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Residual Hauntings

Updated on August 11, 2010

Residual Hauntings

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In the last post I talked about psychics, in this one I want to talk about hauntings.

Here I want to talk about Residual Hauntings much like I did in the last post without the psychic element. Granted psychics are very important pieces when it comes to hauntings.
In a residual haunting there is no actual ghost/entity only the energy left behind. It is a playback of an event which is usually negative in nature. An energy imprint that is left behind to replay itself again and again. It is not intelligent and the entities are unaware of their surroundings.
I do wonder why there is not so much conversation regarding positive hauntings or is it because positive interactions are less talked about. People for some reason naturally aggregate toward negativity and find it more fascinating.
As I stated in the last post there are two camps when it comes to residual hauntings. Those that believe in them and then those that don't. Personally, I believe in them although like I've already stated I'm no scientist and have experience as to what is really occurring.
I do know what I believe however and have personally experienced what I believe to be residual hauntings. Not in my home but elsewhere which I will write about on a later date.

In doing some research I found information that suggests that old building materials such as stone and iron nails can contribute to the hauntings by acting as a tape recorder. The materials share the same properties as tape recording material therefore could act as an energy absorber.

There are many hauntings of course that have occurred in buildings not made of stone but rather of wood particularly in the United States where wood was the prime source for building a hundred years ago and even today wood is still quite popular although not as much so as in the 1800's. Back then wood was the main thing they could put their hands on with all the trees therefore that's what they used.
I find the theory of stone acting as an energy conductor quite fascinating but this makes me wonder what materials created wood house residual hauntings since there is no energy conducting material or is there?
There are many different types of materials used even in wood houses. There are many different types of materials used even in wood houses such as the piping which was usually copper even into the 1960's.
So what else can be in a wood house that could conduct energy and replay itself? This means the main structure of the house cannot be changed regardless of the building material.
In most cases basements are rarely changed. Doing so would require the entire house to be demolished.

There is also the theory of underground water sources contributing to these energy imprints and causing past events to replay themselves as if they've been forever recorded in time. In a residual haunting a past event has been recorded and will remain throughout history unless something somehow interrupts it's playback signal. That would be one reason some people can see things that happened many, many years ago.
There are alot of unanswered questions. One being, why is it we rarely see recent events? Rather historical events? Events that occurred many years earlier and the people in those events are dead.
I've not read an instance of a haunting that occurred involving someone who is still living although it could certainly happen. I'm not one to be a naysayer. But the most well documented cases of hauntings involve the dead not the living.
So I find this hard to explain. Is it because our energy is much stronger without our physical bodies?

Whatever the case may be there is much scientists, researchers and theologians don't know about the dead. The afterlife if you will.


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