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Retrieval of the Emergency Worker of 9-11

Updated on November 21, 2009
whatever works sweetie
whatever works sweetie
god I envy his wife
god I envy his wife

How To Do A Retrieval

I basically learned the ropes on AKC, a place where a half dozen or so retrievers used to hang at. I'd done one back in the 80's but I needed some basic orientation to do one consciously.

It's no new idea that certain metaphysical segments of our society believe we all go out of body during our sleep cycle and few of us remember, or we might tend to discount such adventures as a mere crazy dream and thus dismiss it. If you do start having a step up in the dream dept, pay attention as there is truth to be found in a dream, same as you can find truth in waking reality.

From the first retrieval I learned I was capable of helping another faction of humanity, through a type of compassion resonation in my being. A need to reduce suffering I see. It is also a part of my waking self. When you start to see visions, dream more or feel that your perceptions are altering as to who and what you are, you could say you're in a growth period for your soul.

Learning I was, or had a capability to help another human being, even without any kind of degree could be considered a proclivity for social work I suppose. I had dabled in that in a volunteer way in the past. I think having compassion is not something I personally own, but we all have it in some degree, as I've observed others when they are acting out of love, rather than selfish concerns. These people are like unsung heroes to me.

Any act of kindness goes a very long way in this world. I learned anyhoo, that I'm OK. Not perfect, but OK. I gained some self confidence to do that first retrieval and I never forgot about it as I continued my metaphysical studies through the years.

There are a few I've met who desire to do a retrieval. Perhaps by writing about them, I can provide tips as they too do their homework. I do believe anyone who applies themselves can do one. After the first one, life may call upon you to do another, if you are willing and able.

By doing retrievals we in essence speed up human evolution in the spiritual dept. We decrease suffering in the world, we speed things up, get people unstuck from various belief systems where movement is impossible without a little nudge forward.

Even if you never do a retrieval, you are still evolving along on your path quite naturally and not everyone chooses this kind of path. Yet most everyone will meet a loved one who has passed on. Perhaps within dream area. If you do, consider it may be a real contact and remember to love them and bless them, even if you didn't get along with them, they wouldn't be there unless they needed your blessing and need it right now. And blessing someone, dead or alive is very similar to compassion, and to doing a retrieval.

When I was on this other forum of Afterlife Knowledge Conversation, along came 9-11. Emotions were running high as you might understand, retrievers get even more devastated than the general public and I still cry when I remember those sad days.

Most of the retrievers flanked up by the administrator were taking runs to the site checking daily on if anybody needed retrieving.

Since I knew of other pockets of retrievers were busy on the site (nonphysically) I took only a few runs and most were reporting an orderly exit from this world to the next and many attendants to help the fallen.

I had despaired of thinking about what a mess it must have been, and I concluded the others were doing the work. I wanted to believe I was not needed. After suffering in my heart for about 4 or 5 days, I finally had to go obe for relief.

I found myself in a vast open lecture hall among literally thousands of beings, all like me, in physical, but obe, needing comfort and guidance from the stress of dealing with thoughts of doom in our nation. The man speaking was a great orator and I lapped up some healing energies therein and in the morning all suffering was gone and I once again held great hopes for our recovery from this blow.

I still didn't think I needed to do a retrieval at the site but since I felt so much better spirit wise, I thought, well, I'll just check and see if anyone was missed. You never know until you try.

One of the rules of doing retrievals is to believe there are guides you can ask to help you do a retrieval. And so I asked of the guides, to take me to a retrieval if I was needed there. If not, let me know, and I'd be fine with that. This was my first "instant" retrieval. Our mentor on AKC did these kind all the time. However, I usually did mine while I slept, then wrote them down when I awakened.

I was told it is called "phasing" when it is instant like this. Retrievers often use the imagination, just to get your foot in the door so to speak. In this phasing thing I did not use the imagination but was about ready to do that when in the darkness a face popped into my 3rd eye view.

I remember I had asked of the guides first however, and so I concluded, this face must be the answer to my question. Amazed that I was answered so quickly, I studied the face before me for impressions of how he was feeling. His face was confused looking, looking downward, sad. He had black hair, white race skin. I sensed blue, twinkling eyes when he wasn't sad like this.

I very much wanted to take away the sadness but I knew he didn't know another part of humanity was looking upon him. He felt utterly alone, understandably.

