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Resurrection of humanity through Sathya Sai Institutions!

Updated on August 12, 2015

Sai Educational Institute.

Sai Service Activities!

Money commands the greatest respect from all, be them ordinary peasants to billionaires. Why it is so? No doubt that without money, none can survive in this world. Every thing or commodity has a price everywhere. Even the natural items like earth, water, air, space and fire are sold out. Only in the past two decades, we are forced to purchase potable water in cans. The main reason is that every natural available resource is contaminated beyond human consumptions. Now only, the governments all over the globe have woken up to the sad pollution of atmosphere by ‘green house gases’.

If we examine the reasons, it is obvious that the ‘greed’ of man has grown up beyond tolerable proportions. Now countries and nations are greedy because of their corrupt leaders. Sadly more than half the population around the world has no access to drinking water, clean air or habitats. In many third world countries, ‘open defecting’ has been the norm. Hence girls and women from poor countries go out early in the morning to ease themselves.

While this is the case with majority of world population, there are few countries that are affluent beyond need. They indulge in luxuries to the consternation of the poor people around the world. While many starve in certain African countries, many rich households in the world waste food blatantly. These inequalities and the portrayal of such plights in media cause discontent in the minds of children and youth. The older generation usually resigns to their plight but the youth to day is simmering with anger and concern to the plight of common man. Hence we have much unwanted distress which gives rise to terrorism, cheating and other negative traits in society.

Communists, naxalites and other ultra formations are the result of the above reasons.

There is no equality in society. People are denied decent education since the rich alone could afford higher education. It is the fundamental duty of the leaders of the countries to cater to the poor people in society, the minimum basic essential requirements for survival. Hence education must be imparted free to all children and youth until they pass out of High Schools. Also, free breakfast and lunch to be provided to the children, to enable them to become healthy students. I think that in India such midday meal schemes in vogue in many states for the children who attend schools.

The aim of all people around the world is to get proper food, clothing and affordable health delivery. Nowadays only the rich can afford costly medical treatments. Health care has been commercialized. Government run hospitals are languishing for higher medical care to common people. Some good leaders are already contemplating these shortfalls and they evolve ‘free medical care’ by conducting medical camps, running mobile medical vans and opening ‘health posts’ in rural areas. Otherwise, there is no governance at all.

In such a scenario, around 25 years ago, Sri Sathya Sai Baba of India has founded two huge Superspecialty Hospitals, one in a rural set up in Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh and another one in Bangalore, Whitefield. The wonder is that there is no ‘billing section’ in any of the hospitals. The entire tertiary care with costly surgeries are conducted fully free of cost. In each hospital, more than one lakh of surgeries have been performed successfully for the poor village folks who could not even feed themselves properly. Many such service activities are going on forever day and night in both the hospitals. Also mobile van projects are on and the vans are driven to remote inaccessible hamlets. The villagers in those places remember lovingly, the service rendered by the Doctors and paramedics to them. Copying the same, many overseas countries started adopting free medical camps to the poor needy on a weekly basis.

Also, Sathya Sai Educational Institutions are offering free education from KG to PG. No fees are charged for education. Only affordable boarding care is extended to most of the students but the poor students get free food and accommodation. It is a great wonder that Masters in Business Management and Financial Administration are offered fully free. It is pertinent to note that Sai Education combines both secular and spiritual one. All students coming out of the portals of Sai Institutes are trained to render selfless service to the needy poor and they have been trained to man greater responsibilities. Hence many of the multi national companies prefer Sai Students for their companies for their discipline and duty conscious. Saibaba has molded the students to become great leaders for future world!


Service in Philliphines!


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