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Rhymin for Jesus

Updated on June 19, 2010

Surprised by the unexpected

If you are open to it, the Lord will surprise you in beautiful ways.
If you are open to it, the Lord will surprise you in beautiful ways.

The movie is even better than the Book

I never pictured myself as a rapper. I still don't, not really. But here I am, writing and performing Christian lyrics in churches. I am in my 50s and kind of out of my league, I suppose. But I am having so much fun!

The whole thing started a few years ago. I have always loved music and worship. I love the songs in church. I used to feel self-conscious about waving my hands and dancing around but one day I said to myself, "Self, who really cares how you look? Nobody! So just be free and worship God." And I really did start to feel free. I started playing music at home and singing along, doing my "holy dance" which mostly consists of jumping around in a not necessarily coordinated way. I started noticing that it made me feel very uplifted and happy. So I did it some more.

One day I was singing along with a song and kind of swaying. I had been praying, too, before that. Then I started having an experience I can only describe as hearing poetry in my head. I used to try to write poetry when I was in my twenties and a little in my thirties. It wasn't very good and I gave it up. But this stuff wasn't too shabby at all. So I wrote it down. I had heard of this sort of thing happening to other people but I NEVER expected it to happen to me. I got other rhymes and I wrote them down, too. Then I got an opportunity to perform one of them at my church. Everyone was shocked! But then they liked it. I did it at other churches and got the same reaction--surprise, followed by delight.

Now I have several pieces of work. I got them copyrighted. I use them in churches and with my family and friends, so far. I have learned a lot from this experience and I am still learning. For one thing, Jesus is kind of a wild and crazy guy with a strong sense of humor. I don't mean to offend anyone, but when I imagine myself doing what I am doing even I have to laugh. Christian life is an adventure, full of ups and downs and twists and turns. You can go around looking doom and gloom about it if you want. A lot of people do. Or you can strap yourself into your roller coaster seat and scream and holler and enjoy the ride. You might come out limping a little bit, but it's worth it. If you open up to the possibility that anything could happen on your spiritual journey, it probably will.

I learned that God can use anybody He wants and He is not restricted to the songs in the church hymnbook. I have rhymes that go with James Brown and the Ohio Players. I have one that was inspired by Alicia Keys and JayZ's "Empire State of MInd". He just pops up when He wants to and I start writing. I have learned that with Jesus, you have to expect the unexpected. At first I was surprised by all this, but now it is becoming the norm.

I had to abandon some of the ideas I had about God and Christ and being in church and all that. As much as I love church, let's just tell the truth, sometimes it's boring. But what I have learned has made my church life better. I love the Bible, although some parts are really hard to understand. But as much as I like the Book, the movie (really living this stuff) is even better. I have learned that God stretches people. He makes you do things you didn't think you could do. He asks you to do things you just know you can't do but then you find yourself doing them. It gets intense sometimes.  You don't want to do these things.  You just want to stay in your little rut.  There can be tears and heated arguing.  But He is always right.  And if you will just trust Him and go with it, everything works out right and this joy bubbles up in you and fills you up and spills over on everybody. I can feel it right now as I am writing this.

I'm not Moses, facing the Red Sea. I'm not David, who beat a giant. I am not some great figure, Biblical or otherwise. I am pretty ordinary and I like it that way. But at the same time, I feel special, because I have been given this gift. I have learned that God does give gifts. Will what I do end world hunger? No. Will it solve any of the world's terrible problems? Doubtful. But it seems to make people feel better. It lets them know that God is not a million miles away. No, He is right here in the room. Right next to you. Wanting you to get a little closer. So you, too, can find out how funny He is. How warm. How loving. A little bit strict, yes, but still very cool. Maybe you will get to know HIm and He will give you the world problem solving ideas. I don't know. I am just a regular ordinary middle aged woman, rhymin for Jesus.


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