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Revelations Prologue

Updated on September 2, 2015

For those of you that beleive that the Tanakh is exactly as it was intended to be, and that the selection of books were divinely inspired and therefore not to be tampered with or questioned, then this is probably not the best article for you to read and you should switch to many of my other and safer articles that may not tempt you to question the foundations of your beleif structure. I on the other hand, know that the books of the Tanakh, although all sacred, do not represent the sum total of books that could have been incorporated into our texts of the prophets, wisdoms and psalms. Over a two to three hundred year period of time, our esteemed leaders, our wise tannim, the amorim, our infallible rabbis, determined what it is we should and should not read. Like all men, they selected what supported their personal belief structures and rejected all others. Only through negotiation, common interest, and selecting those books that weren't offensive to any particular party or doctrine did the texts we now have manage to make it safely through the process and into our Tanakh that we accept as divinely inspired. Unfortunately this meant a lot of other books of highly significant value to understanding our beliefs and origins never made it through the screening process. Some of these we still can find as the Apocrypha, others have been lost for ever, and even others have been so radically edited by other groups that they can no longer be recognized for their inherently Jewish doctrine. As I mentioned in my previous article, I had another one of what we call 'epiphanies' in which one such book that falls into the latter description was brought to my attention.

I have to be honest with you. I have been avoiding writing this article for several weeks now. And as has always been the case, my avoidance comes with a price. Things begin to take a turn for the worse when I avoid the heralding call. I've reached the point that I can avoid it no longer and I will write as I've been instructed. I know from the past, like Jonah, I'm not permitted to ignore tasks that I did not wholly agree with. That is the way it works. That has always been the case, and what I'm about to tell you confirms that there have been many in the past that have tried to avoid the summons and they have been punished far worse for their intransigence. We all see a benevolent and loving God but He is also a disciplinarian and we should never forget that. Our entire history is built upon those episodes of discipline that occurred repeatedly because we continuously refused to obey.

This all began with my feeling very discouraged several weeks ago. I was coming to the realization that all my years warning, all my discourses on the coming Armeggedon, all my bewailing the crumbling nature of our society, our families, our beliefs were not in any way changing the world. Oh, there were plenty of people that agreed with me, even recognized my words in the prophecies that they firmly believed in, but in the end, none of us could persuade a world determined to seed its own destruction from proceeding in the direction it was heading. It was several weeks ago that the leaders of our free world agreed that Iran should have a nuclear weapon, because that is exactly what their agreement achieved. They'd like us to believe that it will delay such a possiblity and in those intervening years, the Mullahs will come to the realization that they don't need to destroy Israel, nor will they need to eradicate America, but that is not only naive in its thinking, it is ashamedly ignorant of reality. The international global market began to teeter at that time and all the financial advisors began talking of market correction. Another catch phrase for recession or depression and when aligned with the quagmire in the Middle East it can only spell disaster. A president of the Unitted States that has managed to turn Black against White, poor against rich, woman against men, young against the older generations and confused the boundaries of morality so much that even unborn babies are being sold for cellular material with the financial blessing of government sponsorship. Everything that I thought could be turned around had not only reached the precipice but had now been forced over the edge and was unrecoverable. All my efforts had been in vain, all my words had been for naught. I could see no turning back from the brink of disaster. My predictions of the world entering a disastrous phase by 2017 were moving full steam ahead without any chance of turning the corner.

And that is when that whisper, that barely audible voice, the word which is not spoken but most definitely heard, rang in my head. It was crystal clear in its delivery, almost demeaning in its intent. "Fool, why do you weep for that which was always intended to be. Were my words to be rescinded as if they had never been uttered in the first place?

At first, I reacted as you would probably do yourself. I went into denial. I pretended I didn't hear anything. That only makes the words more repetitive and louder. That's when you realize these words are coming from somewhere else because you can no longer shut them out. Its like the tune you get into your head that you can't remove. It keeps playing over and over again until it drives you practically mad. And that's when you or I have to surrender. I was essentially forced to listhen and everything was explained to me. But the explanation was discomforting. I was being told that a book that I had criticized in the past was actually a book divinely inspired and I should embrace it. It was a book I had criticized, ridiculed, even made the statement in the past that I think the author must have been on drugs. Now I was being told it was a book reaffirming our prophecies and outlining our future even though when I read it, I could see none of that. Then I was told, "I will show you the words of the original text and you will then understand why you must reclaim that which was originally yours."

