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Rising Above Challenges

Updated on November 16, 2016

The Power of Light

My Truth

Too much angst on my plate. Been worrying about my wife Susan and the current political climate in America. How do I cope with all of this stuff?

For the last year, Susan has been suffering from chronic pain, liver disease, unstable diabetes, and a Bipolar Disorder which causes bouts of severe depression. Despite all the medications she is on and all the doctors who provide her with medical treatment, her symptoms have intensified. It's like the quality of her life keeps sinking deeper into a pit of despair.

Now, if you add this incredible stress to a newly elected president who wants to build walls in America (rather than tearing them down), hopes to establish detention camps, seeks to deprive Americans from adequate healthcare coverage, and wants to revoke Rowe Vs Wade, you can understand why I am having a very difficult time.

Before I fell asleep last night, my mind kept wandering back and forth over all of these challenges. So, I kept praying: Lord, how can I get through all of this adversity? A beautiful thought was pleasantly revealed to me: Gary, hold to the Truth!

Of course my Truth might be different from your Truth. You are completely free to reject everything I am about to say. But, maybe some of the following spiritual ideas I describe could be helpful as you face your own challenges with life.

First and foremost, I am not in control of my wife's condition or the state of the union in the USA. Admitting the reality of my powerlessness somehow has a calming effect.

Next, despite all of Susan's issues and the policies of a new president, I believe we are spiritual and not just material. I truly feel there is a spark of the divine within all of us. Furthermore, my True Self or Divine Self is always connected to the Source of Light and Love. This Truth--my Truth, also brings me much solace and comfort. It means I can surrender my concerns to God's will, because Divine Source always brings us the "best of the best."

In other words, no matter what the appearances are in the outer, physical and material world, we are loved and cherished by our Creator. All I need to do is step back, get out of the way, and let God do the work.

Of course, we have the innate spiritual ability to see all of us surrounded by the Love-Light. We can open our heart to feel the power of the Infinite Presence. We can spend more time expressing gratitude for the good in our daily lives. How about we even offer to become glorious instruments of the Father's Peace, Joy, and Wisdom, which passes all understanding?

Lastly, I refuse to let any challenge throw me off balance and rob me of my joy and peace of mind. As I walk a spiritual path, I remain open to being helpful to others. I bathe and bask in the Love-Light that shines within and around all of us. I release my will, ego, and intellect to Spirit. God is in charge of Susan, America, the World, and the Universe beyond.

Tomorrow and every day, until the challenges subside, I will light a candle. I will spend some time in prayer and meditation. In the silence, I joyfully enter a place of Heaven-Consciousness where all is well.

My job is simply to hold to the Truth.

The Meditation Candle


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