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Bible: Study Questions From the Book of Revelation

Updated on September 15, 2016

The Writer of the Book of Revelation

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The Son of Man


The Place Where the Church Meets for Worship


The Four Horsemen


Opening of Fifth and Sixth Seals

The 144,000


Revelation 1-22: Study Questions

Study Questions

  1. How might one understand the prepositional phrase “of Jesus Christ” (1:1)?
  2. What does the word “shortly” signify?
  3. What may the numeral “seven” symbolize in this book?
  4. How does the apostle describe Jesus in 1:5?
  5. Why does John ascribe eternal honor and kingship to Christ?
  6. Where did the Roman emperor banish John for preaching the gospel?
  7. To whom does the designation “one like a Son of Man” point?
  8. Describe in detail the Person John sees in a vision at this time.
  9. What is the basic outline of this book?
  10. What are two key Greek words that help decipher the outline?
  11. Who are the seven stars, and what are the seven lampstands?
  12. How does John structure each one of his messages to the seven churches?
  13. For what good qualities does Jesus commend the church at Ephesus?
  14. For what sin does He criticize her, and what does He command her to do?
  15. What may have been “the deeds of the Nicolaitans”?
  16. For what does Jesus commend Smyrna?
  17. For what does the Lord criticize Pergamos?
  18. What are “hidden manna” and “a white stone”?
  19. What role may Jesus give “overcomers” in the Messianic government?
  20. What is the spiritual status of the church at Sardis?
  21. What three events will transpire in the life of these overcomers who have remained faithful?
  22. Explain why 3:10 is a valuable proof text for the pre-tribulation Rapture.
  23. What is the problem in the church at Laodicea?
  24. With what three designations does the Speaker label Himself in this section?
  25. What three directives does He advise this church to obey?
  26. Interact with the statement in 4:1 that John’s transference to heaven does not symbolize the pre-tribulation rapture.
  27. Who are the twenty-four elders?
  28. Who are the four living creatures?
  29. What does the elders’ act of casting their crowns before God’s throne signify?
  30. Describe in detail the Being who takes the scroll from the Father’s hand.
  31. What is the purpose of the “new song”?
  32. What do you notice about Revelation 4-5?
  33. What does each of these seals represent?







  1. Of what two special groups who minister during the Tribulation does John provide a glimpse?
  2. What does chapter seven function as?
  3. Who are the one hundred forty-four thousand, and what does their sealing signify?
  4. Who stands “before the throne”? “Around the throne”? “In the midst of the throne”?
  5. What happens at the sounding of each of the seven trumpets?








Fallen Angel




Israel: The Olive Tree


The Dragon


Megiddo--The Site of "Armageddon"

  1. To whom does God give authority to open “the bottomless pit”?
  2. What are the Greek and Hebrew names of the king of the demons in the abyss?
  3. What does chapter ten function as?
  4. How does Ryrie interpret “the mystery of God”?
  5. What does the angel in chapter ten command John to do?
  6. Of what OT prophet is this act reminiscent?
  7. How long will the Gentiles control Jerusalem during this tribulation period?
  8. What was the responsibility of the two witnesses? For how long were they to carry it out?
  9. Who kills them at the end of this period?
  10. How long do they lie in a street in Jerusalem, and who sees them?
  11. Who are “those who dwell on the earth”?
  12. What two momentous events occur after this short period?
  13. What two heavenly signs does the apostle see in chapter twelve, and what do they represent?
  14. What does 12:4-6 provide?
  15. When will God take care of the nation Israel in the wilderness?
  16. In what two ways do believers overcome Satan?
  17. Why is it reasonable to state that this angelic war in heaven concludes at the middle of Daniel’s seventieth week?
  18. What phrase does John use to designate how long Satan has to war against Israel?
  19. Who does Satan attempt to destroy after God frustrates his effort to annihilate Israel at Petra?
  20. Who and what is this seven-headed, ten-horned beast arising from the sea?
  21. What do the seven heads represent?
  22. What do the ten horns represent?
  23. What other empires’ characteristics are included in that of the beast?
  24. What are these characteristics?
  25. What does a miraculous healing of a deadly wound to one of the beast’s heads represent?
  26. What various powers does the Lord permit the first beast to exercise?
  27. What does God allow the second beast to do?
  28. What must individuals have in order to participate in legal financial transactions under this beast’s administration?
  29. What group does John see on Mount Zion, and what are they doing?
  30. In what ways does the apostle describe this large group?
  31. What specific messages do the three angels deliver to “those who dwell upon the earth”?
  32. What does John see “One like a Son of Man” doing?
  33. Where and to what dimensions does the blood flow from the “wrath from the winepress of God”?
  34. In what activity are the tribulation martyrs involved in chapter fifteen?
  35. What judgments are contained in the seven bowls?

