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Romance, Love, and Fun: Compatibility for Cancer and Sagittarius

Updated on August 22, 2019

Cancer + Sagittarius

What a wild and crazy match. You have Cancer in one corner coming in with water energy, maternal instinct, and crab like reflexes -- and in the other corner -- the Sagittarius, with the thighs of a horse, the jokes of a rapid fire comedian, and, well, fire energy.

What will people say about this relationship? That's it is really weird yet entertaining to watch. The emotional preferences of these two are incredibly different. Cancer is a feeler, a mystic, and sometimes dramatic. Sagittarius is a prankster, a scholastic thinker, and random. How will these two come together?

Sagittarius will find Cancer's mystical thinking incredibly interesting. Cancer thinks outside the box for the means of survival, but is constantly going through a different mood and trying to understand the experience of it all. Cancer has a natural proclivity toward art, music, and creativity. Sagittarius is ambitious and wants to do well in a wide range of things, but also doesn't want to be tied to anything. These two will be intrigued by each other because of their different thought processes.

They'll also like each other for the passion. Sagittarius is curious and Cancer is well-suited for fun if she can let herself go.

A Mix of Different Energies

Cancer and Sagittarius can make it through their hardships by compromising. Cancer will want commitment, but Sagittarius will want to be free to roam. This will be one of the big conflicts to overcome. Cancer has to allow Sagittarius some freedom in life and must jump into this relationship with the expectation that moving and change is a big part of it. Sagittarius in order to thrive needs a healthy diet of variety.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius needs to be sensitive to Cancer. Not everything is in jest. Some things need to be taken seriously, or at least emphatically. Cancer needs to know she is heard.

This is going to be an automatic bizarre pairing. Think of a horse running through prairie land with a crab on its back. It's not something you see everyday, likely only in cartoons.

I would bargain Cancer and Sagittarius are somewhat rare pairings. I'm not sure how frequently they'll pop up in the same circles nor how naturally they'll be drawn to each other instead of other possibilities around them. It seems far more likely they'll be friends.

The kinds of goals these two would have would make it difficult for them to come across each other. Cancer may want to commit and then Sagittarius ups and leaves. If Cancer wants to keep Sagittarius, she'll have to be really really good at alluring him. She's going to have to put on a show, a spectacle, and really wow him. If this is out of her comfort zone -- I don't suggest it.

If Cancer has some inclination for performance, doesn't mind putting on some heels, and maybe taking some notes from her neighbor Leo -- she might pull this off.

If Sagittarius wants to lure in a Cancer, he'll have to... uh... put in some consistency. Sacrifices must be made including to some degree -- freedom.

When Early Summer Meets Late Fall

Cancer is born June 21 to July 22 -- when summer has just begun, the heat is picking up, flowers are in bloom, and storms are a plenty.

Sagittarius is born from November 22 to December 21 -- this is the last round of fall, when holidays pick up, when the trees leaves are getting pretty close to brown, when we usually see our first freeze. Merriment is usually high. Christmas and the holidays are around the corner. Usually 4th quarter sales are the best of the year. There is plenty to celebrate.

Cancer also has plenty to celebrate. She's in the time of summer vacations, but she's also still got to work hard. Cancer also symbolizes pregnancy and all the emotions that come with it. This can be daunting for party lover and fun enthusiast Sagittarius -- however he can bring that fun to Cancer to make her sparkle, to let loose, and to enjoy life more. Sometimes Cancer is lost in existential thoughts and needs to let go. Again, these two do best when they attract each other's minds. Sagittarius likes Cancer because it is a window into the existential. Sagittarius is a natural academic. Cancer is a natural artist and constantly changes and learns different perspectives to survive and empathize. These two together can be a powerful force if they figure out how to use their minds together and ultimately: find an appreciation for one another.

Sagittarius may find Cancer's constant moods draining -- and albeit ridiculous. Cancer may find Sagittarius' constant quest for the new and the bold and jesting rather insincere. Sagittarius has to dial back to some degree and to not explain everything in humor or high-thinking. Cancer has to be in charge of her emotions and not let them control her to the point of self-sabotage.

The Lovely Cancer

Cancer types are nostalgic, they carry things with them that they love, they carry their home with them. They place certain people and things on a high priority list. They want to create a safe space for their loved ones. They are sensitive and intuitive about others' emotions. They sponge up everything whether people realize it or not. They are pattern seekers, they expresses themselves with their bodies loudly with hugs and gestures. They're affectionate and nostalgic. They can be sentimental in a way. They can be hoarders... like little hermit crabs. They're like turtles: they move slowly, diligently, living long, surviving, and carrying home with them.

This is someone who keeps mementos of things that are important to them. They recognize needs and make for great parents. They know how to take care of you; it pains them if you are having an emotionally hard time.

Cancer can appear to be aloof, standoffish, and not really certain where they want to go. They don't always seem to stick fast to certain beliefs or ideals. Cancer can avoid conflict and withdraw rather than face confrontation head-on. They can also drive a point way too far as guided by emotion.

Cancer needs to be careful to take care of their mental energy. They have a tendency toward depression and even neurodegnerative diseases. They're moody and broody.

Cancer is also represented by the moon. It constantly has a different view for us Earthlings. They seem simple but are nothing but it. When they love someone it is their duty to make sure the relationship keeps spinning.

Hello, My Darling, Hello, I'm Sagittarius!!!

Sagittarius can be crude, say what they think, and are outspoken. They are forward thinking and positive. They're not your negative nancies by a long shot. They want to get out into the world and to live their lives. They want to be authentic, and find sitting around doing nothing to be a pretty big eye roll.

They normally can't focus too well. They are wild and like to go through many things all at once. They need to feel like their partner is headed in the same direction as them, but not stuck in a box.

Sagittarius is prone to flirt, which could create problems for Cancer who can be insecure. If Cancer knows Sagittarius is loyal to them, then it won't bother them as much. Sagittarius is playful, ardent, and very open.

Cancer's cardinal water energy and Sagittarius' mutable fire energy is going to be something else. Cancer will like Sagittarius' forward thinking. Cancer is more reflective and past oriented.

Cancer will be drawn to Sagittarius' positive energy. Sagittarius will want to try new experiences, and will be drawn to whatever is shiny. Sagittarius moves forward, Cancer withdraws and withholds.


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