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Updated on February 26, 2016

Believe it or not!


Believe! It is to have faith in the reliability.

This is the part that makes you feel human.

Could we believe without hearing ‘The God’?

Could we believe without seeing Him?

Could we? without feeling or a touch?

Then ‘WHY’ and not ‘HOW’ do we believe He exists?!

The thoughts scribbled down below are by an inquisitive and wandering mind.

It’s just that i wonder; ‘WHY’ would I believe an existence of the Non-existing or intangible or invisible entity.

I wonder why does life and death exist for if we had to die and have no existence after it, then what’s the reason to be born.

I wonder how I pass the stages of life which is universal for all living beings

Who commands how should a human body function?

Who commands how should we live?

Do we need to learn or do we need to follow?

I wonder on the skipping of a heart beat upon a sneeze; is it to show a presence of the most powerful and the controllable?

There are people who believe the creator of death and life and who tests you as to which of us is best in deeds.

There are people who choose to make and break the rules to their convenience.

I thus wonder what believe gives me freedom?!

I see alteration of the night and the day, every single day.

I see great ships sailing through the sea with success.

I see clouds and winds controlled between the heaven and the earth.

It makes me wonder if there’s a creation then there has to be a creator?!

For every object must have been created by something or someone.

My mind struggles to believe if we were created by nothing or no one.

I wonder and laugh vaguely when I think how incapable are we without God and how weak is the pursuer and pursued for if the fly should steal away a tiny thing, we are incapable to recover it back.

I might have doubts, I might have reasoning.

I might have choices, but I do believe thoroughly when afflictions touch me,

I do call the one and only, The invisible but strongly existing!

Yes, you could call me just ‘A BELIEVER’!


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    • profile image

      M. Akram 21 months ago

      Add Your Commen

      I agree with you.

    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 22 months ago from back in the lab again

      As an atheist I can't recall ever being "thankful with no one to thank".

      "My mind struggles to believe if we were created by nothing or no one."

      We were created by our parents, I think that's pretty obvious from a biological standpoint.

      Either way it's an interesting bit of poetry you have here, thank you for sharing what you believe.