The Book of Eleazar

"Read the Book of Eleazar!" Who? What? That was my reaction. I know of no book with that title. It only made me more confused and doubting that this voice was actually what I thought it was. I challenge anyone to produce a book by this title but I never should have challenged 'El Gibor'. "Fool" I was called again, "If the words were changed, do you not think the language was as well?" This was a valid point. So I thought about it. If I Romanized the name then I have Lazarus. But how could Lazarus offer anything to enhance Judaism for those that know the tales of the Christians he was nothing more than a showpiece designed to glorify mystical powers attributed to Yeshua. But there always was more to that story. Background information provided in a book attributed to a disciple called John. This Lazarus obviously came from a prominent family. He had a sepulcher in the aristocratic district of Bethany, a suburb of Jerusalem. He had two sisters that obviously were respected by the community, but more importantly he had an amphora of anointing oil in his home. No one would have that oil unless they were from a very significant family, or to be more to the point of the Line of David.

But there was no book ever titled the Book of Lazarus. Even though events surround him take up a lot of this text attributed to John, there really is no evidence of this Lazarus being significant or recognized by any of the other disciples. That should have been the first red light going off for any follower of Yeshua. Why didn't they notice that? Why didn't they highlight that the absence was surprising considering how much time Yeshua spent in Bethany. I could only conclude that they intentionally wanted to conceal anything to do with this Lazarus. There was something they were afraid of that they didn't want their followers to know. Only in this very late gospel written half a century later does the import of Lazarus become highlighted as if someone was trying to correct this intentional absence.

So I thought to myself, this Lazarus is far more important to us, as followers of Judaism than he ever was to the followers of Yeshua. So I looked at the name was again, its Hebraic origin means God Who Helps Me or God is My Supporter. A strong Hebraic name. And then it hit me. John is Romanized, Jochanan is the Aramaic. A strong Aramaic/Hebraic name meaning God Who Graces Me or also, God is My Supporter. It's obvious that it was not Lazarus that wrote the gospel attributed to John. The references to Lazarus in the third person and past tense would suggest it was someone who knew him, but did not necessarily agree with him but still was afraid to deny Lazarus his prominence in the events and his genealogy. There had to be a book that this voice was pushing me towards. There was only one book that has always been attributed directly to this John. The same book I had criticized as a man on magic mushrooms. Now I would look at this 'Revelations' more seriously.


It is a strange book when you first look at it. Incorporating much of the prophecies from Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. In fact, at first glance, one might even accuse the author of plagiarizing much of these earlier prophets. There are deliberate attempts to try and tie the prophecies directly to Yeshua, numerous references to the Lamb and that is why it usually will turn off any follower of Judaism. But as I mentioned, the voice had advised me that it would guide me through the book in seeing what was original and what had been added. It would explain to me the man behind the book, the offense he had committed against our God, and why he had been punished for his defiance. At last, I would see how the book was left for us to uncover its true meaning, to understand its relevance to Judaism, to appreciate that it may be the most sacred and inspired of all our prophetic texts once the false additions and de-Judifications had been removed. Understanding how we rejected this book after it led us into to the Bar Kochba wars because men like Rabbi Akiba misinterpreted its prophecies, thinking it meant for his time, and instead sealed our doom and our expulsion from the Holy Land. A rejection that made us refuse to pick it up again, leaving it for the followers of Yeshua to embrace it as their own after they made certain corrections.

This may all sound extreme, I know it was a hard pill for me to swallow initially, and in fact, I'm still having difficulty in dealing with this personal revelation, hence my avoidance to write about it right away, But my avoidance has only resulted in what I consider some personal punishments and now I can avoid it no longer. So over the next few articles, I will go through this book that we rejected for nineteen hundred years and hopefully by the time I'm finished you will see the Revelation from Eleazar that was originally intended for us and how it all relates to events we are now living through in our day to day lives.

Shalom Aleichim

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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      2 years ago

      There, That wasn't so bad.


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