Bowl #1—

Bowl #2—

Bowl #3—

Bowl #4—

Bowl #5—

Bowl #6—

Bowl #7—

The Whore of Babylon


Worship the King


The Slaying of the Leviathan




Rapture and Revelation: The Same Event?

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  1. What is the “great harlot who sits on many waters”? (Chapter 17)
  2. What is this harlot’s name, and what does it mean that she “sits” upon the beast?
  3. What are the “seven mountains on which the woman sits”?
  4. What is the sole purpose of the ten kings?
  5. To what does “the waters on which she sits” refer?
  6. Who will destroy the harlot?
  7. Does John intend his readers to understand Babylon to mean Rome (cf. 1 Pet. 5:13) or a literal Babylon?
  8. What three partners consort with Babylon in her spiritual unfaithfulness?
  9. What does the voice call upon God’s people living in Babylon to do? (Chapter 18)
  10. The voice defines the plagues as “death and mourning and famine.” How does famine come in one day? If this judgment occurs at the end of the tribulation, when will the famine take place?
  11. Which groups mourn the destruction of Babylon?
  12. What kinds of goods and services go unpurchased in the city?
  13. After the destruction of the city, whom does John observe involved in joyful worship?
  14. What glad day has come in heaven?
  15. Describe in detail the Revelation of Christ to the earth. (Chapter 19)
  16. What names does Jesus receive at this time?
  17. What creatures does God summon to “the supper of the great God”? Where does this event take place, and who is the “main course”?
  18. Which characters do the angels capture and throw into the lake of fire?
  19. Where is the dragon incarcerated, and for how long?
  20. Who will receive their resurrection bodies at this time and share in Christ’s millennial reign?
  21. Whom does God resurrect after the millennium? (Chapter 20)
  22. What is “the first resurrection”?
  23. What is the “second death”?
  24. What will be God’s purpose for permitting Satan “a short season”?
  25. To what do the terms “Gog and Magog” refer in Ezekiel? To what do they refer in Revelation?
  26. What does God do to Satan after putting down his rebellion?
  27. Describe the “Great White Throne Judgment.”
  28. What event transpires before this judgment?
  29. What does the “sea” represent here, and why does not John mention that the sea is thrown into the lake of fire?
  30. Will God recreate the new earth, or merely renovate it? Explain your reasoning.
  31. Where has the New Jerusalem been during the millennium? (Chapter 21)
  32. Who is the “bride, the Lamb’s wife”?
  33. Describe the various aspects of the New Jerusalem.
  34. What is missing from the New Jerusalem?
  35. Who will bring their glory into the city?
  36. What “sustenance” is present in the New Jerusalem? (Chapter 22)
  37. Describe the appearance and the work of the saints “during” eternity.
  38. What is the difference between the angel’s word to John at the end and that which another heavenly messenger had told Daniel?
  39. Where will unbelievers continue to suffer?
  40. What other names does Jesus receive?
  41. What is the final admonition to anyone who would dare add to or subtract from any prophetic words in Revelation?
  42. For what event does the apostle plead?

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