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Review: "Total Onslaught" Bible Prophecy Seminar

Updated on January 31, 2012

In this hub, I am going to be reviewing a 36-part prophecy seminar series that I have been watching entitled, Total Onslaught, by Professor Walter J. Veith. It was recorded in 2004; but it is just as relevant today, maybe even more so.

Professor Walter J. Veith is a world-renowned and popular speaker and scientist. He is also an ardent student of history and prophecy and has lectured to standing-room only crowds around the world on his findings in archaeology, history, Bible prophecy, secret societies, and political intrigue. In addition, he is the author of several books including:

  • Diet and Health
  • Genesis Conflict
  • Truth Matters

Now, of course, I am not going to review every episode of Total Onslaught. That would make this hub too exhausting. However, I will highlight a few episodes that I found very intriguing and insightful.

Episode 11: The Secret Behind Secret Societies

In episode 11, "The Secret Behind Secret Societies", Professor Veith documents the origin of secret societies down through Babylon, Gnosticism, the Knights Templar, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, international banking, etc. He also exposes the deceptive workings of the occult; revealing the two forms of doctrines that exist in it. For the initiated, it is Luciferianism. For the uninitiated, it is presented as a religion of God. Moreover, what is so fascinating about how Professor Veith uncovers these facts is that he does so by using documents from occult sources; not by independent speculation. He also speaks about some of the Christian churches involved in this scandal, and the Vatican and the New World Order connection.

In addition, Professor Veith touches on the Skull and Bones society and some of the United States presidents that have been initiated into it. The history and agenda of this order is outlined as well, including its relation to the Bohemian Grove and its connection to the Illuminati.

Original Manuscripts Chart

Episodes 13 and 14: Battle of the Bibles; Changing the Word

In Episodes 13 and14, "Battle of the Bibles" and "Changing the Word", Proffesor Veith covers some history of the Bible and various Bible translations. Something fascinating that he explains here is that even though there are countless versions of the Bible in existence, they are all translated from two or three families of extant manuscripts. Moreover, in comparing modern translations of the Bible (like the RSV) with older versions (like the King James Version), which are translated from different families of manuscripts, Professor Veith demonstrates that there are various inconsistencies between the two of them.

In case you may be thinking that these scriptural inconsistencies are of minor significance, consider the instance of Matthew 18:11 missing from the RSV Bible. What does Matthew 18:11 read, you may be asking yourself? “For the Son of Man is come to save that which was lost.”

Abdullah Mosque

Notice the sun symbol on the gate.
Notice the sun symbol on the gate.

Catholic Cathedral

Notice the sun symbol below the cross.
Notice the sun symbol below the cross.

Episode 16: The Islamic Connection

The "Islamic Connection" that this title refers to is the Islamic connection to the Roman Catholic Church. Professor Veith presents evidence in support of Islam being created by The Vatican to destroy all of the Christian groups who were opposed to Rome. He makes a thought-provoking observation on the heels of this declaration, stating that where all of the former Christian groups that were opposed to Rome once existed, Islam now reigns. He makes comparisons between Islam and Catholicism to show that they have many more things in common than people realize, like prayer beads and rosaries being used to pray by Moslems and Catholics; and the reverence that Moslems have for Mary.

Not to mention, many of the same symbols are included in both mosques and Catholic churches. For example, in Amman, Jordan, both the Abdullah mosque and the Catholic cathedral across the street have gates with sun symbols.

How to Watch

I have mentioned only a minute fraction of what Professor Veith reveals in his Total Onslaught prophecy seminar. If your appetite has been made wet by what you have read, I encourage you to look up Professor Walter Veith's Total Onslaught seminars on You Tube. Or better yet, click here to get taken to the first episode! All of the episodes are posted by OfficailADTVChannel in HQ. They are definitely worth watching. Below you will find a chart including the titles of all of the Total Onslaughtsepisodes.

Total Onslaught Series - Topics - by Professor Walter J. Veith

1. Just Another Man
14. Changing the Word
27. The Battle of the Giants
2. Where Jesus Walked
15. Revolutions, Tyrants and Wars
28. A Stone to Rest Your Head
3. An Advocate for Our Time
16. The Islamic Connection
29. God's Guiding Gift
4. The Mists of Time
17. The Crime of All Ages
30. Earth's Final Warning
5. The Man Behind the Mask
18. Two Beasts Become Friends
31. The Loud Cry
6. The Revelation of Jesus Christ
19. The Wine of Babylon
32. 1844 and the Final Onslaught
7. Seven Churches
20. A Woman Rides the Beast
33. Signs and Wonders
8. Seven Seals
21. A New World Order
34. History's Coming Climax
9. When Trumpets Sound
22. The Mystic Realm of Death
35. The Long Awaited Millenium
10. The Beast from the Bottomless Pit
23. The New Age Agenda
36. The Great Invitation
11. The Secret Behind Secret Societies
24. That All May be One
37. Personal Testimony
12. Hidden Agendas
25. Strange Fire (False Holy Spirit)
13. Battle of the Bibles
26. The UN and the Occult Agenda


Rekindling the Reformation. (2008). Retrieved January 1, 2012 from,


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