I then noticed a uniform and concluded this was a fireman. I could ascertain what his mission had been before the building fell, a totally unexpected event. I felt the love he had for his profession, I knew he was among the dedicated emergency workers and very brave also.

I was admiring him and identifying with his work. I could pick up some general thoughts; he was thinking he wanted to put out the fire and save the building. He seemed to love the building also and seeing it as a pile of rubble just was not registering as fact and so he was in a state of shock.

After I gained all this knowledge of him, I wondered how I, as a retriever could gain his attention, for it seemed he was stuck in the pain and anguish of it all and it was my job to get him unstuck.

I was all the time quite aware I was sitting physically in a chair in Washington state and viewing a dead man's face in New York that was buried under rubble.

His spirit self however was sitting on a large piece of the building, not too far from stairs or elevators nearby. I could vaguely see large chunks of cement among debris. This was about a week after the event and clean up was ongoing I knew on a physical level.

He sat there close to his body but I wasn't sure he knew he was not alive anymore in that body. That's what retrievers do in many cases is inform those transitioned of their condition, to speed up their ability to leave the area and join family or friends or go to their respective places in these other nonphysical areas of habitat.

As I thought how I was to gain his attention my energy, my thoughts flew back and forth in front of his face. I felt very tiny and so I might have taken form for him as a tiny being flitting in front of his face. I needed to send him a love thought. That always works. As I looked at this face I began to see his body also. I began to think this guy is incredibly handsome and loyal, and has all these fine traits of courage, and wow, if only I were younger, and if I could meet someone like him I'd give him a big kiss..yada yada...I was exuding my flirting nature without realizing he was picking up on this tiny thing that was picking up on him!

Now we had ourselves a mutual admiration society going and he finally noticed me! How did I get his attention? I was surprised and delighted, this retrieval was going well! The reason I knew he noticed me, although I was not physically there, I had to have some kind of form to him, and he could read my thoughts also. I had seen a mischievous little smile playing over his face. One thing he knew for sure, something feminine was admiring him and it took his mind off his troubles just long enough to get him retrieved.

I had thought my thoughts were quite private, but in this area, thoughts are how we communicate with one another mostly. It's like an area of mental telepathy about 90% of the time. Now I had to ask him a question as I was really curious. "do you know you're dead honey?" I didn't say the honey part, but I did sugar coat my thought over as that's part of sending love. Love opens up the heart for communication.

Still smiling at my zippy act, and while I still felt like a tiny flying thing, he was now able to communicate that he had an idea he had not survived but was not ready to deal with it as to what he should do next. First he was dealing with deep grief and shock.

After we ascertained his status is when the helpers stepped in. I was viewing two levels of reality; one a physical reality, one a spiritual nonphysical plane of existence. From it seemed quite a few yards away I spied a group of workers walking towards us and I knew right then without asking they were going to find his physical body buried on this spot, and the only reason they would find him this quickly was because his spirit was sending a signal, that he was now being retrieved, where before I arrived the spirits of the men workers did not have that signal of where to look. It was very important to get all the fireman's bodies out of that mess so they could be properly honored for their efforts and their families could be informed they were found.

He seemed to greet and know the workers and it was my time to return back to my waking consciousness where I was still sitting in a chair all this time and knew it.

Sometimes doing a retrieval is a lot easier than I think it's going to be, and this one was easy. I learned about though transference. How easily that is done with no effort. It was quite natural to just be myself, while my left brain was attempting to make it complicated intellectually. I remember zipping back and forth, slightly agitated in my new experience. I remember thoughts and feelings, and they just leaked out of me, as usual!

If I could put words to the thoughts it might be something like this: Wow! What a Hunk! No! what am I thinking??!! Stop! My goodness, look at his curly black hair, wouldn't mind touching it...look at those eyebrows and the blue of his eyes...OH! his nose is perfect. He's a very GOOD hearted man! Why can't I meet someone like him? Oh shut up! Just retrieve the poor dude and stop acting like a clown. Then I thought, he doesn't know what I'm was at that moment that he grinned and I knew he DID know what I was thinking! A moment of truth and we could move on to the grist of the mill, to get him out of that place of death.

God bless you sweetie. I will not forget that I love you.

And that's just one retrieval. There are many variations on the same theme, get them out of their mindset, help them move on, bring their awareness to the vicinity of helpers in the area, and keep positive that some idea will come to you to get their attention.


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