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Renewing your Mind through Christian Meditation

Updated on April 29, 2011

Renewing the mind.

If you are like me there is something constantly going on in your world, things that are constantly fighting for your attention. The world is loud and enticing. It stimulates us constantly and can cause us to lose our way but we must live in the world although we are no longer a part of it!

So, there is always opportunity to get side tracked, so we must train our minds!

Anyone who has become a follower of Christ Jesus knows that the mind of Christ is a strange thing. That when we accepted the wooing of the Holy Spirit to become a part of God's kingdom as a believer through grace and faith, we would have to change how we operate.

We would from that moment on have to become more like Christ Jesus and go through the process where we no longer think or behave like the world. That we would become imitators of God through the knowledge of Jesus Christ as a man walking, talking and teaching in the earth.

Renewing one's mind is changing one's mind allowing God's thoughts and ideas to become our thoughts and ideas, easier said than done but not impossible with God!

The world tells us to hate our enemies, but Jesus taught us to do them good and pray for their good! To forgive them.

The world talks about forgiving for yourself, not to socialize with your enemy, and not to forget what they did to you.

Yet, Jesus said to give them bread if they ask, to turn the other cheek if they slap the other, to do them good! How can you do these things if you avoid them?

We only show the renewing of our mind when we do what we see and imitate what Jesus did while He was on the earth. It can be difficult and take a lot of effort but it can be done when we trust God.

For nothing is impossible to him that believes! If you believe you have the mind of Christ through making Him your Lord and Savior, then you have the mind of Christ but what would that mind instruct you to do in your everyday journey?

You must read, study, meditate, mumble, mutter, sing, whatever it takes to learn the language of God through His word written down through inspiration, the Bible.

If you want to have a relationship you first introduce yourself, then you learn all you can about the person, by spending time with the person, learning about their likes and dislikes, about their personality, moods and thoughts.

You invest time, energy and money to know that person. You learn their language, what makes them who they are, that's how relationships are built. The same goes for your relationship with Jehovah God through Christ Jesus and sealed by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Book of God's promises, broken down in categories.
Book of God's promises, broken down in categories. | Source


What is meditation?

Meditation is defined as any family of practices in which the practitioner trains their mind or self induces a mode of consciousness in order to realize some benefit according to Wikipedia.

It is a mental form of concentration usually on some object, word or phrase. The practice is thousands of years old.

Why do meditation?

Meditation has been proven to improve the well being of the human mind, causing it to calm down, attain inner peace and the highest form of relaxation.

When to do meditation?

Meditation can be done at anytime of the day but it is recommended to do it in the morning when you first get up or in the evening before going to bed.

When you are stressed, frustrated or tense for any reason you can use meditation to get release. True meditation can take place anywhere or at anytime depending on the person. It is used to center your spirit, mind and body, so that you achieve peace and calm.

Some people take baths to meditate, or go for massages, or into a natural setting to focus their restless mind. Whatever it takes, others do it through music which seems to be the most popular of ways to attain relaxation with out too much effort.

Who does meditation?

The people who choose to meditate are looking for alternative ways to reduce stress, strains and frustrations. They typically come from all types of backgrounds, lifestyles, economic backgrounds and ethnic groups, but it is usually those trying to find an inner calm or peace that pursue meditation.

How to do meditation?

To quiet ones inner turmoil takes many forms but we are typically familiar with words, chants, mantras and body positions to accomplish this in the Eastern methodology. It can take years to accomplish any real sort of understanding and discipline.

The steps are simple really, find a quiet spot, focus on something - a word, an image, a thought, and keep it in your mind's eye, which is your imagination, your subconscious.

Christian Meditation

How is it different?

Christian meditation is different because it focuses on the word of God, on the language of God, His Word. Which was God breathed and inspired, so that mankind could learn and repeat the language of God.

Why is it different?

It is different because, Jesus is the reason we do it. To enhance our relationship with God through Jesus Christ with the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Our focus of meditation is Jesus, what the bible says about Him and what He represents for us.

What makes it different?

The Holy Spirit makes it different! The fact that we have the Holy Spirit of God dwelling on the inside of us bringing the word of God back to our remembrance is why Christian meditation is different. He makes us understand what we are reading and studying, so that it is revealed as the truth of God in our lives in which we can have faith in, and can believe. 

It is not just some mindless, blank minded endeavor. Christian meditation is done in such a way that we have a laser beam focus and all of it is channeled through the finished work of the cross of Christ Jesus, our risen Savior.

So, the Christian Believer rests and meditates on the completed work of Jesus as the pure lamb of God, the only sacrifice accepted by the justice of God offered by the love of God. We received a credit of redemption that was paid for by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Steps to Christian meditation

1. Read the Biblical Promise for your need. Like Psalm 23 - the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want...

Find the scripture that applies to your need. Read that scripture over and over again, read it out loud, in your mind, under your breath, however you read but out loud so that you hear it is vitally important.

It is a proven fact that we retain information better if we hear it, especially if we are the ones speaking it, so read out loud!

2. Write the Biblical Promise for your need.

Find a small piece of paper or 3X5 note cards and write out the verse. Or you can repeatedly write it or copy it out on any paper. It would be good to eventually write it out in your own words and even better if you write out several different versions.

Write it! Do not type it!

3. Memorize the Biblical Promise for your need.

We do this all the time, learn it until you can recite it to someone if they ask, take it apart, learn a few words at a time and then repeat them from memory.

4. Study the Biblical Promise for your need.

Study, just like you would in school, read it over and over again, relate it to something, write it down until you have it tucked away in your brain and can recall it with or without prompting.

5. Pray the Biblical Promise for your need.

Add the scripture into your prayer time, the formal time you have set aside to talk to God about your concerns.

6. Speak the Biblical Promise for your need.

Use the scripture in a conversation, just say it out loud. Mimic it so that you hear yourself saying the words.

7. Sing the Biblical Promise for your need.

Make up a song, or a jingle that gives you a snappy, catchy tone so you remember the scripture.

8. Meditate on the Biblical Promise for your need.

Use it as a mantra, or a chant.

9. Repeat, Mutter, Mumble the Biblical Promise for your need.

Under your breath.

In the bathroom.

In the car.

10. Break down the Biblical Promise for your need.

Take each word and focus on that particular word. What it means? Why that particular word? What is that word connected to, are there any other scriptures that it brings to mind?

What does the Catholic church believe about meditation practiced by Christians?

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