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Horoscope Review: Intuitive Horoscopes by Rob Brezny of Free Will Astrology

Updated on June 3, 2013

"You're Not Powerless; You Create Your Own Reality" (Maybe)

Cancerian (birthday June 23) astrologer Rob Breszny believes in "life as a gift whose purpose is to enrich the human soul." Formerly called "Real Astrology," since 1996 Breszny's horoscope column, which appears in alternative newspapers, has been called "Free Will Astrology." His weekly Sun-sign messages are of the type called "intuitive" or "improvisational" astrology. Instead of using charts or calculations, he feels some vibes and then shares what comes to mind. Brezsny, a poet and musician, says he thinks of "horoscopes as love letters to my readers," and hopes to guide people by issuing them self-fulfilling prophecies of a positive, uplifting nature. Nothing evil about that, but it's not traditional astrology.

My own cosmic vibes hint to me that for each zodiac sign Breszny consults no charts, but instead pulls a card from the Vertical Oracle deck, a strange and beautiful 40-card deck he uses which is not at all like the classic Tarot. He then posts the card with his oracle, maybe advising Aries to go with the flow this week, or telling Pisces to make beautiful mistakes. Beneath each oracle "Sacred Advertisements" sell not products but alternative, sort-of-Zen-Buddhist ways of seeing and being. Example: "[w]e change everything we observe merely by looking at it." I like that idea, but that's because I can afford to like it. People living in Tent City underneath a drop cloth may not be so charmed.

Breszny has been around a long time. Free Will Astrology 'scopes are interesting and some (especially if you are impressed by the idea of the Burning Man Festival) might find their soulful approach liberating, appealing or visionary. Please visit his site if you think they're for you. But they get zero stars out of five for genuine astrology because there isn't any that I can discern, even between the lines.

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, monitors 70-plus online horoscope and psychic sites for quality and accuracy. Copyright 2010 by Sylvia Sky.


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