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Revelation in Revelation 2:17

Updated on January 10, 2013

Revelation 2:17

"To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it."

This verse in scripture is very telling. Among other things, to me it's a revelation of the sacredness of our each individual oneness with God. In the world, though cliche, Satan tries to make us think in our wrong thinking, that only another person can complete us. This is especially seen played out through dysfunctional relationships and movies, but God wants that's sacred part of us that no other being was ever made to tread and the White Stone is very telling in this. It's telling in a way that to those who are God's (those who "overcome") will be given a new name no one, not one other being on the face of the earth or otherwise will ever know but that person and God. Wow, that just takes my breath away, just thinking about the exclusivity in intimacy with creator of the universe. The closet and dearest relationships one has down here pale in-comparison to the one who knows the very hairs on our head, if anything they are but echoes to the one God who truly knows any of us. Idolatry is so treasonous and absurd, when one thinks about it, particularly in relationships, because your selling your soul to finite created beings who can't possible know/love you like God knows/loves you, it's just some-kind of perverted form of love. In Ozzy Osbourne's song "I just Want you" the lyrics (see video cover below) though probably written geared toward one person to another, seems cheap and illusory, in that it was probably the intent. But how significant and worshipful would the lyrics be if a person sang this song to God? Telling God we just want him the creator of all good the only one who truly knows us infinitely and loves us so completely, to which others only at best know us a reflection of who he is (if we are his).

Andriani Zaggana- Just Want You- Ozzy Osbourne


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    • Timlove profile image

      Timlove 5 years ago from upstate New York

      I have to say that is the best explanation I have heard of the white stone spoken of in revelation. The first explanation I have even considered to be correct.


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