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Revere the Mother as God!

Updated on August 8, 2013

We can never repay our debts to our mothers!

In the world today, the role of mothers and their sacrifice for the sake of their children and family are quickly forgotten. The love and affection of a mother can never be repaid. We also observe the other species which take care of their siblings with care. It is an instinct instilled by God for all living beings in this world; from bacteria to human beings, nature takes care of the siblings by many ways. There are kitten which are carried by the mother cat by the mouth without hurting them. The same cat, while catching a rat hurts it and kills it with its teeth and nails. How the cat distinguishes its own offspring from its prey? These are all the miracles of nature or God. In the case of monkeys, we observe that the baby monkey which attaches itself to the mother monkey when it is on the move. It tightly clings to the mother. The mother monkey jumps from one branch to the other! There are many species of animals which starts walking from the moment of birth like the elephant calf and the calf of a cow. Only a little hesitation after which the mother cow guides the calf to stand and move! We have to observe the nature around us to appreciate the many wonders of nature. Whether plants, fishes or birds, every arrangement has been done by nature to feed the young one through many different ways. While the birds feed their chic in the mouth till they grow their wings. Many mammals feed their young one with their milk. Hence, it is no wonder that a human mother shows so much of affection and love towards her baby! She will starve but she won’t tolerate the hunger of the baby!

Of course, the animals have no feelings like the human beings. But the children should never show ingratitude to the parents, especially to the mother. In Indian scriptures, there is a direction for man! It tells the man, “worship the mother as God; worship the father as God; worship the preceptor (teacher) as God and finally worship the guest as God! This is the fundamental obligation of every human being! Why it is written like that in the scriptures? The mother keeps the baby in the womb for ten months. She nourishes the baby by sharing her all with the baby in the womb! It is safe there, grows and comes out of the body of a mother. How much pain, she undergoes for a delivery is known only to her. Sometimes, she succumbs in the process. As a human being who shared the food and blood of a mother, we should be grateful to the mother till we live. But what we do? Most of us never recollect the troubles undergone by the mother in caring for our welfare till we grow up. Many a time, she sacrificed her sleep and comfort for the sake of baby. Some time she has no time even to eat. Hence the role of a mother in the life of an individual is foremost and vital. But many children when they grow up and marry forget the mother conveniently in favor of their wives! This attitude is really condemnable. Mothers should be revered and taken care of all throughout our lives. They should not be sent to the ‘old age homes’ as long as we live! Then comes the father who takes care of our education and wellbeing. In India, reverence to parents is still prevalent in North India especially in the villages. Due to the ingress of western cultures, the ethics of our land is given a go by. People are enamored by wealth and properties.

The youth today never bothers about blood relationships and aim to become an influential man by gathering riches, posh houses and cars with hefty bank balances. Their children are taken care by the baby sitters! Those children will imbibe only the habits of their baby sitters and not their parents. There is no use crying at a later date that the children never obey them! Man has greater responsibilities towards his children, the way he brings them up. The children should be taught the cultures of the land, the importance of virtues in their lives. They should be taught early to obey the parents, teachers and elders in society. They should remain truthful and help one another. They should love all equally without developing any hatred. Considering the above points, Sathya Saibaba has founded the Bala Vikas program for transforming the children and inculcating human virtues in them from the very young age. The program was started around forty to fifty years ago. Those students who underwent the program have become very responsible citizens now in the age group of forty plus. They are engaged suitably in many companies due to their integrity, hard work and trustworthiness! No doubt that those students of Bala Vikas will usher a golden age as predicted by Saibaba! Those students now live in many countries of the world and occupy very important positions. They post their experiences regularly in blog posts. They engage themselves in several service activities to benefit the local community like free food distribution, free health services, free coaching centers for the students who cannot afford costly education etc.

Hence everyone should show gratitude to their parents first! They should serve the society and help the poor and downtrodden. The world needs today such selfless souls to usher Unity, brotherhood and harmony in every life they encounter!

Sathya Sai.


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