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Renewed Mind Means Having The Mind Of Christ

Updated on August 21, 2009

Renewed Mind Through Christ Jesus

To Have a Renewed Mind In Christ Jesus

I have found out that when you tell someone that they should have a renewed mind, its like they look at you like you are speaking in Greek or something. Why? Maybe its because most people really don't know what it means to have a renewed mind in Christ Jesus. Or either they have been brain washed by the world for so long that they have started to look like the world, and try to fit in with the world instead of taking the time to spend with God so that they could get that renewed mind.

You see God does not work through conformity. He is looking for evidence of real transformation-transformation that takes place only through the renewing of the mind. When the mind is renewed, you have the mind of Christ. With God's spirit constantly flowing into your spirit you will find that you are becoming more and more like Jesus and by having the mind of Christ you will also have some "I AMness." Scripture records Jesus boldly saying, "I AM the Truth; I AM the Light; I AM the Vine. I AM. I AM, I AM." The "I AMness" separates Him from everyone else. He was unique in His birth, life, and resurrection. He did not confirm His life to the customs and traditions of the culture during His life on earth. For example it was against the custom and traditions when He spoke with the woman at the well and healed the sick on the Sabbath.

Likewise, when you have a renewed mind in Christ Jesus. You have the mind of Christ, and you wont do what is not necessarily politically correct or traditional. Having a renewed mind will mean that you will start to walk in the Spirit, and not in the flesh. Why? Because you have a renewed mind in Christ. The Bible says, be in the world, not of the world.

Moreover, the mind is set upon a higher level because we are renewed through our connection with the Holy Spirit. Then each of us can say, "Get the shackles off me. I am breaking out of these chains because I have been transformed by the renewing of my mind." Thus, Satan no longer has control over you because the chains have been broken because you have a renewed mind in Christ Jesus. You have stepped into the world, but you are not conformed to the world. You are transformed by the renewing of your mind, and with the Spirit of Christ connected to your spirit, you are a new creature-an original, which cannot be imitated or duplicated. You are in control of your mind, because you have a renewed mind.

You have victory in your mind, power in your mind, joy in your mind, and you are climbing to higher heights. When you have a renewed mind in Christ Jesus, you can walk in the world but not be governed by the environment and standards of the world. You have been created by God and the world can scrape through all the facade and look at the beautiful, powerful, joyful, you, God's original and new creation.

Why? Because you have a renewed mind in Christ Jesus, and if you haven't got it yet!? You get this renewed mind, through Christ Jesus; His Word, the Holy Bible!

Because if you want to know God, you have to know Jesus, and you cant know Jesus, if you don't know your Bible, and its impossible to NOT have a renewed mind after diligently getting into the Word of God, and renewing your mind!


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    • mabelhenry profile image

      mabelhenry 4 years ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

      This hub has the power to make you ascertain that yes, I am renewing my mind, yes I transforming and yes the renewed mind is all about Christ, however I am experiencing it. We can always have an I am moment. This is a wonderful hub! Thanks for sharing.

    • shofarcall profile image

      shofarcall 4 years ago

      I have read a few of your hubs and each each has the ability to provoke one to action. The action of "doing a raincheck" if we are walking in God's will, OR NOT. (have just noticed that I have commented in this hub before) Thanks again dear brother-in-Christ for casting the net out. God Bless

    • shofarcall profile image

      shofarcall 5 years ago

      Hello twill4jc,

      This is the First of your hubs I have come across and how refreshing and inspiring it is to find a message on the renewing of the mind.

      Alone time with Jesus, prayer, reading the word, and worship. I love being able to, alone in my room, also tell the Lord my joys, sorrows, things hoped for, thanksgiving for prayers answered etc. There was a time when the people of God really did set aside a day to be with the Lord. Thank you and God Bless

    • profile image

      draelee 5 years ago

      I am overjoyed and thankful I have found your blogs/hub. It is a real blessing for me. The message you bring forth confirms for me the action that I need to take and I am just encouraged at what God is doing in my life and others like minded in Christ. Bookmarked!!!

    • profile image

      samuel abrhme 7 years ago


    • profile image

      guiltynomore 8 years ago

      Good post. I'm writing a book about this subject.

    • profile image

      rickshadrick 8 years ago

      Amen, Amen, and Amen!!! Great post about the renewing of the mind, both spiritually and physically. All too often the mind, though it is a great and powerful tool, can be so destructive at time. Love it and Praise God!

    • twill4jc profile image

      twill4jc 8 years ago

      Thank u, Sciantel

    • profile image

      Sciantel 8 years ago