perspective of our founding document.

Common sense is all you really need if you are so inclined to actually really read the Constitution. Anyone with a half a brain can quite easily see that the founding fathers made sure to include God as an incarnate element to freedom and equality for everyone.

The pretexts of American freedom are referenced through God or an expression revealing a reverence for God. This is evident in The Bill of Rights and the Amendments of our founding documents. It can also be found on our currency, in courtrooms, heard in speeches from presidents and spoken in the pledge of allegiance.

However, as our Republic officially transformed into a liberal democracy, it began claiming no preference for God. One cannot exclude the fact that God has been a building block, perhaps even the cornerstone of this nation since the beginning. This truth is confirmed through our human right to liberty and equality and the fact that there are over 350,000 Christian churches in the United States and an estimated 240 million Christians who believe in God. This country would not have those kinds of statistics if Christianity had not always been here.

The right to be a Christian is echoed through this nation’s sacred acknowledgement of God, demonstrated through our national holidays such as Christmas, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving. Even the song, “God Bless America” defines the nature of America’s calling and its destiny under the providence of our Creator.

The Possibility is Likely

Based on Lies From The Master of Deceit Himself

President Obama’s anti-religious position on this issue leaves no doubt to how far his is willing to take his hypocrisy. Evidenced by how often we've all heard him repeat the phrase “God Bless the United States of America.” If he truly those words, this article would never have been written because he would've flushed this illegal policy down the drain the second it came across his desk.

Truth be told, it’s just another one of a long list of lies that he tells us over and over again, spoonfeeding us what we want to hear, meanwhile intending on doing the exact opposite. It might be a place that liberal are comfortable being postulated in, but Christians want no part of it.

As he pushed for legislation that steals religious freedom from our fighting men and women it leaves one to wonder if the hundreds of websites on the Internet that claim Barack Obama could be the antichrist aren't actually true.

Even FOX news and CNN ran stories a few years back discussing the possibility, referring to Obama as "The Lawless One". Ironically, Obama picked the code name "Renegade" as his call sign for communications with the Secret Service. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word "renegade" is defined as "lawless one".

Furthermore, during the 2007 election campaign, even John McCain made accusations contending that Obama may very well be the antichrist. When you consider that right after being elected, one of the first things he did was name the presidential limousine "The Beast" things like that can make a person a bit curious.

When you find out our president supports a policy that essentially obliterates religious freedom for our Christian troops, even a skeptic must look at it and consider the possibility that he really could be the spawn of Satan. That would at least explain all the evil coincidences along with the controversy over his birth certificate and why he couldn't produce the real one.

It would also explain why his birthday falls on the 216th day of the year (6x6x6=216) or why the pick three lottery number in his home state of Illinois came up as "666" on the day he was first elected president back in 2008. This could all just be a bunch of coincidences and if so, pardon me for stating suspicious facts that are associated with the current president.

However, when you consider he's the only president in US history to persecute Christian soldiers for nothing more than being a Christian, I thought these other precarious facts were worth mentioning, as they directly relate to this issue. I mean, why else would a United States president choose to do such a thing? Out of the 43 presidents that came before him, none have ever tried to extinguish Christianity in the Armed Forces. Perhaps Republican Presidential Candidate, Ben Carson had a point when he recently stated during an interview that we are likely in the last days. If it turns out that our President is indeed the "Prince of Darkness" than that would mean Ben Carson was exactly right.

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